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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Caricatures for Tech Semiconductor Singapore Pte Ltd

Caricatures group poster Tech part 1
Caricatures group poster Tech part 2
The client's purpose of ordering this caricature is to use it for his company poster competition on "Chemical Safety".
He already had this idea in mind, with all his bosses and colleagues standing like what you see in games with those characters standing, descriptions below each of them. He will add in the words himself. My job is to illustrate these guys with their specific items/stuff associated with their jobs, in a comical way.
I showed him what I have done for Ministry of Manpower from this blog. (Good thing about blog. I don't have to print them out. Just type the keywords on the top left search field, and I can show them my portfolio instantly.) He likes the idea of having them standing on boxes to tight everything up, with consistency. These boxes will be where he writes.
Given of the space needed for his writing, I have to split this artwork into two A2 sizes. The bosses on top, while the rest below. The only lady - the nurse, meant to be small and short, as per requested by the client, since she has a small frame.

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