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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Caricature theme - Superstar

Caricature Superstar
Super long brief:-
"I would like to get a caricature made for my friend Jay on his 21st birthday. The category i'm looking for is 'caricature in colour marker with theme'. The date i need it by is Friday 18/04/08. I'm aware of the extra charge because of the express service and im ok with that. If there are other extra charges as well, please let me know.

[Jaypic X1, X2, X3, X4 are pictures of Jay]
[Jaypic 1-9 are pictures regarding the theme]
Now on to the details of the theme:-

The theme im looking for is something like a 'Glamorous' red carpet superstar theme. There is a red carpet down the middle with fans and reporters clicking away at the sides. Jay would be standing in the middle of the red carpet with an expensive car in the back (the car he presumably arrived in). i will use pictures to show more details of what i mean.

Jaypic 1 & 2 show the general layout of what the theme i want to be is like. It does not have to be exactly like that but the general idea is there. The essential idea of the red carpet, the car in the back and the reporters/fans at the sides is important. Time of day is night if that is needed.

Jay himself should be the standing in the middle and should be the focal point of the entire picture. What he should be wearing is something like Jaypic 3.
He could be wearing sunglasses. The type of sunglasses i want is translucent ones, what i mean is that he should be wearing sunglasses but u can still see his eyes. Jaypic 4 shows what i mean. They style of sunglasses should be like Jaypic 4 or Jaypic X3 and the color of the sunglasses lens Light blue.
**If you think that the sunglasses idea would not work and it would just make it look like he is wearing spectacles, please let me know. I will revise my idea.**
(Jaypic 5) are the kind of shoes he wears(no need detail of pic, just showing that they are pointy shoes). Also add the bangle in the right arm as in Jaypic X2 and a watch on the left arm. Maybe u can add a small sparkle on the watch like diamond sparkles.
What pose he is standing in and what position he has his hands in, this i leave to the artist.(think celebrity glamour)

The car in the back should be a Lamborghini Reventon (he is totally crazy about this car). The car i'm talking about is in Jaypic 6. The car behind him would be a side view so i tried to get a kind of side view pic. Importantly, the signature design of the rims/wheels of Lamborghini Reventon should be shown (Jaypic 7). Also u can put a visible lamborghini logo somewhere on the car(Jaypic 8) or just the words 'Lamborghini' . The idea is that when he sees the Caricature, he can easily tell that the car behind is the Lamborghini Reventon.

As for fans and reporters at the side, there should only be Female fans(lol) and the reporters should be clicking pictures or at least have cameras held up. The fans and reporters dont have to occupy too much of the picture, the idea is to have them at the extreme sides to mainly show that they are there. The fans can be something like this (Jaypic 9) but i leave this part to the creativity of the artist.

At the bottom of the caricature in the center i would like the words 'Jaipal the Superstar' written in some kind of cursive font without obstructing any elements of the picture itself. the words dont have to be big. "

Have to be extremely careful on such long brief, as the client could be quite particular on the details. However,, upon meeting him, he was quite friendly.

His feedback was - very nice, upon receiving this caricature.
Can't do the glowing effect on top of this 'Superstar' due to the limitation of the marker medium.

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