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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

3D politician caricature figurines

Adam passed me some bobblehead Taiwan politician figurines to snap.
I took a few angles, and put them together in Photoshop.

These figurines were selling like hotcakes in the current election in Taiwan.
3D caricature bobblehead dolly - Ma Ying Jiu
This Ma Ying Jiu (馬英九) figurine. His another nickname keeps floating in my mind - "My Angel". Heard it over radio. Rhymes, right?
Don't think this really look like him, personally. But Adam told me that his client insisted on this look. Client is always right. Just gives them what that want. Is it?

3D caricature bobblehead dolly -Xie Chang Ting
Xie Chang Ting (謝長廷) bobblehead figurine. This really have the caricature feel.

3D caricature bobblehead dolly - Su Zhen Chang
Su Zhen Chang (蘇貞昌) bobblehead figurine. Heard of his name in news, but can't really remember his look. Receding hairline is my impression of him. No impression of his look.

I am very bad in these politicians. Only knows Chen Shui Bian and Ma Ying Jiu, as my freind Eddie looks like him (in his ic photo, and looks like Michael Hui in reallife. Hahaha.....) the latter gives me the impression of an upright and more civilised Taiwan politician, if I see correctly.

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