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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Caricature theme - princess

Client's request:-
"Chanced upon your website and would like to place an order for a caricature in marker with theme? Just like the goddess sample in page 1........I'm referring to the phyllis quek picture. Please view the attachment. Also, would like to add a little character,just a guy clad in casual wear(any casual attire will do) at the side of the portrait, looking up at the portrait from the side."
Caricature princess
Took out the thumbs up posture as seen in Phyllis Quek's caricature. Think that was done sometime in 2000-2001. A bit outdated, and I don't think it looks good for a lady.
Gave her a more demure posture.
Upon receiving the caricature, the client thinks that the guy looks too big. Maybe too loud to him as an admirer. Heehee.... He requested me to paint over him with some background. However, the nature of the colour marker medium is translucent. I can't cover it like that. Thus, I proposed to have the lady caricature cut out and pasted on a colour mounting board, which should make it look better otherwise. He agreed.

Caricature princess cutout
Pasted it on a beige creamy colour board. Smooth and flat colour. No traces of overlapping lines as seen using colour markers.

Caricature princess cutout framed
Looks even better with a simple blue colour frame without border.

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