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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Caricature theme - I'm the Best!!!

Caricature I am the Best!!!
To be presented to the boss.
Theme is 'I'm the Best' with 2 thumbs up.
Could appear quite flat and plain.
Hence, I play on the angle - bird's eye view, with his right thumb up magnified, while the other being a lot smaller. The imbalance and magnification break away the monotony, and the client is very happy upon receiving the artwork. She said 'very nice'.

Welles told me my competitors are copying what I do on this blog, after reading their posts. So confirmed not me being over-sensative. I can't possibly block them alone, from viewing my blog, while the public still can view it. I am telling my blog readers my approaches, feeling etc of each drawing, and I think these will make this blog more interesting. However, the drawback is that they will copy.They rephrase it, or change it a bit, and it became their own version.
Quite worked up, whenever I think of this.
Can't they just do it their own way? Be original, at least let me show some respect to them as an artist. Leave some pride to yourself. Show your skill in your works, and not in copying.

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