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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Caricatures for VISA

One of my regular customers from VISA passed my contacts to her colleague.She wanted to get a farewell gift for his boss, who loves baseball, especially the Yankees.
Caricatures VISA Yankees baseball pencil sketch
So I proposed a baseball theme to her. Setting at the Padang, in which the background can see the VISA logo on the Hitachi building in Raffles Place.
The main guy will be in the centre, swinging the baseball bat.
The guy who throws the ball to him is the person who will be taking over his position after he leaves VISA.
I have the baseball especially big, with the logo on it, to give an impact to the whole artwork.
It also helped to bring the focus to the main player (the main guy too).
Caricatures VISA Yankees baseball ink
Four players at four corners. Especially like the bald guy. His expression and features are fun to draw. To show his bald head, I have the Yankees cap in his hand, and put him in the foreground.
Then I have a photographer snapping photo of the main guy. This was inspired by the photo supplied, as this lady was looking up in the photo.
The assistant cum secretary will be holding a water bottle and towel for him, standing in the background. The rest will be the pong pong girls and guys, as the client said these 2 guys can take jokes. Thus I have them in pong pong skirts, with armpit hairs, hairy legs and exposed belly button.
The client requested to have this caption - "Star Team: S&SEA" as this farewell gift was from the South and SouthEast Asia Team.

Caricatures VISA Yankees baseball colour marker
If you did notice, the colouring was rather different this time. See the strokes. Some were distinct, but most of them were 'watery'. Not because that I have change to the watercolour medium, but because I drew on the wrong side of the marker paper.
I felt a bit strange when I was doing the inking part. How come the ink doesn't really stay well on the certain part of paper. Thought maybe because the paper is slightly more oily this time. When I coloured on it, I knew the reason immediately. The reverse side was the oily part, whereby it was meant to be like that, so that the marker colours will not bleed through the paper underneath. These caused me some problem, as the colours on them appeared lighter, and additional strokes went on them will be dissolved. It was too late to redo the inking part, as I need to send it for framing the next day. If it was 10 years ago, I won't be able to do the colouring nicely. However, after years of handling artworks with this marker medium, I manage to get this hiccup under control.
It was quite a good experience though. I used the watercolour blending method with the colour markers. The outcome was quite satisfying, as I found a new way of working on the reverse side of the marker paper. The downside was that I have to put in extra effort and time to render this artwork.

Caricatures VISA Yankees baseball colour framed
Framed up. Looked good to me. This time my framing guy added a wider border on the sides. Something different from his usual way of framing.

Feedback via sms from the client the next day (She was away in Japan, and her sister collected for her on her behalf):-
"Good morning. You are awesome. You captured it so well - a true blue artist. Thanks so much. My parents in law said it is very uniquely drawn."

This is the satisfaction I get from drawing. Besides producing quality artworks, client's appreciation is another motivation for me to move on, and strive for higher quality and better concepts in my artworks.

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Two Hands Caricaturist and 1 cut 2 pieces Silhouette Artist said...

You hard throw someone said his the best far far away! Great Master! No need like other people, talk bad other artist to promote themself! Heehee!

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