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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Caricature theme - Commanding Officer 6AMB

Client's brief:-
"Some background on the Tjhin, he is commanding officer of 6AMB and going to handover appointment soon. And 6AMB is doing maintainence of weapons, signal set and heavy arms.

Please draw Tjhin wearing New No 4, carrying weapon and Signal Set with heavy arms as backdrop.

Wordings to be on the pic:

Presented to LTC Tjhin Poi Chung
Commanding Officer 6AMB
(13 Dec 07 - 02 Feb 09)

In appreciation of your leadership, guidance and friendship.

From Officers and WOSpec of Bn HQ "

"Caricature of Commanding Officer 6AMB

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Caricature fo Samsung Asia

Client's request:-
"As per spoken this morning... I need the caricature ready by Wed 28/1/09 10am. My coy dispatch will collect from your place.

I need this as a farewell caricature for my Korean boss. Some points to take note below: -

1. He loves to play golf (to include samsung logo on jersey if possible),

2. He has worked in asia for many years, as such to include asia landmarks - Spore (merlion), Msia (Twin Twr), Vietnam (lotus), Indonesia (Garuda airline).

3. Prefer the style like the one u did for P&G -

4. To leave some space for ~ 20 signatures on portrait"
Caricature for Samsung - Golfer
This caricature was inked before I went back to my hometown - Kuantan for Chinese New Year, and coloured when I was back in town. Didn't manage to finish the latter as I was busy settling some stuff before my holiday.

Monday, January 26, 2009

快乐牛年 Happy New Year

iphone photos 365
每趟这两个小瓜必到的乐园 - Kuantan Parade Arcade。
iphone photos 368

iphone photos 377


每次回去时,总会告诉自己要向老妈学习烹饪她的拿手好菜,可是每次总是‘灵魂出窍‘,提不起劲,无功而返。唉..... 下一趟我得下定决心,知道秘诀,但不亲自下手,始终不会。





2009大年初一团圆照 - 摄于大舅家。

iphone photos 393

iphone photos 400
iphone photos 402
iphone photos 406
iphone photos 408
iphone photos 413
iphone photos 416
iphone photos 428
iphone photos 425
iphone photos 424
Chinese New Year 2009
这是过年的’必需品‘ - 鞭炮!哈哈!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Caricature theme - Charmed Sisters

Client's brief:-
"the theme-
- he's into the Charmed Sister series so can i have the house as the background.
- if it's posible could u add in the charmed sisters in the background too, bottom left.
- and also if possible can u pls add in the charmed logo in too, upper right (just the logo and the wording minus the background)"
Caricature theme - Charmed Sisters
As the charmed sisters are also chargeable (by per person basis), the client decided to drop that idea.
SMS from him after receiving the caricature:-
"wow u have just made my day :) thanx a lot.
Beyond expectation ~ Shaari"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Caricature theme - 最佳拍檔

Client's brief:-
"I wish to have a caricature drawn of me and my friend (Andy) for his birthday in March 12th. (So no hurry, just before this date)

Some background on the both of us. We are best of buddies, known each other for 10 years already. That's why I choose the theme from the movie "Ace goes places"

Would prefer just the 2 guys, (leave the lady out) the one with hair being him and bald being me (PLEASE DON"T draw me being bald!) Just for reference cos he is leaner than me :)

Wordings would be 最佳拍檔 (Chinese characters ) on the top and then "Happy Birthday, Buddy" at the bottom.

We both like the Barclays Premier League and his favourite team is Tottenham Spurs while mine is Manchester United. So would like to have the 2 jerseys of our favourite team hanging at the back by our side. Throw in 1 soccer ball on the floor as well.

Because we are huge comic fans as well, i would like for him to have a spiderman suit inside his black jacket while i have a superman suit inside mine to be partially shown. (Just like Superman opening up a few buttons of his shirt to reveal the superman logo)"

Buddy caricatures  最佳拍档
Response from the client upon receiving this framed artwork;-
"Very nice!"

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Family caricature theme - teddy bears

Family caricatures with teddy bears theme
The client wanted a teddy bear theme for his family caricatures.
Purpose was for his little princess' birthday and their wedding anniversary (for his wife).
Gave them a 'studio-shoot' setting, but in the form of caricatures.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Caricature theme - drinking @ beach

Client's brief:-
"I would like to order a caricature in colour of the couple below. it's for their 50th Anniversary. Details are as follows:

This is the picture of them for the caricature:

Each of them on a beach chair on a beach with alcohol bottles (tiger, bacardi) scattered around them.
Large icons representative of Spore in the background (cos they luv Spore) - giant Tiger Beer bottle with beer flowing out, Spore Flyer, Merlion.

Wordings: 50th Anniversary (like fireworks in the sky) "

Couple caricatures For Singapore Tourism Board A4
I never like to draw fireworks using colour markers.
The result is just not good.
Feedback to client about this.
We changed it to a sunny sky, and a '50th anniversary' signage next to them on teh beach.

Many Tiger and Bacardi bottles.
For my case, time taken to draw these bottles are always a lot longer than darwing the faces.

Lady caricature in colour

Lady caricature in colour 180109
Not a very good photo provided by the client.
Rather under-exposed.
Thus, got to pay more attention to the facial muscles when I was rendering.

Oversea order lady portrait in pencil

Lady portrait in pencil 180109
Order from United States.
It has been some time, since I last drew portraits.
Took me slightly longer to shade the facial muscle, and hair flow, for this portrait.
But the result was rewardful.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Caricature theme - cooking @ home

One of my regular and loyal customers:)))
Her brief:-
"I would like to use the style of the "Caricature theme - Chef couple".
- Please draw me with long hair till almost waistline.
- I will be wearing an apron as seen in attached picture but with a "Hello Kitty" face on the apron as well as on the slippers.
- If possible, show a diamond ring on my finger.
- My future husband to be wearing an apron as well and he will have a "sponge bob" face on the apron.
- Both of us standing close to each other, can be similar to attached picture if any other posture recommendation would be fine with me.
- No preference on clothes colors as long as it is bright and lively.
- No chef hats.
- Background to have a homely feel.
- Add the Wordings "Mr & Mrs Ho".
And we lived happily ever after ...
(please note that there is a spacing here)
Alan & Patricia
13 Oct 2009"

Couple caricatures cooking at home A4

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance Cocktail Party

A 3-hours (6:30pm- 9:30pm) event at River Room, Asian Civilisations Museum.
Upon arriving this place, it reminded me of the 3D project which I have done about 2 years ago.
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere 1
The client requested for 3 caricaturists for this event.
I got Reggie and Kamal to partner me in this job.
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere 3
The client's initial plan was to have each of us to spend one hour on capturing the atmosphere/scenario of this party, in the form of caricature on one big piece of paper.
They will auction off this drawing subsequently.

The next 2 hours will be sketching individual guests, who will sit in front of the artists, which we usually do for events.

First thing which strucked me was - we will have 3 different styles of drawing on the paper.
How to blend them nicely will be a problem. Kamal told me that he once did that for his client. That time was rather disastrous, as client's expectation and what the artist can do for live sketching cannot meet easily, since the guests would not stand still in front of you.
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere 4
I can understand that. I can foresee the problems and difficulties too.
However, the client insisted to have that, as her boss like the idea.
No choice, and since Kamal has voiced out, I will take up the job alone, while the 2 of them handle the individual guests.
Thus, I told them that - be prepared that the resemblance wouldn't be there, as the guests will not keep still. They agreed, but I can still tell that they have rather high expectation for this big drawing. Sweat......
This will be a challenge to me. But I was rather excited, as it was something different from what I usually do. I don't like to repeat similar jobs, as it will become too mundane over time.
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere 6
This was the paper provided for me, ablut A1 size.
I did some rough sketches (on site) on how to approach this drawing before the event started.
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere 7
The guests started to flow in around 6:30pm.
And now I found another obstacle.
Besides of moving around, the subjects were blocked by other moving guests.
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere 16
I did 1-2 persons at a time, from pencil sketch to inking.
Thank goodness that I brought my brush (newly bought) for this event, and nt the fountain pen alone.
Right after the first guest( the boss) was drawn, I knew that I can't use the fountain pen for this job.
It was too slow, as the lines were a lot finer.
To complete this job within 3 hours, I have to use a bolder strokes, with the help of my brush.
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere 17
After years of experience drawing group caricatures, besides the problems mentioned above, to fill up the space (aesthetically) on the drawing was not a tough job for me
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere 22
I just need to make sure that nothing will go wrong to this drawing, and going at the speed which I was drawing, I should be able to complete it within 3 hours.
As the guests started to crowd around, my only worry was that they (and handbags) will knock my table and ink bottle accidentally.
Thus, besides full concentration on the drawing, I have to watch out for them.
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere
Some photos of me working, snapped by Reggie's friend Henry.
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere
They were emailed to me by Reggie after the event.
Thank you, Henry and Reggie.:))
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere
Occasionally, while I was sketching halfway, the guests came around.
To my surprise, they can see the resemblance in the drawing, and most of the time, they can tell who they were. Wah!!! Seriously, I was thinking that I was drawing cartoons, and not caricatures for this event before this.:)))
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere 25
Job completed in 2hours and 40 mins. Phew!
Reggie gave me a thumbs up, and said good job.
Thank you.
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere final cartoon artwork
Some of the guests found out that they were not in the drawing.
They requested for me to put them in.
They stood still in front of me! Haha.......
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere 28
The 2 bosses of XL Insurance.
The big boss on the right, told me that he wanted another group caricatures of him and his staffs yto be drawn by me after this event, as he likes this drawing. Thank you.
Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere 31
Reggie and Kanal at work.

Caricature live sketching for XL Insurance - cocktail atmostphere Singapore Caricaturists - Reggie Kamal & Jit
Kamal told me that we have yet to have a group photo.
Let's make it the first time then.:)))
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