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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Caricature for J Walter Thompson Singapore Pte Ltd

Client's brief:-
We spoke last Sunday about doing a caricature drawing to be completed by this Thursday and I’m following up with an email now.
I have a caricature drawing to be done and to be presented as a farewell gift – we are thinking of having it done with coloured marker.
I’ve looked through your website and found some references that we can use:
Attached are some pictures of the person who is leaving – we only want to show his face (below is a face of him so that you know).
I will be sending a couple of products as I need some time to gather them. These are products that he has been involved with over his time in the regional office in Singapore.
He is welsh and the one thing he said in his opening speech in Singapore was that he had told his family he was bringing them to a ‘no socks’ region – so you might be able to include ‘socks’ or bare feet/jandals as part of it......
The building that he was working in is called “The Strategy” and he will be flying to work in the Canada office."

Caricature on hammock for J Walter Thompson Singapore Pte Ltd
Client's feedback:-

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Caricature for Four Seasons Hotel

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,
As mentioned on Whatsapp, this time is very similar to the previous one.
I cannot remember which type was it for.. think it was B/W marker?
Same Four Seasons Hotel building, but now with maybe with the merlion and esplanade (or whatever local icon you deem fit).
We prefer to have her running/jogging.. even cycling is fine, cos shes a triathlete....."

jogging caricature for Four Seasons Hotel

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

digital caricature of Michael Madsen

digital caricature of Michael Madsen - 1
I changed my way of drawing here. Instead of the usual line sketch, I started painting straightaway, using the brush the block out the basic shapes of the face.
It was fun, as it sort of changing my way of looking at faces when drawing caricatures.
digital caricature of Michael Madsen - 2
Shaping out his Michael's facial muscles and features.

digital caricature of Michael Madsen
More refined brush works at his eyes, nose and mouth, and looser for the rest.
A different feel.
I like the outcome.:)

Monday, March 28, 2011

digital poster illustrations for Changi Air Base

This is a tough job, as the subject is something which I am not familiar - aircraft!
So much different from portraits and caricatures.

This is a farewell gift for their boss.
Usually, my clients will request a caricature or portrait of the subject, with aircrafts in the background.
In this case, this is different.
They need a F-16, F-15 and a helicopter above the sea, which means the focus is on them. Details are important to them here.
I proposed to have it illustrated digitally, so that any changes can be done (easier when compared to traditional medium), if there is a need.
layout with annotation
The first draft.

layout - revised 2
Revised draft.

F-16 sketch
Starting linework on the most important aircraft - the F-15.
F-16 illustration

Poster illustration for Changi Air Base
There are still many changes made to F-15 here (images above and below). They could be so minor that you may not notice at this scale. The client is very particular with the details.
Poster illustration for Changi Air Base (final)
The more obvious will be the sea and the whirlpool below the helicopter.
Poster illustration for Changi Air Base in frame
Printed out in A2 size (59.4cm x 42cm) with frame.
Poster illustration for Changi Air Base in frame - 2

Couple caricatures for The Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN)

couple caricatures for Singapore Navy

some sketches.....

This client came back to me for more sketches.
This time was a project on Botox.
sad clown
money botox
botox monkey
mask removal

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Digital caricature of Sharon Stone (in Basic Instinct)

digital caricature of Sharon Stone - 1
Sketch.... likeness is not there yet. Especially her eyes.

digital caricature of Sharon Stone - 2
Blocking in ..... I like the watercolour feel!:)

digital caricature of Sharon Stone - 3
Painting over the lines....

digital caricature of Sharon Stone - 3a
Working on the hair and the face part.....

digital caricature of Sharon Stone - 4
More details on the face and her challenging hair!

digital caricature of Sharon Stone
Reworked on her hair.
I added in one of the scenes in Basic Instinct, if you haven't noticed!:D
I love this background! I have some enlightenment on the brush settings here. I will need to experiment more on this part....

Singapore skyline illustration

Client's brief:-
As already spoken on the phone, I would like to know if its possible to create something very similar using the Spore buildings (120cm X 60cm)?....
actually I found your homepage because of that beautiful Illustration (VW).
I will like to have something unique! and I like very much that new York style (black and white and the red "heart butterfly"), very simple drawing but with a lot of expression!

The main Focus should be Marina Sands Hotel but I would also like to see the Singapore flyer, Merlion, Esplanade, Swiss Hotel and some of the Bank towers in Raffles place!"
Singapore skyline simple linework illustration
This illustration style is simple linework, but it is not a simple job, due to its scale. (I seldom draw at this scale for traditional medium.)
This is not digital drawing as the previous job for Volkswagen, but actual drawing on the illustration board of AO size. The challenge here is to get everything in, properly layout, not too much lines and to be done at one go. No undo, as this is the only board I have bought.:D
Singapore skyline simple linework illustration - 5
To give you an idea of the scale.

Client's feedback:-
"Thank you very much! Very nice!"

My caricature by M.R.Rajamaran

My caricature by M.R.Rajamaran
A caricature sent to me by Rajamaran, via email.

Caricature theme - Shaolin Soccer (少林足球) in Liverpool jersey

Client's brief:-
"Hi jit leong,
My team wish to give a themed/colour caricature to our boss as farewell gift.
Our role is defined as the 'striker' of a soccer team. Hence we thought it would be apt if the caricature theme would be a 4-members 'shaolin soccer' with liverpool jerseys (his favourite team).
However, he is leaving us by 28 mar. Thus wld like to check if the caricature can be completed by then?...."

Shaolin Soccer caricatures poster in liverpool jersey
One of my favourite Stephen Chow (周星驰) movies - Shaolin Soccer (少林足球).
A fun theme - that's my first impression when I received this order.
True enough, it turned out good to me.
Hey, does it look like the Kungfu Panda movie poster?:D

Client's response upon seeing this:-

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My caricature by Liu Chia Hui

My caricature by Chia-hui Liu
Another caricature of me by my Facebook caricaturist friend from Taiwan - Liu Chia Hui.
She has her own unique style in caricaturing and rendering.

Caricature theme - "True Love"

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,
I chanced upon your blog and your work is really beautiful. I am planning for my wedding in September and would like to have a caricature display picture for the event. My fiancee's birthday is next month, so it will be a nice present for him. Hope you can do a super nice and sweet piece of drawing for us.
I'm not too sure about the size but would like it to be a horizontal piece so that we can hang it above our bed in future. We are very taken by the precious moments 'road of happiness' figurine. I have attached a picture for your easy reference. Could you put us in the car and have the words 'True Love' as the car plate? The rest I leave it up to you. "

True Love couple caricatures

Client's feedback:-
"Hahaha...Oh My God....That's very nice!"

Caricature theme - Traditional Chinese Wedding

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,
It's me again, Gigi.
I need to order this for my fren's wedding. I need it framed.
As spoken, these are the details
a) Photos - i attached 3 for you to choose
b) What - Marker Caricatures with color and theme - ROM wedding
c) When - Need to collect 25/3/2011 (Friday)
d) Outcome - Hard copy only
e) Packaging - Framed. Propose which frame and hope much......
I'd like to choose this Caricature theme - traditional Chinese wedding. "

traditional Chinese wedding couple

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Digital caricature of Kitaro

Masanori Takahashi (高橋正則 Takahashi Masanori), better known as Kitarō (喜多郎), (February 4, 1953) is a Japanese musician, composer and multi-instrumentalist.
digital caricature sketch of Kitaro - 1
A rough sketch.

digital caricature sketch of Kitaro - 2
Blocking in the colours.....

digital caricature sketch of Kitaro - 3

digital caricature of Kitaro
And the most interesting part for me - strands of hair!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Caricature for Changi Air Base

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,
I called you earlier from Changi Air Base regarding the portrait to be done and collected on wednesday
We decided to go ahead with the A4 size portrait without any framing required.....
With regards to the product of the portrait, pls kindly take note of the following:
File 'crewimg' - the final product that we want would be something like in the file but without the 3 guys on the left. Basically only the aircraft with the guy on the most left.
File 'Bhones' & '1WO Bhones' - these are the larger and clearer picture of the person to be drawn. Flight suit to be drawn as in file 'bhones' into the protrait.
File 'got gas' & 'aircraft' - is basically a picture of a cartoon image & larger picture of our aircraft to be drawn. Hopefully it would aid in your drawing."
Caricature for Singapore Changi Air Base

Caricature for APEM Express

Client's brief:-
"Attached picture of Roger, need him in a leather rocker suit, playing a guitar (like Santana), his favourite.
To Roger,
68 days as our fearless leader- Thank you!
From APEM Express
Emphasize on 68 (maybe make the font bigger) with Parkview Square building as background......"
Rocker caricature with guitar for APEM Express

Caricatures for Dreamchasers Interactive

More caricatures for animation requested by the client.
Caricature in ink 15032011 - 1
Not sure who he is, but he is fun to caricature.

Caricature of Bacon

Caricature of Kuhn

Caricature of Aristotle

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Caricature live sketching for VWR

A 2-hour gig (4:30-6:30pm) at Coffee Bean, Chinatown Point.
The oversea guests were here (Singapore) for corporate team-building.
Live sketching of their caricatures was one of the tasks given to them.
Sound interesting!
Caricature live sketching for VWR - 1
While waiting for the guests to arrive, I did a sketch of the client in ink and brush.
Caricature live sketching for VWR - 2
First team. The last gentleman on the right has an interesting face to caricature!

Caricature live sketching for VWR - 3
Second team. More interesting faces!:D

Caricature live sketching for VWR - 4
Since I have some time left, I did another sketch of the client. This time in pencil.

digital caricature of Chow Yun Fatt (周润发)

digital caricature of Chow Yun Fatt - 1
Blocking in over my sketch.....
digital caricature of Chow Yun Fatt - 2
Defining the features....
digital caricature of Chow Yun Fatt - 3a
Interesting skin texture, but hard to paint.....
digital caricature of Chow Yun Fatt - 3
digital caricature of Chow Yun Fatt - 4
I am trying to the strokes more refined and yet painterly here.
digital caricature of Chow Yun Fatt
I found out a new way of painting at this stage. Playing with the limited brush texture, opacity and flow. Boy, it is fun and exciting!

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to capture the complete video of this painting. I did the painting and capturing both on Mac, but didn't manage to solve the speed of the capturing. I give up capturing towards the later part, as I don't feel like taking too much of the harddisk space. Instead of putting the captured videos to waste, I decided to edit it for portfolio sake, though it is incomplete.
Frankly speaking, I regretted not capturing the full video, at the point of posting. Lol!
Anyway, please enjoy it.
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