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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Caricature theme - squash player

Caricature squash player
The client called me, said was recommended by Dawn from IE Singapore. Thought it was another job for them. Realised that it was just a personal gift from the squash members to this guy. He loves squash. So what else can we draw? Of course is squash theme for this caricature.
I like to draw such face. Easily sculptured out. The flow of the whole drawing process was very smooth and fluent, if you can tell from my strokes (especially the legs and the shoes part) and the posture I gave him. Can't really express it in words, but the whole sketch just came out naturally from my mechinical pencil.
Yes, I used mechanical pencil for the pencil sketches now, as I think I can better sculpture their features out on paper. Art teachers will usually object the students to use it, as it is not a traditional sketching tool, and not free enough in the stroke expressions. But, I remember when I first sat for a test in order to qualify in taking Art as one of my 'A'level subjects (as I didn't have an 'O' art certificate). My art teacher, Mr Poh Siew Wah from Nanyang Junior College, was watching me sketching a pencil portrait, from my back. I asked him whether I can use a mechinical pencil. He said "why not, if you can do a good drawing using it?" I agreed.

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Two Hands Caricaturist and 1 cut 2 pieces Silhouette Artist said...

Hi Bro! You "Gong li" had been even pushed to the higher level! That's great to show that not must be go United States still can be goooood! Went United Statede doesn't mean anything! Haahaa!

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