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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Caricature theme - cycling

caricatures couple cycling ink 230408
I think this is my line expression at its best so far.
When I am doing this caricature, all the lines seem to answer and respond to what I want to express. Never have this feeling before.
I use G-Pen for the details on the face, enhanced them with my brush.
Then, it comes to the most interesting part. The flow of drawing is extremely smooth. All the lines like automated, comes out from my fountain pen and appear on the drawing. Gave me the feeling of drawing comic strips during my teenage time. Lines after lines, items after items. Just can't help stop drawing, even though I have finished the whole artwork.
Told myself to stop. Shouldn't add more lines, or take out some lines, as I think it will spoilt the whole drawing.
I like everything, especially of the coconut leaves. Continuous lines, and they show their movement, and I can feel the wind direction. Then comes to the shoe and jeans of the lady. They tell me that she's enjoying herself, if you can tell from the lines. Then the dust around the wheels. Seems like it can feel the joy of the couple, and reflects my satisfaction in this drawing.
Think got to stop here, if you still can't feel my excitement about this artwork......

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