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Saturday, May 31, 2008


Usonyx hasn't come back to me. and don't work on my laptop and my son's laptop. works , but does't work on my PC.
Same for Wilfred's case.
Don't know what to do now.
Maybe just wait awhile before I do updates on my website again.

www.caricature is down!

Down. Don't know why. Contact Usonyx but not working on weekends. Very bad techincal support. Changed the url back to the original blogger url to on my website. But individual posts are down. This will affect me a lot as my links on search engines all direct to
Got to complain to them on Mon. 2 days. How much is the loss?!!!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Caricature for AustCham

Client's brief:-
"Purpose of the caricature is a thank you present for our outgoing President.
I feel that it could have him with mouth open making a speech as he did during his time as president.
As long as it depicts him candidly making a statement this will be fine.
Dressed in a suit and red tie will be good."

Caricature Austcham president speaking
Pretty straightforward job. Just that this caricature is A2 size, larger than the A3 size, which I usually worked on .

Feedback from the client:-
"Hi Jit

I imagine that Annette has already sent you a message, but I have to say that the print is excellent and everyone, including the recipient absolutely loved it!!!!

Brilliant work.


Second cheque from Adsense!

Adsense cheque payment 2- 270508
Got my second cheque from Adsense - $179.79, after 2 months.
Not bad. Quite an improvement from last time.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Two lady portraits in watercolour

Orders from the same client, but ordered few days after the first order was placed.
He told me that these 2 ladies would like to get their portrait done, but don't know where to get it done.
Thus, he decided to give them a portrait each for their birthday presents, though the first one was belated. He searched online and got my contacts.

These 2 portraits was done concurrently. While waiting for one to dry, I move on to the other portrait. Another advantage was that I don't have to mix my pallette again.

Watercolour portrait lady 1 pencil sketch
Pencil sketch. In fact my Sony F717 wasn't that bad. Still can capture the paper texture.
Hahaha.... just that I like my Nikon D80 more.

Watercolour portrait lady 1 progress
To be frank, I like the shades done till this stage. Very soft and light. But from the customer's point of view, it is incomplete. So, have to move on from here.

Watercolour portrait lady 1 final
This is what the majority think as completed artwork.
Applied the wet-on-wet method to show the watercolour effect. Some dry strokes to give some strength to the drawing.

Watercolour portrait lady 2 pencil sketch
This portrait was not an easy job.
The angle she faced was three-quarter view, tilted her head and looking up.
Her features are not that distinct. What makes it worse is the relatively under-exposed photo provided. Top of the photo was cropped off. I have to complete the full head based on imagination.
Besides taking care of all these, the most important factor for a good portrait was to capture the subject's mood, besides the expression. This was what I have been working on for my portrait artworks all these years.
Watercolour portrait lady 2 progress
Still think the portrait looked good at this stage.

Watercolour portrait lady 2 final
Completed with darker shades and wet-on-wet method.
Sounds fast and easy to you, but took me quite sometime to complete them.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Caricature for Cornell University

Client's brief:-
"Details are as follows:

- This is a new school principal so please find a spot for the words
"Principal Sherwood"

- He is Canadian and a huge hockey fan so it would be appropriate for him to
be in a hockey jersey, with stick and skates (a maple leaf on the jersey
would be great - see photo)

- As he is currently a teacher, is there a way we could put something
scholastic looking in the photo: like a stack of books, apple, globe?

- And I really like your style after looking at samples on your blog. I
like that you don't make people look too distorted and goofy. "

Caricature Cornell University hockey player principal scholar
Since she mentioned that, cannot distort him too much. Hahaha.....

Client's comment upon receiving this framed caricature:-
'Wow, fabulous. That is very very nice. Thank you so much!!!"

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Caricature of Nani

Think Nani should be famous for his somersault on the soccer field, based on the photos I saw online. Tried some somersault postures for him, but look wierd, and not feasible for mobile wallpaper. Graphically, it doesn't work.
Caricature of Nani pencil sketch watermark
Thus, I picked on this posture which I saw on one of his wallpaper.
Caricature of Nani ink watermark
Is sticking his tongue out to the right one of his favourites?
Guess so. That's why I picked this photo.
Caricature of Nani colour watermark
Don't want his face looked too brown and too dark.
I cut down on the amount of dark brown colours, add in some grey shades. Seems like it works better than the Thierry Henry's caricature.

Caricature of Bastian Schweinsteiger

Bastian Schweinsteiger
Saw a few photos of Bastian Schweinsteiger on Google Images.
Looks rather different, especially on the forehead part, right above his eyebrows. Quite protruded. Should be fun to draw, but afraid that my client would reject, since he seldom looks like that. To play safe, this round, I choose this photo.
Caricature of Bastian Schweinsteiger pencil sketch watermark
I still like to see the pencil sketches. So much emotions inside, as compared to those 2 more refined versions below.
Caricature of Bastian Schweinsteiger ink watermark
Caricature of Bastian Schweinsteiger colour watermark
With the colours and shades added in, his chin looks especially long.

Caricature of Jens Lehman

Jens Lehmann
Since I am not familiar with these soccer players, I have to do my own research online for their photos, even though the client has sent me some. I will need to know their unique expression (if there is), the features from different angles etc in order to better capture their essence, when I am caricaturing and sculpturing their face on paper. Thus, quite a lot of work here, but I think it is worth the effort.

Caricature of Jens Lehman pencil sketch watermark
Curly hairs.
His eyes reminded me of current US President George Bush.

You may notice that I drew his body going in the different direction from the angle he faced.
This is what I like to do usually.
First, it looks different from the photo.
Second, it creates the X-factor when you twist their body around, and yet looks good and fun.
(Oops! Seems like I am revealing too much of my drawing tips to my competitors recently.)
If I don't mention, I bet that you won't notice this, as I don't post up clients' photos due to privacy issues.
This one is different, as these soccer stars are famous and their photos are all online.

Caricature of Jens Lehman ink watermark
Certain pencil lines are not inked in, as I want to use the colour to bring out the shades.
I remembered where the shades will be when I am sketching it in pencil. Thus, even without the pencil shades, there isn't any problem in the rendering part.
Caricature of Jens Lehman colour watermark

Monday, May 26, 2008

Caricature of Michael Ballack

Michael Ballack
When I first saw this photo, I have the urge to start caricaturing him.
I believe I will enjoy the whole drawing process.
The client also wanted me to emphasize on the lips.
This is what I am thinking too.
Beside this, the curly hairstyle, deeply sunken and droopy eyes, and eyebrows.

Caricature of Michael Ballack pencil sketch watermark
The pencil sketch is done. Here, I determine where the shading will be done.
I emphasize on his cheek bones, with a slightly more off-centre nose and lips. Since I drew him holding the soccer ball, my next inspiration is to get him kissed the ball.

Caricature of Michael Ballack ink watermark
Inking done. Quite a lot of substance are gone when the pencil lines are erased. If I don't scan it as a record, the pencil sketch will never be seen. I think it is a shame.

Caricature of Michael Ballack colour watermark
Though I like the raw and original pencil sketch, with the colours shaded in, I like this coloured caricature more. It is a more refined version. Totally different feel.
Shiok! I must say I am really having fun with this caricature.

Caricature of Petr Cech

Petr Cech
Another soccer star player - Petr Cech, the goalkeeper. Upon seeing this, it tells you that I got the 100 caricatures job. So more tough jobs ahead, given that I have to complete the 36 CNB book illustrations on hand to be completed, and daily orders coming in from other clients, and some urgent jobs. One word to describe - DEAD!!!
Caricature of Petr Cech pencil sketch watermark
I like pencil sketches. From there, I can tell what the artist is trying to expression when he did the sketch. Just like when I read comics, the comic artists like to put the pencil sketches with colour schemes, shades for the next coming issue. It is very raw and original.
It could be a tough job, as I have to do it for every stage, meaning 3 x 100 caricatures. That will be 300 scanning to do. But, I think it is worth it, as a collection of these 100 soccer caricatures. Can compile into a book next time.

Petr Cech has quite a long face, sunken eyes, curly brown hair with sideburn.
These are what I need to take note for this caricature.
I drew him in a 'ready-to-catch' posture.
Didn't put in a full shadow this time, as I intended to do something different.
Caricature of Petr Cech ink watermark
Getting clearer with the ink outline done.

Caricature of Petr Cech colour watermark
Colour marker has its own beauty.
I pay special attention in creating a multi-layered flat tone for his face, to create the sculptural shading and bring out the 3-dimensional form of the head, as I have done for Thierry Henry's caricature.
As for the shadow, I put in a cool blue plus green and dark green, to contrast with the light falling on his face.
The cream-coloured glove will be too raw, if I use in alone. Thus, I add in some shades of grey and some pen hatches to create the weathered and seasoned feel.

Petr Cech protective gear watermark
Upon receiving the artwork, the client told me that she wants the protective gear on Petr Cech's head, as that is his trademark. He put it on in his recent matches.
Heard from Wilfred that he injured his skull, and have to put it on. Thought that was temporary.
Since she insisted, I have to draw in the protective gear. This was scanned into digital copy,
Caricature of Petr Cech with protective gear colour watermark
and put on his head (But got to delete the curly hair at the back). Haha!! Feels like those 2D paper dolls which my sisters used to play during their childhood, whereby you get those clothes, hats etc and hang on the paper doll.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Caricature for BASF

Caricature BASF tennis player
A farewell gift.
His favourite sport is tennis. Thus, I drew him in action.
The client told me that he can see Raffles City, Raffles Hotel from his ofice in Suntec.
As a remembrance of his work in Singapore, the client wanted to include Suntec City in the background too.

Caricature BASF tennis player edited
A hiccup here. Forgot to add in the text as per requested. Thus, got to take it out from the frame, add in, and send back for my frame supllier to seal it back.

Cheeky caricature in pencil

Caricature of cheeky lady in pencil 230508
Quite fun to draw, because of her cheeky expression.

My Nikon D80 finally failed on me. It collapsed just now when I was snapping my kids at the Botanical Gardens. Luckily, it was still under the extended 4 years warranty by Harvey Norman. It failed right after the 1 year warranty. Coincidental? Or because not Made In Japan?
Will be sending it down to Nikon Service Centre for repair. See what reason they give me.

Anyway, I got to fall back to my Sony DIgital Camera F717. Lower quality, but still acceptable, given that this is the next best camera I have on hand.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Caricature live sketching for Temasek Holdings Fun Day

Did caricature live sketching for Temasek Holdings Family Day 2 years ago.
Same venue at Raffles Marina at Tuas.
Yes. Very far. To and fro 80km+ from my house.
The event company - Carrey Hill Productions likes to hold their events here.
By the way, the boss Kitson has been engaging me as their event caricaturist since 1997.
Considered long term working partner.

This time is a 3 hour event, not at the ballroom, but at the Chart Room.
Quite a deserted place as compared to the former as there are no food here. Hahaha....
I was placed with the massagers.
And the guests came in quite late after their outdoor activities downstairs.
Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 1
Kicked start with this lady.
Noticed the poor lighting of this photo?
My Nikon D80 started giving me error message of R07 (think it started few weeks back, but getting serious today).
Thought it had to do with my SB800 flash.
Thus I took it out. Still the same error.
No choice and no time, but to snap and go on with the next guest.

Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 2
Using the in-built flash.
Not very nice shot, as I always don't like direct flash photoshots, but better than no flash, and the above one.

Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 3
Didn't know they are sisters (see the second photo from top) till they told me.

Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 4
Thought he is related to my mentor Robin Ho somehow, as his features look similar to me.
His smile, teeth and eyes.
But his surname is Khoo. So very unlikely related.

Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 5
This lady also one of the sisters (see second and third photos from top)
See the problem of direct flash, especially the highlights on her face?
Her look changed. Different from what I see when doing the live caricature sketching.

Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 6
The brother-in-law. He arranged a bigger table for me, so that I have more space to sketch. Thank you!

Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 7
The father.

Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 8
One of their maids.

Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 9
One of the sisters' kids.

Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 10
Another sister's kids.

Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 11
Another sister's kids.

Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 12
One of their maids.
Whole family (except the mother who didn't have her name written down on the queue list)drawn (really Family Day! Haha....), except the first and fourth guests, who don't belong to this family.

Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 13
A snapshot by one of the guests. Wrong timing, and caught us unprepared. Thanks anyway.

Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 14
She told me that I have drawn her and her daughter 2 years ago, but that time the caricatures were done in pencil. So they wanted an ink version. Wah! Returned guests!
I remembered her face. She promised to email me a snapshot of the previous caricatures I have done for them. I may have a copy too. But hidden in one of my folders in my computer. Not published on website on blog yet. You may not get to see it, as I am dead busy recently.

Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 15
Caricature live sketching Temasek Fun Day 16
She lets the previous couple to go first, wanted to be the last one, so that she can have her caricatures done with her friends. But told her before I started sketching that couple, that I won't have enough time. Only enough time to draw her alone. In fact, when I have finished sketching that couple, time is up. But I still sketch for her, since I have given her my promise.

One incident came up during this event.
A lady had her name written down on the queue list. But when it was her turn, she wanted to have her son drawn with her together. Told her that one name one person, or else it won't be fair to those people queueing behind her. She said I didn't state it on my queue list, and she showed me her 'black face' (unhappy look). Isn't that common sense? Don't tell me you put down one name for one whole family? Even that whole family sketched also have their individual names written down. What if those guests' names written in front of her wanted to have their family drawn too, but just put down one name. Will she get her chance?

But out of goodwill, I said ok. Guess what? She still showed me her 'black face'. I was quite surprised with myself that I didn't get worked up at that moment. If I remembered correctly, she was one of the few guests (or maybe the only one) who do that to me, throughout my 14 years of live sketching. In the end, she didn't get their caricatures done, as her son keeps moving around, crying and refused to get his caricature drawn. She asked whether I can do a fast one. Told her no, as I need him to be still for about 5 minutes, and it was true. Her son then ran away and sat in his stroller. She went after him. The guests are all waiting for them, and looking for them. They asked me whether I can draw them first. It depends on this mother and son. She turned the stroller around and walked out of the room when I asked her whether she still needs her cariature done. How rude can she be?!

Come to think of it. If she really got her caricature done, I will make her smile non-stop, if not she will get her 'black face' drawn. Hahaha....

What a rude guest!!! I can draw anyone, but at least show some respects and manners for people, and for yourself too. I don't owe you anything. You have your name written down, you will get your caricatures done, within the time I am engaged. No names written means no entitlement.

Be fair to others too. Don't cut queue like that! And I hate people cutting queues, even in our daily life! Only uncivilised people don't queue.
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