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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Caricature theme - 21st birthday

Client's initial brief:-
"....I will like to have a 'Caricature in ink (b/w) with theme - with background & body' drawn of my friend. My friend's name is Reyes. He will be turning 21 years soon on 1st May 2009. In the picture, I will perhaps like my friend to be carrying one big key behind him. Maybe you can have his name 'Reyes' drawn on his shirt in the picture or something. He is also a Man United soccer fan. I guess I leave some of stuff to your imagination....."

Caricature 21st birthday key in ink and brush
I saw the above brief, and thus did a caricature in ink with theme, but missed out the subsequent emails whereby he changed his decision to do it in colour.

Caricature 21st birthday key in colour
He sent it back for the colouring.
Definitely, with the colours, everything stands out, and injected more life to the caricature.

Ehmm.... he does have a bigger left eye, as in the photo.

Client's feedback:-
"Oh! Very nice! Great!"

Family portraits in pencil (simple sketch)

family caricatures in pencil (simple sketch)
The client wanted a family portrait for this family, done in pencil.
Just simple sketch, without full shading.
Light-hearted style.
Less stress for me too.

Caricature for Standard Chartered Bank

Client's brief:-
"...I have attached here with pics of my boss Jerry Pearce on a bike and below mentioned are the drafted farewell messages to be included in the caricatures..... "

Caricature for Standard Chartered bicycle cyclist
The messages are way too long. Could literally filled up this A3 size paper.
The client decided not to include in the drawing instead.

This expression was not easy to draw, but I enjoyed the whole drawing process.
Not the usual smiling face. This kept me excited.
The helmet was not on the head in the photos provided.
Thus, got to put in some imagination as in how it will fit on his head at this angle.
I think the left (bigger) fist helped to spice up this caricature further. This was what I called the 'Kick"
Not proportional in relation to the body. Not so mundane, at least.

Client's response:-
"Oh, wow, Great!

Caricature theme - Star Wars

Client's brief:-
"My wedding is coming up on May !st 2009. I would like to have a caricature in colour with theme done by you. We do not have a wedding photograph as we wanted a caricature. This will be our main portrait at the entrance to our wedding dinner.

I was thinking of having myself in Anakin Skywalker's Jedi outfit from Star Wars with the lightsaber pointing down and my wife, in Padme Amidala's white outfit with the blaster. I have attached a picture of Anakin Skywalker with the pose that I want to be in and 1 picture of Padme Amidala with the pose and outfit that i want her to be in. I would like us to be holding hands too. I realize that i do not have an updated photo of myself as my hair in the picture that i sent u is shorter than what i have now. Is it possible that i have the same hairstyle as Anakin in the picture? My hair is a little bit shorter than that.

I'm not sure about the background. I was toying with the idea of us standing on a beach with the sun rising behind us and the date 1 May 2009 written on the waves and another idea of us in space with R2D2 and C3P0 or X wings and TIE Fighters (Star Wars battle sapceships ) somewhere in the picture. If u have any idea that might look better for the background, I will appreciate it."

Couple caricatures Star Wars Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala
While I was drawing this caricature, I was crossing my fingers, as in whether to have a black colour background for the universe/space.
On second thought, it could appear too dim and dull, especially when the guy is in black.
I chose to use the usual dark blue colour eventually.
Maybe next time when we have a different colour if clothing for subjects, I will give it a try.

Client's immediate response:-
"Oh, that is awesome! That is really very nice!"

I am happy too.:D

Email from the client:-
"Hi Jit,

I hope that this is not too late but I would like to commend on the caricature that you did for my wife and I. We absolutely LOVE it! It is very well done and a lot of people at our wedding kept asking us about it.

Thank you so much.
Zachary and Shoba"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Photo shooting.....

The photographer, Jun Liang from The New Paper, Singapore Press Holdings just came to do some shots of me, to be featured in The New Paper and Sunday Times.
Not sure on the exact date.
Because of this, my wife spent nearly 3 days just to tidy up my messy studio. Thank you:)))
Real dusty too.
After the cleaning, it looks more professional now :D
and I finally hang up all the framed artwork since I move back to work from home 13 months ago.

At least the photographer exclaimed with a 'wow' when he saw my studio. Hahaha....

Monday, April 27, 2009

Caricature theme - traditional Chinese wedding

Client's brief:-
"Hi, I will like to do a caricature for me and my fiance in colour marker. The theme will be for us in traditional chinese wedding wear with me standing and carrying her."

Couple caricatures traditional Chinese wedding A4
I always have fun dabbling the textile of the bridal gown.
Used to be a headache to me, until I found a way of doing it in my own way.:)

Client's feedback:-
" Oh, that was very nice!"

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Amazing Maths!

Key-in the first 4 digit of your handphone number into the calculator
Multiply by 80
Plus 1

Multiply by 250
Plus last four digit of phone number
Plus last four digit of phone number again
Minus 250
Divide by 2

Is that your mobile number?

It works for mobile numbers in Singapore.
At least for mine and my wife's.
Not sure about mobile numbers in other countries.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Caricatures for Raffles Girls' Primary School

Group caricatures for Raffles Girls Primary School Class 6A 2009 Pencil sketch
This was really a rush job.

From the time the client placed his order with deposit, till his collection time, I have only 1.5 days. Minus off the time for sleeping, fetching my kids and dinner (slightly longer as we had our diinner at McDonald's), I have less than 1 day to complete it.

The above pencil sketch was done before the dinner. This took slightly more time, as I need to get their resemblance right.
The client provided me the formal class photo, but was way too serious.
I chose the other more cheeky and fun photo to draw.
It took more me mroe time, but it was worth the effort. At least, we can see a more cheerful class caricature here.

Raffles Girls Primary School Class 6A 2009 caricatures (original) A4
To my surprise, the inking was done in a pretty short time, about 3 hours+.
Pure G-pen, no brush strokes, as the faces were too small. Just like the caricatures for HSBC.
I rather put in more effort in the G-pen linework then doing "double work" with the brush, which may not make them look better at this scale.

Raffles Girls Primary School Class 6A 2009 caricatures (with names) A4
The client requested for names to be included in the artwork.
Since he asked for digital scanning in high resolution (for printing on class T-shirts), I choose to add in the names (with stroke outlines) in the softcopy, using Photoshop.
The names stood out better, and make the artwork looked richer.
Butthe process was rather painful. I took about 2 hours to sort and input the names. Unbelievable!
The caption here definitely looked better than my handwriting.

Client's immediate response upon seeing this artwork:-

Caricature theme - Mitsubishi Evo

Client's brief:-
"1. Can i change the rim to the one I've attached here.
2. Pls also add a GT-Wing for me. =P
3. Prefer to focus on the print(stickers) and modified kits of the car as it would make it more of my friend's car. =)
4. Do let me know if u need any clear view of the car in which angle.
5. I would like to add a person head (male), have attached a pic (1.bmp)."

Car caricatures Mitsubishi Evo A4
I like the proportion of this car caricature here, but the client felt that it doesn't really look like an Evo. Is it? But she said the face was very well done.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Caricature for Jones Lang LaSalle

Caricature for Jones Lang Lasalle Mini Cooper revised
The client requested to redraw this based on another photo, with a fee.
She felt that the caricature of Rod Routh was good, and very close, but not for Chris Nicholl.
I think the problem was due to the lighting of the photo provided (it was pretty flat), whereby the facial muscles need colour shading to bring them out. I tried not to use too many lines for caricature in ink.

Caricature for Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore

Client's brief:-
"We intend to give our Chief Executive a farewell caricature gift, which we also intend to scan and print to use as part of the backdrop for his farewell party.

As he is one who places emphasis on 'teamwork' and 'work hard, play hard', we hope to capture this into the caricature. For 'work hard, play hard', one idea is perhaps to show him in a business jacket for upper body and in running gear for lower body (he is an avid runner). "

Caricature for People's Association running
Pretty straightforward job.
Only thing I need to take note was, not to draw the shorts to look like an underwear.
Else it will look like he lost his pants.:D

Client's feedback via email:-
"Thanks Jit. I have received your caricature. It is very good."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Caricatures for Jones Lang LaSalle

Client's brief:-
"Chris Nicholl driving a mini Cooper (see below) with his head out the roof"
Caricature for Jones Lang Lasalle Mini Cooper

"Rod Routh lying down on the back of the Sunseeker deck (see photo GT205 runningx.jpeg for boat) "
Caricature for Jones Lang Lasalle Mini speedboat
Not lying down :))
but driving the boat.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Caricature theme - Sex in the City

Client's brief:-
"I would like to have 3 drawings of a SITC (Sex In The City) type background of 4 friends. The main Lady Mary (the bride) will need to be in the centre and the rest of us (3 brides maids) around her or underneath her. We want to look very SITC stylish and the background should be the Manhattan sky line....
I am looking for a silhouette of the skyline. In the beginning scenes of the movie, the 4 characters are walking in the street wearing 'stylish' clothes and looking very 'New York Glam'. That is the image I would like to achieve (not wedding theme).... more like 4 best friends out on the town shopping and having fun!
You can add a cosmopolitan coctail in Mary's hand for extra effect (since this is the cocktail they all drink in the movie/ series)."

Group caricatures Sex In The City A4
This job was quite stressful, as the client's needs 3 more duplicate copies of the same artwork (since redrawing 3 more pieces will be charged accordingly).
This means that if the original artwork is not acceptable, so are the rest.

Luckily the client's response was:-
"Oh, wow!!!"

Caricature theme - Superman, Wonder Woman & Superdog

Client's brief:-

I came across your web page and I must say that I am impressed with your works.

It didn't take me too long to decide that THIS would be just the perfect gift for my boyfriend who is turning 21 in April.

I would like to request for a caricature of me and my boyfriend as well as his dog done in colour marker.

The details of the designs will be as follow:

-Boyfriend will be wearing a superman costume, looing super fit with the perfect figure but nothing like the HULK please.
-I will be wearing the wonder woman costume but nothing as muscular as the real wonder woman please. Slender and flattering!
-Rusty, the dog will be wearing a superdog costume
-We love the beach because it's the place we met and it shall be the be the backdrop. With sunset (we love that) ? Or just clear blue sky?

Is this possible?

I can't decide if we, the super people should be standing/flying against the backdrop or maybe the super people can sit down and have picnic on the beach with a red and white checkered picnic mat, embracing each other, feet in sand. And there must be a guitar on the picnic mat as well. His favourite.

This is crazy. I can't decide.

Maybe you can give me some suggestions? :)

And wordings "Happy 21st Birthday, Superman"

I am excited and I really hope this caricature will look just like as (as much as possible)!!! :)"

Before I complete the drawing, she was quite excited and email me:-
""I hope the drawing went on well! How did it go, Jit?

Have been looking at your recent works on your blog and boy, they are fantastic! And I am truly excited about my portrait! Heart filled with anticipation.

I forsee myself making more orders with you in the near future. :)"

Couple caricature Super man Wonder woman Superdog
This sort of stressed me a bit :D i.e. I cannot disappoint her hahaha......
Initially, I told her that likely do draw them on the picnic matt.
When I started sketching, I think it will look better by having the Wonder Woman on Superman's bag, flying in the air with the Superdog.
It came out quite good, at least I am satisfied with it.

Email fom the client, after her collection:-
"Hey Jit,

I just want to say I am very happy with the work.

I had mixed feelings when I first got the drawing from you as at the first glace, it didn't quite look like me! Haha. But after looking at it closer, it's really not bad :)

Really like the way you put my ideas together.

Thank you very much. :)

Sheena "

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Caricature theme - tennis players

Client's brief:-
"A brief of my intended caricature (caricature with ink)
2 of us [photos attached (she's the girl on the right) ] with a tennis court as the background. The girl should be holding a tennis racket (picture as attached) and i should be wearing the shirt as in photo8.

Would like the caricature to be simple and sweet, and more realistic in terms of the drawing of faces."

Couple caricatures Tennis A4
The client requested for 1/4 of the A4 size, which is A6 size (10.5cm x 14.85cm) .
This is way too small for me to draw.
It will definitely affect the details and hence the outcome.
Thus, I proposed to have it drawn in A4 size (usual size is A3), scanned the original artwork into softcopy and print it out in A6 size.
Looking at the printout, I think I have made the right decision.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Caricature for Jardine Lloyd Thompson Asia

Client's brief:-
• Golf theme caricature with colour in golf attire with his name "Ian Baxter" at either side of the shirt.
• Hitting beautifully at a golf course
• Inclu. of frame
....Ian winning the champion in a golf tournament and have a toast with the Ireland stout."

Caricature for Daimler Chrysler Golfer with Guinness
This time, I really went online to look for a 'formal' golf suit.
Tired of the usual polo T-shirt and pants I always draw.

Email from the client:-
"Hi Jit,

Thanks for the painting. It is very nicely drawn.
Appreciate the time and effort put into produce such a wonderful artwork.

Alyssa Chan"

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding on Kawasaki ZZR

Client's brief:-
"Man: wearing tuxedo/coat
Woman: wearing wedding gown with long flying in the wind head scarf
both riding on a sportbike facing left
Man:- rider Woman:- pillion
also included is the photo of the motobike which i wish u could include the word "kawasaki" & "zzr" in the drawing."

wedding couple caricatures on Kawasaki ZZR A4

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Caricature theme - my Guardian Angel

Client's brief:-
"....., I would like to surprise my boyfriend with a caricature in ink(b/w) with theme (with background & body) for our 2nd anniversary......
I would love it if you can use this pose (exclude the background & the words) for the both of us as this is our best picture ever.

For the clothing, both will be wearing our nursing uniform.
I hope you get the rough idea on how it looks. Males wear a shirt with pockets like the female’s and plain white pants. You don’t have to draw the name tag. We both wear plain black shoes.

As for the heading (which is placed at the top), it is inspired from a company where we used to work together as a part timer where we first met.
However I want to get it personalized to look something like this:

My guardian angel is a song title of a song we both like.
Wazizi is his name.
180507 is the date we got together
Salizah is my name.
Can you draw him a muscular arm? Cause he’s really into body building. ....."

Couple caricatures My Guardian Angel A4
Like a very long brief, at my first look.
After reading through it, the client is actually trying to give me a more detail brief.
And when it was done, I asked myself - "Is that all?" :D

Feedback via email from the client:-
"hi jit,
i would like to thank you for the caricature.
i really love it!
sorry i didn't give any reaction that day.
i was kinda shock to see my caricature.
didnt expect an A3 size to be so big haha.
I love it!
Thanks for my guardian angel caricature!!
and my bf said it really look like us.
oh btw i tink you forgot to enter our names and wristband for him, but its ok.
will ask you to draw again in future, for sure!
thanks again
-salizah "

Caricature theme - keyboarder and violist @ the beach

Client's brief:-
"Some background on the both of us. We are buddies and on 5th apr 2009 will be our first year knowing each other.

Our favorite soccer team is manchester united. hence would like the shirt to be of manchester united. Can you draw me playing the keyboard and her playing the violin? the clothes will be her favorite player: Wayne Rooney's t-shirt.. and for me is Van de Sar...
Can the background be a beach with sunset?"

caricatures of keyboarder and violist at beach
I always have to refer to photo for violist posture (in action), if not it will turned out very wierd, especially the fingers part.

Client's feedback:-
"Very nice!"

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding on hammock

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

We browsed through your website & other websites, and we found something we like (pls refer to the details below).

1) Type: caricature in marker
Size: A4 size (Notice that the size you quoted at your website is based on A3 size. We find
A3 is too big for us. Can we have A4 size instead? Any price different?)

2) Pls take a look on our photos (another email that I sent). Do let me know are they clear to you.

3) We both love "Picture 1" (something we found at other website) esp the pose of the groom & the bride. Can you draw us in the same pose based on our photos?

4) We would like to change the background to beach background & we both sit on hammock instead (something like what you drew at "Picture 2")

5) Instead of holding fishing stick, we would like to change them to -
Groom - holding on a bottle of beer
Bride - holding on a boutique of flowers

5) We also would like to add some letters drawn on the sand in front of the couple -
Chris Zin Ee"

Wedding couple caricatures on hammock A4
The couple eventually opted for A3 size, which is better in details, as what I have proposed to them.
I have more freedom, in terms of drawing space, to put what I want to express on the drawing paper.
They wanted a high resolution scan-in of the artwork too.
That's why you see this artwork crisp sharp here, as compared to those camera taken snapshot.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Caricature of Barack Obama

Client's brief:-
"I recently saw your caricature of Obama at and was impressed.

Now I'm looking for someone to make a specific caricature of him with a theme. A rollercoaster theme to be more specific.
Now I'm writing to ask if making caricatures of celebrities is even possible, and of course what you would charge for it.
It would be for private use only and it should be coloured.

Thank you in advance!

Bjoern Braendli, Germany..........

Description of the desired caricature:
The main drawing should consist of US President Barack Obama riding a brown wooden roller coaster. I don't think you'll need a reference picture of President Obama, but if you do, you can of course contact me. If you need a reference picture of a wooden roller coaster, I can direct you to following site: "". If you need any other reference, this site has many other pictures.
President Obama should have one or two arms up in the air, also shouting his famous phrase "Yes, we can!".
On the upper part of the drawing, above the President, there should be following words:
300 coasters in 32 days?
"Yes, we can!" Tour '09
The "Yes, we can!" phrase is what the President is shouting.
The background should consist of a typical amusement park skyline.
Somewhere in the drawing there should be a United States flag or the typical "stars and stripes". Where this will be, I leave up to you. It can be in the background, on the roller coaster, on his jacket, in his hand, or whatever good idea you have.
Any other design elements (clothing of the President, color of the roller coaster car, details in the background, etc.) I leave up to you. I have seen your other work and I'm confident that you can make some fitting choices!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me any time!

Looking forward to the result!

Bjoern Braendli"

Caricature of Barack Obama roller coaster A4
Initially, I thought the client is using this caricature for some magazine or newspaper, as she asked for Obama on roller coaster.
Obama has been giving the markets surprises since he came into office. His (first day as US president) inauguration send the market down. His stimulus package plan also send the market up and down. Roller coaster ride is the best depiction of this scenario.

And now, I know what the client needs it for:-
"Hi Jit,

Me and a friend are theme park / rollercoaster enthusiasts from Germany. This year we plan to make a trip to the US to visit several parks in 32 days and ride the rollercoasters there. Because the trip is quite big we wanted to have a "logo" or something similar for it. That's when the idea for this caricature was born. It will be I nice memorabilia in the future!

Thanks again!
Bjoern Braendli "

Upon receiving the high resolution copy, she dropped me an email:-
"Hi Jit,

I have to say that I am very impressed! This turned out much better than I anticipated! I love what you did with the rollercoaster train! I will definately keep you in mind for future work and recommend you to others!
Also, thanks for the high quality .tiff copies!

A big "Thank You" for your work and very nice cooperation!

Bjoern Braendli "
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