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Monday, April 28, 2008

Caricature of Lisa Wang 汪明荃

Caricature Liza Wong 汪明荃 Beijing Olympic 2008 Torch Relay
Urgent order.

Client's brief:-
" Theme: Liza Wang wearing sport suit running for the China Olympic Torch Relay.
She will be holding the torch. I have provided some pictures in the last page
which you may like to incorporate into your drawing. Eg. China flag, logo, etc.
Please also put in the words “Liza 加油!” . Hairstyle: Not to bun up but the bob
style which I provided some pics on.
Special Request: I hope the drawing of her looks as similar to her as possible,
not something too comical, u know what I mean? I need this quite urgently
by next Tuesday (29/4)...... "

The client will be flying over to Hong Kong tomorrow, to give this caricature to Lisa Wang.
She told me the committee will be announcing the result, as in who will be appointed for the Beijing Olympic 2008 Torch Relay in Hong Kong. I am not sure if she gets it, at the time of posting. Didn't hear her name on the media.

Erhmmm..... think I have drawn her too young, but the client told me that the caricature looks nice, upon receiving the artwork.

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