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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Couple caricatures in colour

Couple caricatures of Weili and Eden A4
Another couple caricatures.

Client's feedback:-
"It's nice!"

Caricature theme - proposal @ Sentosa Beach

Client's brief:-
"....I will be using this caricature as my proposal and i have in mind something similar to the attachment in this mail.
It would be a A3 size with a backdrop of the sentosa sea setting. I would like also this to be done by color marker....."

Couple caricatures proposal at Sentosa beach A4
This job was quite a breeze to me.
No stress in drawing their faces.
Not a very special theme, but surprisingly, it turned out quite good-looking to me.:)

Caricature theme - couple on Motorbike

Client's brief:-
"...I would like to request the picture of me on a black sports motorbike(no specific model/design) with my girlfriend behind me as a pillion...."

Couple caricatures on motorbike
Not an easy job. You may not be able to tell.
The challenge lies in the angle the subjects faced in the photos provided.
By right, the easier job is to draw the motorbike heading the reverse direction.
The guy is in the 'correct' direction, but then te lady will be facing the back.
I picked the tougher job, by choosing this direction - to the right.
Hence, the guy have to turn his head back, facing his girlfriend.
In that way, they look more loving. But my challenge is to make his posture looks logical, such that his head doesn't look twisted by 180 degrees. To make his girlfriend sits close to him, and not a lot higher than him, I draw her head smaller.
I didn't realise that I am doing it the hard way, till the end of the drawing.
I spent quite a long time on this artwork.
But it is worth the effort, looking at this completed drawing.

Client's response:-
"Oh, it's nice. Thanks!"

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Caricature for GIC

Client's brief:-
"I'd like to engage you to do a caricature in colour marker with theme - with background & body for a staff member who is leaving the company. He loves golf and all things related to the Chinese culture (think calligraphy, tea, etc)..."

Caricature for GIC Chinese caligrapher
I chose the theme of Chinese calligrapher.
I think it should turned out good, based on my experience.
And I am satisfied with the result.

Caricature for Procter & Gamble

An old customer's brief:-
"Dear Jit Leong,
It has been years and hope you still remember me.
I need your help as one of our colleagues is leaving the company, and we want to present this caricature to him on Friday evening.
Please note his car is black BMW323 E90.....
Also, Terence’s car plate # is SDL7000T.....
Kindly incorporate our SK-II logo also."

Caricature for P&G boss in BMW
Can't remember how long when she first approached for my drawing service.
Maybe when I was drawing in Clarke Quay?! About 10 years ago?
I have some impression of her name, and I remember her upon seeing her face when she collects this caricature.

Another car caricature. Done quite a few recently. Can start a collection of different car models soon....:)

Client's feedback:-
"Very nice. Looks very much like him!"

Caricature theme - Happy Buddha

Client's brief:-
"....I'm printing an invitation card for my dad's 60th Birthday. I would like a Happy Buddha caricature drawn of him. I've attached a few pics of my dad (i'll look for better ones, he doesnt take many pictures!) and few pics of the Happy Buddha. I would like his hand to be holding a glass of wine and the other a cigar (his trademarks). Please do this in ink and brush style (with theme). I think the body might need to be slightly bigger than the usual caricature proportion to show the belly (another of his trademark). He also has quite prominent jowls....."

Happy Buddha caricature in ink
Happy or Laughing Buddha? Whatever. I know in Chinese, it is called 笑佛(弥勒佛).
The client felt that his dad looks like this Buddha.
Yes, to a certain extent.
But the problem is the subject is not smiling much in the photos provided.
Thus the effect won't be that goo.
In fact, they requested to have him in bald.
My only concern is that there will be a huge different from the impression they have of the subject, though it is closer to the Buddha. Even if I get very close resemblance, they may not think so too.
In the end, they decided to have him with hair, but opted for the long earloobs.
As it is done in black and white, they can't really tell that they are earloobs. I can understand that as normal people don't have such long earloobs.

Email from the client:-
"Hi Jit,
Thanks for the invite card caricature; the invite came out very nicely.......

Best regards,
Sophia Shen"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding @ Sydney Opera House

Client's brief:-
"Hi there,
I accidentally know about your gallery... I'm very interested in your caricatures.
I would like to order a caricature in colour marker with theme - with background & body for myself and my fiance that will be used for our wedding, and want to draw with our favorite motor as a background... so I'd like to attach our photos in this email to let you have a look.
Could you let me know how long does it take for a caricature to be finished and how does it cost?
Our spirit is funny, happy and enjoyable with the motor speed... my fiance especially wants to show the name of his motor "Triumph" as well...
........About our ideas in the picture, as said before I want the groom in suit and red tie, the bride in white gown, long white veil and pink bouquet. The groom and the bride are riding the motorbike (I attach two of your caricatures that I like to be similar, but the bike is the Triumph one that I sent the photos to you last time, the groom sits like the picture 1 and the bride sits like the picture 2), the background is maybe the church, or the Sydney Opera house (cuz we took wedding photos in Sydney).... we both are in big smiles in the picture.
If the photos that I sent to you are not enough, pls let me know, and I will sent more to you :)"

Wedding couple caricatures on Triumph A4
To me, motorbike is always tougher to draw, as compared to car.
Besides structurally, to squeeze 2 big heads, and sit close together, it is always never a easy job.
In order not to make the bride to high, she now looks like slips off from the seat.:D
Anyway, this is a caricature, too decent may look too boring. Hahaha.....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Caricature for APL

Client's brief:-
"I would like to do a caricature on a t-shirt as a farewell gift.

1 person performing yoga
No background required
We will like to add the text caption, "To a Healthy Retirement", on the

Yoga caricature for APL
Not a tough job. Just need to get the correct Yoga posture, and execute it aesthetically, given that caricature in pencil medium could appear too plain, when printed on T-shirt.
Yoga caricature on T-shirt
Feedback from the client via email:-
"Thanks, Jit.
Great artwork btw, we like it a lot.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Beatles caricatures for Ernst & Young

Another order from Ernst & Young, but from different person.

Client's brief:-
"As spoken earlier today, we would like to have a caricature to be done in theme with colour for 5 pax.

Details of the caricature
The 5 pax will be the 4 members of Beatles and our partner.
Attached is the photo of our partner and beatles.
The above photos were chosen so that the people inside will look around the same age.

The idea is to have our partner playing band happily together with the 4 members of Beatles. Our partner should be the one playing guitar. The instruments for the rest of the beatles members will be up to u to decide.

The picture shall be drawn on a A3 size paper, as suggested.......

Please also include the following inscriptions:-

Presented to
Mr William Chua
In appreciation of his dedicated service to EY Tax-B"

Though I have listened to some of their songs, this is the first time I take a close look at Beatles members, because of this job.
Beatles caricatures for Ernst & Young
Luckily the subject has a similiar hairstyle to the Beatles.
I bet the photo provided was taken sometime around that 'era'. :D
Though drawing celebrities and group caricatures have some stress, the main stress comes from the guitars and drums. Frankly speaking, I never like to draw them. It is a painful process to me.

Beatles caricatures for Ernst & Young framed with metal engraving plate
The caricatures framed up with the metal engraving plate. Looks neat and good to me.:)

Caricature theme - Narcotics Superintendant

Client's brief:-
"My idea is to have the Central Nacrotics Bureau logo as the backdrop. He in a police uniform with the rank of a Suprintendant. Below include Three Mugs of Beer, with our names of Krishnan, Brian & Ronie...
Attached is the rank structure of the Police Force... Suprintendant rank is one crest and two peaks. Please emphasis on this as this is a promotion gift.
Do not have a CMB logo in soft copy. You may wish to goggle in for it under CNB website. www. "

Narcotics Superintendant caricature
Was wondering what colour was the uniform of a Narcotics Superintendant.
Checked their website and can't find any clue.
Since the client mentioned 'police force', I will just treat him as a police.
Dark blue uniform then.

Immediate response from the client upon his collection:-

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort (Pasir Ris) - Day 4

Last day of this series of events for Costa Sands Resort.
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 4 - 0
Today, they placed this write-up at the opposite column.
Not sure of the reason, and I didn't ask too.

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 4 - 1
First caricature after waited for nearly an hour.
First baby where the parents wants him to suck his thumb when I was sketching him.

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 4 - 2
After seeing her boy's caricature (on top), she wanted to have a caricature of her own with her friend/relative(?).

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 4 - 3
Her parents booked one stretch down - 7 caricatures.
By the time I finished their caricatures, just nice to "close shop".
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 4 - 4
They wanted 3 of them on 1 drawing, but the paper was too small for me to squeeze their caricatures in.
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 4 - 5
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 4 - 6
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 4 - 7
The parents caricatures.
The mother wanted a caricature of her with her daughter, but time was up.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Couple caricatures in colour

couple caricatures in colour 210609
Returned customer's order.
She has changed company, looking at her email address.
A birthday gift for her boss.

Caricature theme - birthday boy in Skoda Octavia

Client's brief:-
"I am exploring the option of doing a themed caricature for a friend for his coming birthday. Maybe something like he sitting in his favourite car speeding down the road or something along that line....
can we explore the line of him in his car, Skoda Octavia (dark grey) ...."

Skoda Octavia car caricature
Did this caricature linework in Kuantan.
My nephew, ZiLe, was fascinated with it, as he likes cars, and drawing too.

Email from the client:-
"Hi Jit,

Thanks for the caricature. As I was too zonked out yesterday when I went to collect it, I did not really give it a proper look. But now that I see it properly, being much more awake, I like it and hope my fren would like it as much as I do too!

Thanks much once again!

Cheers Li Ching "

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Caricature for Ernst & Young

Client's brief:-
"I would like to make a caricature (A4 size) for the lady in the picture below. This is meant as a retirement gift for her, who is retiring in a month time. Therefore I would like to make a caricature of her doing some relaxing retirement activities (for eg, lying by the pool or doing her shopping etc - we are open to your suggestions)....
1) The major clients that make up our boss's portfollio are as follow:
• Rolex
• American Club
• Diners Card
• Metro Shopping
• Natural Farm
• EMI music
• Dynasty Hotel
• Borders
• Black and Deckers

U may wish to incorporate them into your drawing. "

Caricature for Ernst & Young retiree
Getting messy on my client orders recently. Getting busy in handling enquiry emails, orders, photos, drawing etc.
This order was 'blown' by the fan, out of my work schedule tray.
Thus, I didn't bring it along to draw on my trip to Kuantan.
I only found out when the client called up to check on the status.
Hence, the collection time was delayed by 2 hours. My mistake!

The empty space of the shopping bags are meant for the signatures and message from the colleagues. Didn't manage to put in all the brands as per requested. This was highlighted to the client beforehand, and they agreed to have at least 4 brands. But, I still managed to add in 3 more.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Couple caricatures in ink

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit,

I'd been a follower of your blog since a long time ago and has always impressed by your drawings every single time. So I'm very excited to finally get to own a piece of your artwork. I especially like those pieces you do during live shows in shopping malls & company D&Ds. Haha, you don't have a schedule of events informing your readers/fans from time to time where you'd be doing live shows, otherwise I could go spend at those places to have my portrait done by you!....

I only need the caricature in ink, not colour. The final outcome of the caricature drawing is typically like what you do for liveshows, the presentation of the drawing is such that it's usually a head, half body (at least can see both arms), no background that kind.
I never get to attend your live sketching events so I hope to have something like that done with reference of pictures. ...."

couple caricatures in ink 150609
Didn't realise that my live caricature sketching can attract customer orders, as I always think that those artworks which I really spent more time have more convincing power.
Since she's one of my blog followers, I shouldn't disappoint her.
In fact, this caricature artwork has more substance than those I did for live sketching.
I added in G-pen fine strokes besides the bold brush strokes. Not too weak, and yet not too bold.
It takes up longer time, but it is definitely worth the effort.
I still prefer such style, which I have been using for years, since 1995. I would say after 14 years of using these 2 mediums, I can control them better. They seldom failed me.

She dropped me an email:-
"Hi Jit,

Thanks for the caricature done for us! I really like it! Sorry that we didn't really have big reactions that day. After we brought it home, we kept admiring it! My boyfriend & I really love it! It really looks like us! Thank you! Will definitely engage your services again!

En En"

family caricatures in pencil

Client's brief:-
"I would like to place an order for Caricature - meant as a Father's Day present for my husband....."
Family caricature in pencil 140609
Her response upon seeing this caricatures:-
"Oh! Very cute!!!"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Caricature theme - doctor

Client's brief:-
"I am interested in getting caricature for my friends for graduation. ......
Can I request for the drawings to be doctor related (like a stethoscope or sth)?..."

Doctor caricature 140609 - 1
Last 2 jobs to be settled, before I leave town.
Doctor caricature 140609 - 2
Since the above caricature was a normal angle, I deceided to give this doctor caricature a bird's eye view.

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort (Pasir Ris) - Day 3

I was quite curious that there were some crowds at my desk (the management shifted my desk back to the location on Day 1), upon my arrival. This was different from Day 1 and 2.
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 1
Now, I think that could be the reason, and that was the only difference I saw for today's event (as compared to the previous 2) - the Management put up the article of me on The Straits Times. Publicity does has its own power. It can do magic most of the time!
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 2
It was a non-stop sketching for 2 hours today.
My only complain was the extremely hot weather - non-stop perspiration. I was drenched!
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 3
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 4
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 5
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 6
This 6-month- old baby has a very interesting hairstyle, though not clearly shown in this photo.

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 7
They said I have successfully captured his essence - his frown.

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 8
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 9
This was a close one. The crowd agreed too!

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 10
I like this caricature too.

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 11
The lady who has been helping me to issue ticket on Day 1 and today.
Day 1, she said don't want to be sketched.
Today, she joined in the queue.:)))

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 12
Disntinct double eyelids, and bunny teeth. How can I miss it?!

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 13
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 14
A nice one, I think.
She got a business card from me, and told me she will look for me for another drawing.

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 15
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 16
Ultraman hairstyle? Fun to sketch.

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 17
Some of them said she looks like a Malay.
More like an Eurasian to me. But she sounds like a Chinese.

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Day 3 - 18
She's a nurse. Her friend requested for it.
Since I have a few more minutes left, too short to draw one more caricature, but too early if I just draw in the normal caricature, I might as well fulfill her wish. Is it her birthday today? I heard vaguely while I was sketching.....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Caricature for AustCham Singapore

Client's brief:-

"Hi Jit

AustCham is looking at having a caricature for one of our Board Member.
The idea we want is for the gentleman to sit on the front tip of the A380 flying out of Singapore.

The photos of A380 is attached and I think we prefer the plane to fly the opposite direction ie towards Australia.

On the left of the picture is island of Singapore with merlion. The background should be blue sky with the sun rays without the clouds.

From the end of the plane probably some trails of smoke and then form smoked words “I still call Australia Home”

Caricature for AustCham
Looked rather empty without the cloud in the background.
One concern here was the subject's broader neck (more like double chins) in the photo provided by the client.
I 'squeezed' it down to make it join better to the shoulder/body.
In the end, the feedback from the client was that the subject's face looked elongated, instead of squarish.
However, if I extend the neck line down as in the photo, the neck will 'reach' the subject's elbow area in the caricature. I think this will look very wierd. The previous job for them has no such issue, as that subject's jawline was distinct.
Lesson learnt - Do not to choose such photo (no distinct jawline) for the caricature next time.
We, the artists, can visualise the awkward part, but not the layman like the clients.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Caricature theme - boss in CLS Mercedes

Boss caricature is Mercedes CLS
Quite a straightforward job - Man in CLS Mercedes.
Besides changing the car into a convertible type (Photo provided is saloon type) , the challenge is to get the blue metallic feel of the car, in colour markers.
Looks good to me, at this scale.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Caricature theme - scientist & "monkey"

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit!

Saw your work online and will like you to draw for my mentor (Han Kiat) and I. I am a graduating student and for my final year research project I did it under Han Kiat's supervision and so will like to thank him for being such a great scientist and excellent, patient mentor. I have attached the photos of Han Kiat, me, a micropipette and culture flask.

Here are what I 'envisioned':

Both in lab coats with Han Kiat, looking very steady, calm and confident, reining in me who is monkeying around (you can attach a monkey tail), trying to run around with a micro pippette and culture flask in each hand. At the bottom please include the the title

"Best Mentor of the Year (Strikethrough "of the Year") EVER! Thank you Han Kiat!"

Caricatures of Scientist and Monkey
Both of them have comical features. Fun job for me.:)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Caricature for Exxonmobil

Client's brief:-
"I am pretty excited to see your work. Am impressed with the website I saw, especially those comments on the sequence of events. This is going to be our first try out and if all goes well, we will have many requests coming in for you.......Basically he is a triathlon and enjoys running a lot. Was thinking that we can draw him running and to show him in his running outfit with the number label on it . Background is to use Singapore scene as he visits here very often. You can have the Singapore flyers (he has been up there), also he enjoys eating crabs at Jumbo Seafood at UDMC East Coast Park and he is a beer person. Hope all of this will give you more ideas when you do the caricature of him."

Caricature for ExxonMobil runner
I didn't choose the normal front view of the photos given.
Chose this angle instead. More exciting and challenging. MOre satisfaction too.
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