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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Caricature of Aska Yang Zong Wei 杨宗纬

Caricature Yang Zong Wei 杨宗纬
This artwork is meant to be printed on T-shirts using silk-screen method.
The T-shirts are for the group of Aska's fans in Singapore.
They prefer him to be in this white jacket, grey singlet, and jeans.
The heart-shaped balloon is given to him from these fans during one of his trips to Singapore.
Thus, they wanted to capture it in too.
Initially, they wanted to do it in black and white, to reduce the printing cost.
But, I told them colour would bring out his cheek bones and facial muscle better, instead of using lines. They opted for the latter in the end, as you can see. More damage to the ir pocket, but better outcome for sure.

Frankly speaking, I heard of his name, but can't remember his face.
Hence, when the client emailed me his photos, I don't know who he is.
This upset her to some extent. Hahaha...... Getting outdated on these young pop-singers/idols.

The client told me that her friends were quite excited when they passed by a caricature shop, and they almost wanted to do it. But she told them she has a better and first choice. That's what held them back, and engaged me to do it for them. Thank you.

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