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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Q-digital caricature - Superman & Supergirl

Couple Q-Digital caricatures - Superman & Supergirl
Another digital artwork by Artist Q.

Featured on The Straits Times today....

Another article on The Straits Times (Sunday Times) today.
An even better-taken photograph of me, I think.
My wife thinks so too.
More or less the same content, but the appearance of this paper send my website click-rate soared by more than 3 times of my usual daily average click rate of 500-600. Blog click-rate was slight higher by aboutr few hundreds. {The reporter, Janice, found me through this blog too. :)}
My blog click-rate has always been higher than the website, perhaps due to fresh contents, and I have no time to update my website, given my tight work schedule.
Same thing here, as The New Paper article, low resolution version, to avoid infringement of copyright of Singapore Press Holdings, as advised by Janice.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort (Pasir Ris) - Day 1

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Pasir Ris Day 1 - a
This will be a series of 4-Saturdays event at Costa Sands Beach, from 4:30pm - 6:30pm.
This client found me through my blog, and decided to engage my services after making some equiries with other caricaturists. (that was what she told me) Thank you.:)
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Pasir Ris Day 1 - b
This is more like a fringe activities for those people in this resort.
Public pays $5 each and NTUC member pays $3 each. (more than 90% discount from my normal rate, if drawn from photo, and non-express service)
Obviously, the client is not looking to make money from the guests/patrons, given the rate Iquoted to them.
When it is not free to the public, the response is more or less muted.
To improve on this, I think certain things need to be done.
First, is the publicity. This is very important. Not many of them are aware of this activity, in this case.
Second is timing. A hot afternoon whereby the kids and parents etc are either enjoying in the pool, or stay in their air-conditioned chalets, may not be a good timing for them to sit down and get their caricatures drawn.
Lastly is the location where the caricaturist sits. The lobby could be the ideal place where everyone first see, when they check in. However, due to the hot weather, it would sort of deter them from sitting down.

Anyway, back to this event.
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Pasir Ris Day 1 - 1
This is the lovely lady who engaged my service.
She told me that she saw me on The New Paper.
I was wondering how she knows that person on the paper was me (and I haven't post that article on my blog), when we have never met before. Maybe she followed my blog, and saw my photo before.

Thank you for her guiding me the way to the resort.
Initially, I thought it was a place near the Wild Wild Wet pool in Downtown East, where my car was stucked in the long queue before the traffic junction for 15 minutes.
After I couldn't find a parking lot at the open air carpark opposite Downtown East, I nearly park my car at the housing estate nearby.
Luckily I managed to get her at her mobile, and she guided me the way to the resort.
How blur can I be?
When I reached the place, I still thought that I have been to this place. Pool in front of chalets, not noticing that the Jacuzzi was not there. I mistaken it as the Aloha Resort and I parked my car near the same place which I parked at Aloha last December!
How embarassed can it be, when I still asked her why this round not at the air-conditioned game room which I used to sketch at? Can dig a hole and bury my head in it........

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Pasir Ris Day 1 - 2

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Pasir Ris Day 1 - 3

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Pasir Ris Day 1 - 4
...and daughter from Indonesia.

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Pasir Ris Day 1 - 5
Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Pasir Ris Day 1 - 6
Couple caricatures always attract crowd. Never failed in my 15 years of drawing.

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Pasir Ris Day 1 - 7
This was a good attempt, I think.

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Pasir Ris Day 1 - 8
Kids (especailly the younger ones) are always harder to draw, as they can't keep still, and expressions keep changing.
This round, I was quite lucky, even though the same thing happens again.

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Pasir Ris Day 1 - 9
Since he was in swimming suit, not much appropriate posture for him too, might as well give him a swimming theme.

Caricature live sketching for Costa Sands Resort Pasir Ris Day 1 - 10
Since his brother has a swimming theme, I shall not disappoint him.
Added the same theme for him.
Anyway, this was the last drawing for the day.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Caricature live sketching for CPGairport D&D Shanghai Night

This was a last minute booking.
The event organiser called me around 12pm today, said he needed a caricaturist for his event, as he can't reach his caricaturist which he has booked earlier.
After knowing the name of this caricaturist, it was a no surprise to me.
I heard once from a caricaturist friend that this caricaturist will disappear last minute.
Now, I can confirm that.
This is the reason why I never refer job to him.
If he does that to me, I will get screwed up by my clients.
That's my biggest concern.

Back to the job, the venue was the place which I have never been to:-
Crowne Plaza Hotel at Changi Airport Terminal 3.

I met my NYJC's friend - Soo Leng in this event - her company D&D.
She told me that she saw me featured on The New Paper.
I didn't manage to have a good chat with her, as I was busy drawing these guests.

Caricature live sketching for CPGairport D&D - 1a
The theme was Shanghai Night. So the guests all dressed up in this theme.
Caricature live sketching for CPGairport D&D - 2
Something unusual. More to draw, but quite fun, since their attires were different.

Caricature live sketching for CPGairport D&D - 3
This was a good one, I think.

Caricature live sketching for CPGairport D&D - 4a
This one was even better. My favourite. She has comical and unique features.
Thus, her caricature turned out even more comical!

Caricature live sketching for CPGairport D&D - 5
Caricature live sketching for CPGairport D&D - 6
His colleagues were laughing over the saliva coming down his pipe.
I didn't spend such a long time to sketch him leh.:D

Caricature live sketching for CPGairport D&D - 7
Caricature live sketching for CPGairport D&D - 8
A bigger mouth and thicker lips, but still can tell it was him, i think.
Do you think so?

Caricature live sketching for CPGairport D&D - 9

Caricature live sketching for CPGairport D&D - 10b
Job done.

Caricature theme - wedding

Client's brief:-
"Appearance of us:
Please draw Samuel carrying me (attached picture named ‘posture’)

Samuel: White Tuxedo, white shoes
Angela: White Gown, wearing veil, with big diamond ring and bouquet of flowers. Please draw my fringe as this lady’s .......

Car as part of background:
Please draw Samuel’s car as well. It’s a RED Mazda 3 SP version. I have attached most of car’s front and back for you to refer to.

I would prefer to have the car featured like how you drew for OR

Buildings as background:
Please include Eiffel Tower and London Eye as background

....Don’t know if it’s too late, I forgot to let u know his car plate no:
SGW 7705 A"

Couple wedding caricatures Mazda 3 London Eye Eiffel Tower
School holiday = wedding season?
Getting quite a number of wedding caricature orders recently.

Email from the client:-
"Dear Jit,

Thank you very much for the drawing.
My husband likes it very much.

Thanks & regards,

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Featured on The New Paper today.....

This article was up on The New Paper today, after about a month from the photo shoot.
To make full use of the empty screens, the photographer Jun Liang, asked me blow up some of the caricature works (digital version) on them.
The photos turned out excellent, but just afraid that the readers may have the misconception that these drawings were drawn digitally.
In fact, they were hand-drawn. I scanned them into softcopies, for portfolio sake, as well as to put up on my blog and website.
Due to copyright issue, I can't post up this article in high resolution.
Janice the reporter, said that I can only scan it in low resolution such that the words almost impossible to read. Just to show that I have press coverage.
Thus, you maybe disappointed if you intend to read this article.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Caricature in colour

guy caricature in colour 240509
A very low resolution photo provided by the client, and that was what she has.
I can only try my best to figure the features out, based on imagination + experience.
Thank goodness, her response to her friend who came along with her for collection, was:-

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding in stadium

Client's brief:-
"It's our 1st year wedding anniversary. I would like to surprise my husband with your art work.
We didn't exactly had our dream wedding, so i would liket your art work to represent our dream.
Item: Caricature in colour marker with theme - with background & body

Theme: Manchester United
2. There will 3 person in the drawing (Grace, Vincent & Avril Lavigne)
3. Theme: Manchester United
4. Request:
• This entire caricature is suppose to look like it's our wedding day.
• Vincent wearing MU jersey with black slacks (with bowtie).
• I am wearing a red hot Cheongsam with a high slit on the side. Hair is bun up with some long fringe dropping on the side of the face. I'll be wearing a white short veil as well. Also with gloves matching the veil (long or short up to you). Jewellery will be up to you to put or not.
• Avril Lavigne (with pink fringe) singing on a stage at the back with her guitar (not necessarily wearing MU jersey. something appropriate to sing for a wedding may be.)
• Background is football field stadium.
• Silhouette humans are sitting on the side of the stadium (representing guests of our wedding).
• Ferrari being parked in the middle.
• Vincent's in the car with his upper half body out, smiling. (hands up to you to decide, just look manly).
• I'm sexily lying on the front-hood, holding a bouquet of small yellow daisies. Facial expression & body gesture will be as seductive as possible.

wedding couple caricatures Man-U stadium A4
Nearly fainted upon looking at the very detail brief.
Hahaha.... joking.
Just need to open my eyes big on every details requested.
An wedding anniversary order from Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
wedding couple caricatures Man-U stadium A4 revised
Revised version. Minor details till you may not even notice.
Added in wordings, Ferrai logo, Nike logo, rings, ear stud, Avril's logo on Guitar. All not in the initial brief. Pink fringe, which I have missed out. The client wanted to give Avril a skirt in her revised brief, which is not possible, since I can't erase the the lines and colour drawn, due to the nature of the medium I used.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Caricature for Singapore Air Force

Client's brief:-
"We are looking to customise a caricature theme portrait for our boss who will be leaving
us soon. We are from the Republic of Singapore Air Force, flying the Chinook helicopters,

We are intending to have a potrait done in full colour depicting a Chinook helicopter flying
in the background either carrying the National Day Flag or a military vehicle, with our outgoing
Commander somewhere in the foreground.....

As for the framing I will probably need a frame with double layers of mounting borders
with an inscription on a black polished plate, alternatively gold metal plate also will do.

I intend to have people from the office to pen their signatures around the drawing. So
is it possible for the drawing to have sufficient room to cater for that if it were done on
A3 paper or a poster size. The proposed drawing can be seen in the attached file; the
theme is a Chinook helicopter flying with our Boss holding onto the sling of the NDP Flag...."

Caricature for Singapore Air Force
To accomodate the Chinook Helicopter and the flag, together with the subject in one drawing, I think this layout is the only way out, I can think of - bird's eye view, but the Chinook is not really within this view, by right.
But since this is a caricature drawing based on imagination, I think it can go wild or break this boundary, but still looks believable and visually right.

Caricature for Singapore Air Force frame with engraving
The client has a badge and metal engraving plate to be included in the frame, together with the artwork. Hence, this frame is rather huge, even longer than a normal A2 size frame with double mounting border.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Couple caricatures in colour

Couple caricatures in colour 180509
Another order from my regular client - Jason.
I like the rendering of his facial muscle.
Blended quite nicely, and yet can see the sculptural rendering.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Caricature theme - second anniversary

Client's brief:-
"Just msg you, and decided to confirm on the order for me & my boyfriend for the Caricature in colour marker with theme - with background & body, and delivery in 2 days time.

My boyfriend love chocolates and watching movie a lot.
We shall have a sport car at the back and my boyfriend leaning against the car and me offering chocolates to him, i want the car plate no. 1905.
i want the words "Happy 2nd Anniversary" hanging across the sky and also our names Francis & Patricia somewhere in the picture.
Please let your creativity help me out on our outfits and also do a little make over to our hair styles. "

Couple caricatures on sports car second anniversary
The client didn't specify a specific car model.
Thus I drew the mini car model on my desk.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Caricature for Singapore Armed Forces

"Hi Mr Chong,
I came across your website searching for caricatures done up for SAF personnel, and found on your website post dated 3 Jan '09, a very tastefully done caricature for an OC.

In short, I wish to make a similar order as a farewell gift for my unit Commanding Officer (CO) who is handing over his command on 21st May 09.

Specifications-wise, i would also leave the design up to you whether portrait or landscape, also NICE or "WOW" will do. Likewise, only 1 person as the character ie my CO, 。。。。。

1. Armour logo
2. Signal Unit logo
3. Bionix Tank
4. Bronco vehicle..."

Caricature for Singapore Armed FOrces
The client initially wanted to get the frame and engraving on his own, but eventually came back to me for these services.
He called me right after I collected the engraving metal plate for another job, and it was around 6pm on Saturday. Luckily, the supplier was willing to rush it out for me. No choice... but I have to turn back, though I have already left that place.

Caricature for Singapore Armed Forces frame with engraving
Definitely look better with the engraving plate and frame, as compared to the caricature alone.

True enough, the client said:-
"Oh, very very nice!"

Monday, May 11, 2009

Caricature theme - traditional Chinese wedding

Client's brief:-
"Hi there,
We recently found one of your illustration and we love it (see attached), you're very talented!
So we are wondering what's the fee and the turn around time for something similar to the attachment?
We live in Los Angeles, and we'd like to pay with US Dollars. we get the hi-res JPG (300 dpi) of the illustration? We need it for printing purpose...
...For something at least 8x8 inch, 300dpi.
...I just looked around your blog and gallery once again, they look great!
I was wondering if you illustrate/design custom couple caricature?
...We're going to have a small (Chinese Banquet) wedding in September 12, 2009 and we're trying to incorporate our Chinese culture into the invite.
We're going to wear the Chinese Wedding costumes in our wedding as well (I've attached our logo).
We're goofy, silly and fobbie wanna-be."

tradional Chinese wedding couple caricatures Johnny and Cicilia (lmedium)
Usually when my clients' compliments before the job, sort of stress me, meaning that I cannot disappoint them for their job. :D
Frankly speaking, traditional Chinese wedding theme is usually a headache to me, because of those tiny little details.
However, when I draw them painstakingly, the result is usually quite rewarding, and appreciated by the clients.
Since this couple only needs it in softcopy, and they stay in United States, I scanned, cropped the file into a square (8" by 8"), uploaded the different sizes to my server for them to download.
That's the fastest way they get the artwork too.

Client's feedback via email:-
"Hi Jit,
This is way too awesome. We love it.
Thank you so much! :)
Yes, now you can go ahead and delete those from the server.
Once again, thank you so much!
We may need to use your awesome skill again in the future...
Take care!
Cicilia & Johnny"

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Portraits of 2 ladies in pencil

lady portrait in pencil detail shading 100509
This subject was under the light, but her face was not in the dark.
There was reflected lighting on her face from the surrounding.
(The photo was taken in a shopping mall .)
Her features were not those sharp type, where by the shades could be more distinctive.
That was the challenge here for this job.
I have to vary the shading tones to achieve the 3-dimensional effect, but keeping in mind that I should not overdo it, so that I can achieve the softness, chubbiness and her feminine.
Mainly cross-hatching shading, with some finger-rubbing, then overlay with another layer of crosshatching, with 4B mechanical pencil. Hair and clothes using 8B pencil.

lady portrait in pencil simple sketch 100509
Another order from the same client, but in simple sketch.
More like a preliminary sketch before I do my watercolour and airbrush portraits, to determine the proportion and shading area.

Client's response upon seeing these drawings:-
"Oh, my God! Wow!!!"

Caricature theme - billiard player

Client's brief:-
"....As for the theme, it would be her playing billiards/pool.
Also, please add on the wordings "Happy Birthday Yinkee!"
If her birthday date is required, it would be 12th May 2009."

Billiard player caricature in pencil
Posture looks good?
I did some research online, before I start work.
Just to make sure I don't draw her arms looked broken or the body twisted like..... :D

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Portraits of some actors in Slovenia

This job was rather special, as I seldom get portrait order (usually are caricature orders) from oversea, and the client was from Slovenia. Pardon me for my ignorance. I am not sure where it is located geographically, till I check the Google Map on my iPhone. Somewhere near Rome.

The client's brief:-
I have stumbled across your website looking for pencil portraitists and you are far among the best I could find!
I am interested in pencil portraits of five individuals (theatre group - but we want individual portraits).

I really like these two portraits
( / also the way the bottom part slowly dissolves and the whole composition as such.

But I was also interested if perhaps each of the five portraits could be done in a different drawing style (still in pencil though) but with a similar composition (frontal portrait, face, neck, part of bust, dissolving...)?

Also could you please advise on the most usable photos that we would take for the purpose of the portrait (where the light should come from, how strong should the shading be etc.)

I hope we will eventually end up with 5 great portraits and I am really looking forward to working with you!

All best!
Ziga Testen

....Took me some time to convince them and gather all the photos as they are scattered across the world... Attaching the photos - let me know if they are ok and then we can arrange the rest..."

I don't have 5 different sketching styles in pencil portraits, and I did mention to the client.
Anyway, to make these portraits look like a set of sketch, I think it is still better to be consistent in style, with some variation in strokes.
Pencil portrait of Tomaz
I started with this guy. He caught my attention first amont the 5 photos provided.
Fun expression to start with. He reminded me of the job I have done for Nokia Book in last June
Used mechanical pencil with 4B lead with the finer strokes on the face.
8B pencil for the bolder strokes on the hair, shirt and darkest area on the face.
No hand rubbing here. Pure pencil strokes.
I think I have reached another level of execution here, as conpared to my previous pencil portraits.

Pencil portrait of Alenka
The first photo provided was not ideal. 90% of the face was in the dark, and no contrast lighting.
I requested for another photo.
This is the better one.
The most challenging part is the facial muscle at the chin area.
I spent some time to shade them out nicely.
Mainly 4B mechanical pencil cross -hatching strokes here, and 8B pencil strokes for darkest area. For a lady, I can't use lines to shade further for certain finer shades. I opted for some hand rubbing tone.
I think this is a nice combination here.

Pencil portrait of Gregor
To a novice or layman , this gentleman is easy to sketch.
Their first reaction is - no hair/bald. That is the challenge here.
To get the shape right, and not to look to empty in the overall porrait, you need to shade them out properly.
Another challenge here is the proportion of his features, sorry... but rather not of the normal proportion, especially his nose. The lighting ws not contrasting. I have spent quite a long time to bring the shades out aesthetically, but not a fun job among these 5 portraits.
Style used - mainly mechinical pencil cross hatching stroke + some rubbing on the top of the head + some 8B pencil for darkest area and shirt.

Pencil portrait of Sonja
More 8B pencil here than the other 3 portraits above, especially the hair.
Her hair was rather thick and heavy. Mechanical pencil can't bring out that effect.
The latter was only used for the face part.

Pencil portrait of Maja
The cross-hatching style was better illustrated and expressed here, especially on the palm area.
I think The New Paper reporter gets a better idea here, upon seeing this portrait, if she' reads this post.
She was not sure what cross-hatching was, in her interview with me.
(By the way, I found out from her that the writeup will be published on New Paper on 28th May 2009, and on Sunday times on 31st May 2009)

I like t he shades on her left forehead (looks like shewas raising her eyebrow) and her eyes. Looks like staring at me. Could be due to the angle she was looking from too.

Upon completion, I was still not sure what these portraits will be used for.
Thus, I emailed the client to find out more.

His reply:-
"They will be used instead of their actor photos / portraits... to give away to people...
They don't have to be super precise but also NOT charicatures as the
photos are quite comic already...
....Drama - Improvisational theatre... So they are not supposed to be related to a specific subject but more to the actors themselves... "

By the way, they opted for 3 days delivery for this job.
Upon completion, I scanned them in high resolution and uploaded to my server for them to download on their side. That's the fastest way to get it, and saves cost on the shipping.

His feedback on teh portraits:-
"Hey jit!
Got them! Thank you very much! They are great!"

I like them too.:D

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Caricarure theme - workout

Group caricatures Gym Workout
A birthday gift from the 4 friends to their friend who loves to workout in a gym.
Rather tight drawing space for me, as the client requested for an A4 size artwork.
I am more comfortable with A3 size for a caricature with 5 people.

Caricature theme - Balinese wedding

Client's brief:-
"Please do a portrait for the attached couple who is getting married on 19th June 2009 with following setting, if possible:

1. Set the wedding in Balinese style as they are both Balinese
2. Have them on a plane flying from Bali to US as they will be resettling there after marriage
3. Perhaps some landmarks of Bali and US can be used in the background"

Balinese couple wedding caricatures flying to US
No idea of how Balinese wedding costume looks like.
Googled online, and nearly threw me off the chair.
So complicated.
Good thing was Most of the parts was in gold, with some dark brown.
Only hardwork was in the inking part.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Caricature for Mastercard Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

In fact, this client placed order for this caricature first (few weeks ago).
But the previous one was a more urgent job, as they are having a farewell dinner for that boss.
After finishing that, I proceed with the final stage of this caricature - inking and colouring.

Client's brief:-
"Please find attached a photo. It is the gentleman we want you to draw. The caricature can show him at Ju Jia Jiao which is a water village outside Shanghai. Please also incorporate the "Great Wall of China", "Din Tai Fung" Dumpling House in Taipei, China Unionpay logo.....
Please also incorporate pictures of these MasterCard cards in the picture, maybe he could be holding them or thinking about them flying away since he's retired. Could you draw the watch on his left hand showing the MasterCard logo and the word "PayPass", with the keyring hanging out of his pocket. Could you also please draw him holding a packet of beef jerky in one hand and putting a piece in his mouth with the other.... "

Caricature sketch of Mastercard  Mr Willie Fung (sketch 1)
First draft.

Her feedback:-
"Thanks for the draft. Please:
1. remove the beef jerky from Mr Fung's mouth, instead please drawn him holding a packet (with beef jerkey written on the bag) in his hand (not raised);
2. draw in the great wall of china in the background."

Caricature sketch of Mastercard  Mr Willie Fung (sketch 2)
Not much hiccups with this job.

Caricature sketch of Mastercard  Mr Willie Fung (sketch 2 with colour scheme)
Continue with the colour scheme.

Caricature of Mastercard  Mr Willie Fung pencil sketch
Deatiled pencil sketch - passed.

Caricature sketch of Mastercard  Mr Willie Fung in ink and brush
Inking - passed.

Caricature sketch of Mastercard  Mr Willie Fung in colour
Final with the colouring.
Job done!
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