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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Caricature for P&G and Gillette

Caricature P&G Gillette
Mixed up.
Supposed to do up this caricature and send it for framing first, but I started with the other order for Gillette. Luckily I still have some time left to do up this caricature. Same company, different clients, and yet collection dates are so close.
This gentleman will be leaving the company soon. He has worked in China, Japan, India, Middle East, Boston etc.
The client wanted landmarks of these countries, instead of the flags to represent them.
Told her can't put in everything. and suggested to add the more prominent country landmarks like Great Wall of China, Mount Fuji and Taj Mahal. She agreed.

Caricature P&G Gillette edited
Upon her collection, she said that I missed out Boston and Merlion. No point arguing. Just do what they wanted, and they will be happy. This is what I learned from my past 14 year experience in this line.
I took it out from the frame and added them in, plus Big Ben from London. Sent back to my frame supplier to seal it back.

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