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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Caricatures for Deutsche Bank AG

The client saw the above caricatures which I have done many years ago, on my website, and requested a similar one for his colleague who will be leaving the bank soon.

His other requests:-
" with ....... the guy with the fishing rod.....and an additional wood sign pegged in the ground next to the deck chair reading Gone Fishin' (pity that you moved away coz my office was at One Raffles Quay...) "

A very nice and polite client, and came all the way up to my SOHO to collect this artwork, and right on the dot. Super client!
Group caricatures ink Deutsche Bank
Now, after so many years, I think my expression of lines with my G-Pen became better, as compared to the previous one.
Nicer cartoons cow too. Hahaha......

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