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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Couple colour caricatures on mousepad

Caricatures Jaslyn & Reid A4
This is the original artwork.

Caricatures Jaslyn & Reid  mousepad A4
Scanned and added in a background colour for this mousepad artwork, so that it will look sweet and nice on the mousepad eventually.
Change dthe text to what the client requested.

couple caricatures on mousepad 260408
In the end, what happened?
I sent out the wrong artwork, and only realised when I collected it.
Damn! And it was too late, as the client will be coming in a few hours' time.
Called her, but she said she will take a look.
Told her that I can do another one for her if she wants.
But she was quite happy upon receiving the end product.
She said that if she want, she will order from me another mousepad, using the correct artwork.

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