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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Google PageRank 4 for my Blog!!!

Great day to remember!!!
My blog Google PageRank is just upgraded to 3 to 4 today!!!
Hooray!!! Same PageRank as my website now. 6 months 2 days from the last upgrade.
Have been waiting anxiously, and becoming impatient, and I know it is very hard to move from PageRank 3 to 4, and it is a less than 2 years old blog. Looks like my consistent hardwork pays off. So touched!!!
Even those urls with 'caricature(s)' are ranked 3.
Must work harder from now on.
Rank 5 6 months later?Heehee..... Getting greedy.......
Have been getting request to exchange links on my blog and website recently. Some even requesting to place ads on them, especially on my blog. Got to really give it a thought, whether they are useful/harmful to my blogs and website, in terms of ranking and SEO.

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