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Friday, April 18, 2008

Lady portraits in watercolour

Portraits of a lady in watercolour - pencil sketch
Same lady, but in 3 different angles. The one in the centre is drawn from the more recently taken photo. The other are taken few years ago, according to what the client told me.

Portraits of a lady in watercolour - progress 1
The client wanted these portraits in blue colourpencil initially.

Think he must have seen this portraits on my website, and decided to go for this, since his girl loves blue colour.
Gave him my view - I doubt it will look good for a lady portrait in blue colourpencil.
Why doesn't he take the watercolour portraits? The medium will turn out softer. He agreed immediately, but he still wants in blue colour. Told him my doubts too. I don't know how it will turn out, as I didn't try it before. It strikes me suddenly that he must have seen the following portraits on my website too.

This set of portraits is one of my favourites. I like the mood, expression and the softness of this medium on a lady portrait. This lady looks like the singer Tracy Huang to me, but in fact not.
Just a partner of one of my clients. They are done about 10 years ago.

Portraits of a lady in watercolour - progress 2
Back to this drawing, the pure blue colour turns out to be too raw to me. Looks like she is poisoned. I rang up the client, asking whether I can add in some shades of black. He agreed as he trusted my professiionalism. Glad to hear that, and I felt less restricted now, and do what I think will look good to this artwork.

Portraits of a lady in watercolour - final
It may have some divergence with what the client has in mind initially, but I think it looks better now. At least not so raw. Strived a balance between what he wanted, and what I think would turned out better.

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