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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Caricature live sketching for Charleston Affair - The New Year's Eve Party - Countdown to 2007

This was my last event in 2006. From what I heard, all the other caricaturists raised their prices to $250 / $300 per hour for the New Year's eve. I remained the same price for this client, as they are my regular. Maybe can consider raising it next New year's eve. Hahaha........ This one hour event was held at the Pine's Club at Steven's Road. The guest were late. I was engaged from 6:30pm - 7:30pm. The first guest sat down at 7:10pm. Thus, I only sketched a few of them. My family was waiting for me to go to Night Safari at home. Hence, I stopped at 7:35pm and left, extended 5 mins for them.

The best two caricatures done this evening. However, the guy thinks that his face is too round. But his face is round. Anyway, it's a comical version of him.

caricatures in colour

Last caricatures done this year.
A bit old-fashioned on the glasses and clothing, is it?
This is because the photo of this couple was taken in the 60s/70s.

Couple of caricatures in colour done last week.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

couple's portraits and caricatures

A gift to from this gentleman in the drawings to his girlfriend.
It was an urgent order.
He called up and enquired about my prices for portrait in charcoal this Wednesday(??? can't remember.
He felt that my price (with the express service surcharge) was higher than my competitor, and decided not to go ahead.
I didn't persuade him, as I was really tight up this week. I don't want to overwork on my already overwork schedule.
The next day, he called back and came to my gallery to place the orders. Why?! I didn't ask him.
He ordered portraits in pencil, and caricatures with theme. He requested to have some photos to be printed on a cd too.

The caricature theme was soccer with both of them in Chelsea jersey, no. 8 and 26.

Friday, December 29, 2006

family caricatures - birthday theme

This is a birthday gift from the children to the mum who's celebrating her birthday this Sunday. The special request is to have a snake around her neck and the thorny bag. The client thinks she's wierd and she does like snake and has that bag.
The rest will be just wearing tuxedo, crowding around the mum.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

NXP caricatures - 1 more caricature added in

Seems like the internet connection in Singapore to oversea servers like Blogger is getting back to normal. I can post up images today. Hahaha........ (29th Dec 2006, 11:52am now)

Was this the same caricatures posted up earlier? Yes, but added in 1 more caricature.
The client initially told me 23 people to be drawn in total.
Later, they said 22.
I reconfirmed with them, and they said it was 22.
After their collection yesterday, they called me this afternoon, saying that they want to include one more face. Luckily, there's still a space for that additional caricature, unlike the job for JCDecaux who requested to add in one more face after the caricatures were done, but no space to add in.
Compare the two and you should see that missing guy in the first drawing.

Caricature theme - wedding + Toyota Rush

This wedding caricatures are meant to be printed on their wedding cards. The guy wanted a Toyota Rush. I changed it to the convertible, so that most part of their faces can be seen, especially for the bride.
They wanted a black and white ink caricatures initially, to cut cost on the printing side.
I proposed the colour version. It can be changed to sepia tone, which was still considered as one-tone printing. With colour, the shading of the facial muscles and the car body will be better expressed. They took my proposal.
The end result was nice, right?

some updates......

Christmas eCard plan down the drain liao.
My schedule these few days are very tight.
I don't think I have the time to do the card and send out.

Looks like you won't see my post daily these 3 weeks (at least not so regular), because of the internet connection problems.
I can't login in my shop.
I can't post images but only text at home.
But when Singnet solves the problem, you will see a lot of them up.
Hang in there!!!

Caricature live sketching for Yusof Ishak Secondary School Annual Dinner and Dance 2006

This 1 hour caricature sketching event was held at Swissotel Padang (?) (never take note)Ballroom. I only realised that I didn't bring my Sony F7171 digital camera for the shooting when I reached the venue. Bad memory lately. Luckily I still have my p990i handphonew with me. Though only at 2 mega-pixel, the quality of the photos were still acceptable, unlike my previous p910i.

The guests came in late. Thus, I started sketching only at 6:10pm. To my surprise when I counted the number of people I have sketched - 8 caricatures within 50mins, not bad!

The event organiser's brother(?). The guests were not in yet. Hence, he sat in.

The better and fun one. The hairstyle, the sleepy eyes, and the wide mouth, sharp chin - all comics like. See the new posture from my sudden inspiration on the spot? Initial intention was to have his thumb stuck out. Later, I pulled it in, changed it to a fist. Not bad, I think.

The two (see above and below) who 'complained' that their 'hidung' (nose in Malay) were big in the caricatures.
I was going a bit extreme on their features.
Since he's not those handsome kind (sorry), I might as well make them comical and cute, rather than not here and not there.

I gave him a Ah Beng body to suit his Wang Xiao Long's hairstyle in Long Hu Men.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Earthquake in Taiwan

I never knew that earthquake in Taiwan yesterday was related to my internet connection till this morning.
When I reached my gallery and fired up my PC this morning, I found out that there's some problem with my internet connection.
I can't connect to my MSN and Yahoo Messenger.
Access to my website was damn slow.
I checked my email.
I was able to download emails from my Singnet and Pacific Net mailbox, but not that main email of I was puzzled.
After checking my phone line connection and restarting my modem and PC several times, the problem persisted.
Then I heard from radio that the speed of internet in Asia was very low due to the earthquake in Taiwan . The cables on the seabed were damaged. Singtel and Starhub were trying to amend this problem. I never knew that the cables were all under the sea. I asked my friend who visited me this afternoon, thought it was through satellite that we connect through internet. I checked with m=another friend of mine Henry, and he told me they were all under the sea. Huh?!!! That will be thousands kilometres of cable leh!
Connection to local website was fine. No wonder I can download from Singnet and Pacnet mailbox. My main email is hosted with Yahoo. Their servers were in US. Sick! I will lose quite a considerable amount of business. People can't or take long time to access my website. The emails they sent to be may be delayed. And worst, just heard from the news on TV that it will take them 3 weeks to repair this. Faint.............
It took me ages to login to the Blogger and post. And now I can't post up images. Die liao loh! 3 weeks no blogging? Can't imagine what will happen in these 3 weeks.......... Help......................

Caricature theme - Pooh Bear, bees & honey

A gift to his girlfriend - birthday gift or anniversary gift? can't remember,
The client wanted a Pooh bear (the girl loves Pooh)and a bee.
Given that Winnie the Pooh likes honey, I proposed to have both of them holding his hand, with the honey pot in their hands, running away from the flock of bees, and a beehive swinging in the background.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Caricatures for NXP

A farewell gift to the boss from the staffs.
This was the second job. The first one was done for Philips, done few years (think 2 years) ago.
From what the client told me, NXP branched out from Philips Semiconductors.
The boss loves golf (favourite theme among the bosses). The client's request was to have them carrying the golf bag, cleaning the buggy etc for him.
The orders only came in last Friday. They need it this Wednesday.
This means that my Christmas was burnt off.
Few days of hardwork at my drawing desk. It was quite a mental torture when I was expecting some rest during the weekends and yet need to work. Anyway, it was done, and the Christmas was over.

The pencil sketch.

The inked casricatures.

The coloured caricatures.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!

Received quite a number of greetings through sms and emails, from friends, relatives, suppliers and clients these few days. My initial plan few weeks ago was to make an Christmas eCard and sent out by emails. It was 'screwed up' by orders flooded in these few weeks.
I am at the colouring stage of the NXP job now. Hopefully, by tomorrow and I can have time to do the eCard and sent out. Late is better than never! Anyway, Christmas has twelve days. I am not late ma. Hahaha.....
Now, my relatives are having Christmas Party at my house. So a few hours break for me.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Caricature theme - wedding in Sentosa, Singapore

This couple intended to have this caricature drawing of them to be printed on their wedding invitation card. The wedding will be held in Palawan Beach in Sentosa. Thus, their request was having the Merlion, cable car, and their golden S60 Volvo in the background.
I like this caricature drawing, especially on the details of the sand and the car. It also ends off nicely, without the straight edges. It will look nicer when printed on the wedding invitation cards, as they can easily manouveir the graphic for to achieve a better layout. The graphic won't look so stiff too. Thanks to the fountain pen too. The end result was a lot better than using brush.
I am going at full trotter speed in clearing the orders till 27th Dec, these few days, of course with quality. Right now, I am quite satisfied with the speed I am going. I have done almost finished the pencil sketches of the NXP caricatures. By 3pm+, I should be able to do some inking, and go out with my mum, wife and kids for an early Christmas dinner at 5pm+. Hahaha.... Kiasu indeed, cos we didn't make any reservations. So we are aiming to be the first few customers once the restaurant, Crystal Palace opens for business. Hopefully, they don't allow reservation, then we should have a chance to dine there this evening. Hohoho...............

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Caricature for WongPartnership, Singapore

Second order from this company. (First one here.) A gift from the client to this gentleman who is retiring.

Portrait in Pencil for SIngapore Air Force

A gift from the client to his superior.
The time taken to draw the outfit (client's request - of course paying extra for this) was almost double the time of drawing the face.
However, I am quite satisfied with the end result.

Caricature theme - chef cooking

Last order collecting before Christmas. Phew! But still no rest yet. I have to clear the orders collecting after Christmas, especially a last minute order which came in yesterday. There are 22 people in the caricatures, which will definitely burn of my Christmas. (The client - NXP needs it by 27th Dec 2006) I am not really celebrating, but looking forward to at least a half-day break. Unless I work hard these few days, I don't think I can take a break during this holiday.
This caricature of the chef was meant to be a Christmas gift to be exchanged. He is still in the 15-months chef course in At-Sunrice, specialising in Chinese and Western food. The initial intention was to have a front view of him. However, due to the height of the chef hat, both sides will appear too empty. Thus, I change to a three quarter view, with the fire and fried rice from the wok in the air, on the right of the caricature. At least, now it looked better in terms of layout.

Caricature theme - tennis and monkey dance

A Christmas from the girl in the caricatures to her boyfriend.
They are going to spend their Christmas in Bali, and hopefully can go to London (London Bridge)and Paris (Eiffel Tower in the background). She didn't want the tower/pagoda landmarks (don't know the name) of teh Bali in the drawing, but only a resort and the bench.
This guy loves tennis and Liverpool (the uniform he's wearing) and the girl doing the monkey dance, as requested by her.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Caricature live sketching for Siemens Top+ cum Christmas celebration 2006

This 1 hour event was held at Equinox, level 69, Swissotel Singapore.
I was here sketching few years back. Really enjoyed this place, as I can view most part of Singapore at this level. That time, it was about to rain, and I can see the dark clouds approaching. This time round, the view looks misty (like hazey).

Not a good shot.

This was a good start.

The mummy-to-be. The Demi Moore posture was a request from her colleagues.
Nice, right?

This angle didn't really show her resemblance as seen in the caricature.
Quite enjoying drawing this caricature.

A close one.

Best caricature done this evening.

This gentleman was lucky. He was the 27th, last on the queue list. All those in front left to start their dinner. Thus he got the chance to be drawn before I left.

Caricature theme - fishing on cruiser

A Christmas gift from the client to her parents.
Her dad is getting a cruiser and loves fishing.
No request for her mum. Hence, I have him fishing on his new cruiser and her mum cooking the fish he has caught.

Think twice before we spend!

her new 3G handphone

I went to buy the Nokia N80 handphone with my wife and mother-in-law in Ang Mo Kio yesterday.
Before I go, I searched on Singtel website.
Sick, they raised the price to $598 for a 2-year plan.
Thus, my instinct told me that I won't have a good news when I went to that handphone shop who told me the price of $398 for a 12-month upgrade.
Not much surprise and shock, they told me N73 and N80 are out of stock. We went to several Singtel authorised handphone shops in AMK central, we managed to find one. There, I came to notice that there was a difference in N80 and N80 Internet Edition. Of course, the latter has a built-in Wi-Fi. Then, they told me that my wife's line (under my name) can only upgrade on the 24th Dec. And Singtel had instructed them to raise the price of all handphones on 23rd Dec. The reason was Christmas promotions are over. What?!!! It's not even Christmas yet. +-x/#*.............
No choice. I told my wife that we postponed to get the phone 2 months later, on our wedding anniversary. (Don't want to let Singtel pocket my $$$ in that way.) She asked for a pair of new spectacles for Christmas gift. Ok loh. Sianz..........
My mother-in-law bought a N73 yesterday. It was meant for her birthday gift last month. Hahaha...... Initially, when my wife showed her the price on Singtel flyer few days ago, she asked why give her a cheap phone of $99 as birthday present?! I was not that at that time. I told my wife that she should explain to her that it was a good phone. $99 was for Premium Plan. $198 after trade-in. Retail price was $498 with no contract.
Yesterday, I psycho her to get this phone. It is a good phone ma. 3.2megapixel, 3G etc. No need Wi-Fi, given that she won't surf the net.
She got it yesterday. So happy but yet cannot use the 3G video phone, cos no network. Hahaha.....
Just now, my wife called asked me to give her a ring to test her 3G phone. (We are the only 2 with 3G phone in the family). So grotesque! Talking to her face to face on 3G phone. I said no lah, wait till my son comes back from school lah I rather talk to him. Hahaha.........I don't think she will read my blog. Kekeke..........
I called her handphone around 1:30pm. Talked to her awhile , then chat with my son. They were so fascinated with the new phone. Then later when my daughter woke up, my mother-in-law tried to call me on through video calls. Think she doesn't know how to make video call. I received voice calls from her only, after several attempts. I called again. I can see my daughter screaming excitedly when she saaw my face in the phone.
I think my wife will be dying to get a 3G phone soon wwhen she knew that.
Aiya, back to my drawing desk!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Caricatures for Singapore Armed Forces

A farewell gift for this CO (Commanding Officer?). No NS (National Service), so don't know much about it.
Due to limited budget, the client opted to have the main caricature with theme in colour, while the rest of the caricatures in colour, without theme.

Pencil sketch......

Caricatures in ink.

The colouring done!
Got to move on to other drawings.
Still have quite a number of orders to clear before Christmas......

Flood in Malaysia

Just heard from the news that the flood in Malaysia was quite bad. The bridge in Mersing was detraoyed by the flood. No traffic can bypass Kota Tinggi. My mum was quite lucky. She came from Kuantan (my hometown) yesterday to pay us a visit. The bus she was in, managed to come to Singapore, with slight delay of 30mins. The bus driver told her that the bus leaving Singapore at 10am, reach Kuantan the next day at 5am, because of the flood. That was scary. 19 hours on the bus for an 6-7 hours trip!!! I have just called my brother who was staying in Kuantan. He told me that Kuantan Bridge was flooded, about 1ft above the bridge. His Vios may not be able to reach home if he went back slightly later. Today, the rain had stopped in Kuantan, but Sungei Lembing (the place where I was born 34 years ago.) was flooded! This was a nice place if you are tired of urban city life. This village was surrounded by mountains. Hence, whenever the rain was heavy, the water level will rise from the river and can go as high as 2 storeys!!! My parents were too sick of the flood every year end. They moved to Kuantan when I was at the age of 4. I will get some flood photos from my uncle who is staying there, next time when I see him and post up for you to take a look. Perhaps this coming Chinese New year. Show you some photos which I found online first.

This building was designed by my late grandfather who didn't went through any architectural studies, in 1960s. He was quite talented, but didn't have a chance to went through much formal education.

The main street, where my aunt (Father's elder sister) house (on the left foreground, not in pic) and the house where I used to stay (opposite these rows of shophouses) were.

See the buildings on the right. Further in, think the sixth building is where my uncle's (My mum's elder brother) house.. On the left, not in the photo, is the market. In the centre, those littles huts are eating houses. Used to have nice noodles there. But no more in business now, as the youngsters left this village, to town and city for work. Population here was quite miserable.

The Sungei Lenbing library.

The entrance to the Panorama Hill (never knew the name till I saw it online today). Got tigers here. No joke. People heard the tiger roars and saw their footprints before, but not me. Hahaha.....

My dad used to capture this scenery on top of the Panorama hill before.
Show you next time.

The beautiful sunrise. To see this, we used to wake up at 4am+, climbed up the mountain in the dark and reached the top around 5:40am (high mountain indeed) , to standby and wait for that moment.!

This is the waterfall which we can see from the Panorama Hill when the dew subside, on the opposite side of the mountain. Pai seh, but I have never been to this waterfall before/

These guys managed to go in and got the rainbow above the water shot. Cool!

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