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Friday, April 11, 2008

New blog of Airbrush Tattoo artist - Ivan Chew

Finally managed to get Ivan and Lee to start a blog.
I setup a blog for them when they were at my house.
They envy me of getting many online orders, including events.
Told them you need to let people know about your works.
If they don't publish them, no one will know about them.
Take a look and see his marvellous airbrush techniques.

If I recommend his blog and leftout these friends' blogs, I will have a hard time in my coming weeks. Hahaha.....

Ok. Wilfred's blog:-
If you need photographer for your functions and events, click here.

Adam's blog:-
If you want customized 3D caricature dollies and figurines. He's the founder in Singapore.

Welles blog:-
If you need caricaturist, shadow/silhouette cutter and palm reading for your events.

These 3 guys complained about low click rates on their blogs.
So, if you find any ads which really interest you......

Buddies...... hope this posts help you....... Hahaha!!!

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