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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Caricature theme - wedding on a plane

They are going to Hong Kong Disneyland and Bali for their honeymoon.
The NJ logo on the plane is a combination of their initials.

Brown ink stamp and refill. Artwork captured from their caricatures.
Think they intend to use on their wedding card as signatures.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Caricature for Singapore Science Centre

The brief:-

"We are launching our newsletter in Oct 2007 and will include a column written by our CEO and I thought it will be fun to insert a caricature of him at the bottom of his column as a “surprise” touch…

These are the best photos we can get of him (See attached)… Will these be fine? Apologies that they are not in 300dpi

Really need your expertise and help in this… This is what we are looking for…

1) We would like his caricature in ink and colour marker… Being the CEO of Singapore Science Centre, we thought it will be nice to feature him wearing a lab coat and holding a test tube and a conical flask in the other… No background cause it is to be inserted in our newsletter.
2) As mentioned, because we are inserting in our newsletter, we would like a soft copy of the caricature. Really need your help as I understand too you have quite a few clients to manage. As we will be launching our newsletter on 1st Oct, when can we get the soft copy the soonest?
3) As for the hardcopy, we can arrange to pick it up later…
4) Lastly, more importantly, the cost involved… Hehe..

By the way, just a little about Dr Chew, he’s not the “gregarious” sort, he’s mild mannered and mostly smiles like what you see in picture no. 4…"

Did this out amongst my whole-week courses (2 courses) ending tomorrow.
Tried to cut down my workload to minimum, as I know that I won't have time to draw. I need to concentrate on the course.

Couple portraits in pencil

This client didn't brought his photo when placing his order, but has the girl's (blur) photo with him
Asked me to snap from my handphone camera.
Told him the quality is not good.
But he doesn't mind.
Luckily he was quite pleased with the outcome.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Caricatures for BOC Gas Pte Ltd

This client called me in the morning, around 10:30am, asking whether I can sketch for them in a birthday lunch. She was recommended by William - another caricaturist cum silhouette cutter.
She said the other 2 caricaturists - Kalma and Welles can't make it too. Told me I have a courier delivering a package to my shop at noon time. If they don't mind to wait, I should be at their venue - Summer Palace, Regent Hotel around 12:30pm - 1pm.
She agreed, and told me they are from BOC Gas Pte Ltd.
Oh! Told her I have recently done a caricature for them.
And then she realised I am the caricaturist who did the caricature for her boss - Sanjiv.

This was the photo they sent to me, meant for the caricature sketching later, as I proposed to sketch them from photos, since they need to enjoy their lunch. The outcome will be better. Good for both parties.
Brought my D80 and laptop along for this session.

The final artwork in ink. 2 of them were absent. I sketched from the photos the client sent me.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Notification of Website Archiving - Portrait Workshop

Just received an email from NLB:-

"26 September 2007

Portrait Workshop

Dear Sir/Madam

Notification of Website Archiving - Portrait Workshop

The National Library Board (NLB) is traditionally known to collect published materials for preservation as the nation's published heritage.This includes online and electronic publications of lasting national, historical, research and cultural values.

NLB has embarked on a web-archiving project, with the long-term goal of building a comprehensive collection of Singapore-related websites and publications to ensure that Singaporeans have access to their documentary heritage now and in the future.

NLB has deemed your website (URL: to be an important part of Singapore’s documentary heritage and would like it to remain available to researchers and generations of Singaporeans in the future. Hence NLB will be taking snapshots of your website under the appended terms. There are some benefits to you as a website owner in having your website and online publications archived by the NLB. You will be able to access earlier versions of your websites from the web archive. The NLB will also catalogue your publication, thereby increasing awareness and publicity of your website and publication among researchers using our Library network.

The NLB reserves the right to take down any material from the web archive which in its opinion infringes Copyright or any other Intellectual Property Rights or is deemed illegal. If you do not want your website to be archived, please let us know within a month from the date of this letter. Please do not hesitate to call me at6846-6742 if you have any queries. Thank you."

Good and bad news.
Good as what they said - increasing awareness and publicity of your website and publication among researchers.....
Bad in the sense that I got to be careful of what I post. Hahaha.....

Didn't come at a good time, when I am planning to go freelance next year. May not be getting another shop when the lease expires.
Mentally and physically tired. No personal time. Everyday work. Passion becomes work. This is not what I am looking for. I am trying to cut down my workload recently, in not trying to overwork. However, this will lower my income, which I need to support my family. Another way out will be to increase my price. This could be the most likely solution in the near term. If it still doesn't work, I may have to ..... still considering.......

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Netballuxion '07

Drawn the wrong person.
The Post-it tag on the wrong photo, pointing to the wrong person.
It was correct on that day when the client placed his order.
Maybe, it dropped out and stuck on the wrong photo.

Amended version.
These caricatures was meant as a souvenir for their netball team members - Netballuxion.

Caricatures for FCM Travel Solutions, Hong Kong

Order from Hong Kong.
The client was searching for caricaturist in HK and end up landing here.
I believe there are caricaturists there, but they didn't put up them work online, or easily be found on search engines.

The client's brief:-
"Details for the Caricature are below:Theme* Going away gift * Leaving China to go back home to Australia* So Chinese theme might be a nice idea – perhaps include Great Wall of China?* Could also include our company logo * Would like the picture to be in colour (marker)
We like the look of the frame on your web site under the "frames" section that has the team in a boat and the gold metal plate. Would probably suggest a landscape style for our drawing with the gold plate at the bottom. Can you tell me how many words fit on the plate so we can let you know.Timeframe* Needs to be in Shanghai by the 28th of September at the very latest.* As discussed I will arrange courier to collect from you on the date you specify you can have it finished by. "Proposal of them in ancient Chinese warrior suit standing on Great Wall of China, but...."Thanks for sending this through. We were thinking more along the lines of the traditional chinese outfits (have attached some pictures). The boys in the Jacket tops and pants and the girls in the cheongsam dresses (mixture of short and long). We also want xxx in a Kung Fu outfit (pics also attached for some ideas) and xxx in the Cheongsam (long) with a chinese umbrella and a fan (pics of these also attached)."Still think good idea to have them on the great wall and have a plane in the background with their company logo on a banner flying off the back of the plane.

Wanted to put in 1930s Shanghai backdrop, together with the Great Wall of China, but didn't manage to squeeze in.

When it was near completion, the client changed her plan of sending the artwork to Shanghai for the couple to view, but send the frame by courier to Australia.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Caricature live sketching for Great Eastern Life Planner

Ever seen a closed , non-operating 7-Eleven store?

Ain't them supposed to open 24 hours?
Quite pissed off when I reached Singapore Indoor Stadium, thinking of grabbing some bites before the event starting at 6:15pm at Brewerkz, as I have missed my lunch. Nearly fainted seeing a closed 7-Eleven store. No choice, but to buy a can of soya bean from a vending machine nearby. Hopefully, can tahan me for an hour plus.

The event company told me this afternoon that if the client asked me to extend for another 15 minutes. Just do it for them for free!!!
No way, man!

I told him straight in the face that I have given them a discounted rate, as compared to the normal rate I charged other clients.
Now, they expected me to do it for free.
Sorry, but NO.
Since I charged by per hour basis, any extension will be charged accordingly.
If I stopped drawing at the 45 minutes, will they accept it too, since they have paid me for an hour?
Similarly, I won't do it for free. It was like taking advantage of me, doing their client a favour, and they don't have to top up for my extra service.
He didn't sound happy in the phone.
Hack care! Don't think I will be happy too, if I do it against my will.

Noticed the sky getting dark here? No lighting provided.
Requested for adequate lighting before the event.
Just ignoring me. Never mind.

The event company called me at this time, said the client willing to pay more for 1 hour extension, due to overwhelming response.
But under such lighting condition ( I am almost drawing in the dark. They think I am an owl?) , and I am dead hungry and may pass out anytime, I rejected.
Don't want to risk my life and health like that.I don't want to die so early.

Bye bye here. I want food!!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Caricature theme - electric guitarist

Can't remember which company ordered this caricature, or was it a personal gift? Could be!
Fun expression to draw.

Caricature theme - bolster and pacifier

This client has engaged another caricaturist to draw for her son's 1st birthday gift, but not satisfied with the outcome.
Hope she is satisfied with this caricature. Her friend who came along with her can recognise her son from this caricature. I think it should be fine.
This boy has really thick eyebrow.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Surf's Up again!!!

He has no idea of the theme for this birthday gift initially.
Thus, I asked him to surf my blog and website for ideas, and he came back requesting for the Surf's Up theme, which I have done not long ago. The dogs and cat are her pets, replacing the monkey, pig and dog in previous caricatures. So coincidental, on the number. Fit nicely.....

Monday, September 17, 2007

Caricatures in colour

Noticed the same girl in the 3 drawings?
They are meant as farewell gifts, but she's the one who is leaving the company.
She is quite tanned, hence I added in dark skin tone for her caricatures.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Caricatures in ink

Birthday gift for the third girl from the left.

Caricatures of girl+ pet in colour

This dog caricature somehow reminded me of the cartoon Bob Dog.
The client ordered another caricature of this girl (alone) after getting this artwork. Think he should be quite satisfied with the result.

Caricature for SITF

Another job for SITF.

From the client:-
"Hi Jit,

How are you doing? Many of the councilors have feedback to say they love your art work! I bet a lot of them will be calling you for more business .
Have one request for 1 caricature - Mr Chan Yeng Kit. Pictures and graphic ideas for theme as attached in slide. .... We hope to be in time to give your beautiful artwork as an act of our appreciation. Let me know if this is possible and send us an invoice.
Thank you in advance!!

Details as follows:

• A4 Size colour caricature – with theme, framed
• Chief Executive, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
- Incorporate theme of iN2015 and SiTF (Refer to graphic & logo)
- Reserve a blank space at corner of drawing or some spot in the drawing for group signatures and thank you messages (about 20 people)
- For more ideas, see iN2015 website:"

Knew about the iN2015, as I have illustrated another version for a pitching job. (Think the client got the job.) The amount of stuff in iN2015 project is massive. Hence , I told the client that I can't squeeze everything into 1 caricature. She agreed, and I focus on the island wide wireless internet connection in the entertainment (cafe on rooftop) and education areas (schools), and medical (hospitals) etc. The main subject will be holding the iN2015 master plan in his hands.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Caricature for NLB

Farewell gift order from the National Library, Singapore (NLB) to this gentleman.
Can't miss out the NLB building.
They requested a convertible Mercedes for him.
Continued my newly explored style of shorter car body and bigger tyres. Looking good to me. More practice needed.

Caricature for Dell SIngapore

Farewell gift to this gentleman who will be leaving for Shanghai.
He wished to be able to play golf there, as mentioned by client. (Why can't he?!!!)
Drawn in the most significant Shanghai landmark, Oriental Pearl Tower (Dongfang Mingzhu) in the background.

Sigh..... missed out some wordings and Dell logo.
Got to take it out from the frame and add them in.

Caricatures in ink

Straightforward job. Birthday gift for the girl in the centre from the ladies on both side.

Portrait of Yusof Ishak

The client didn't tell me what he needs this for.
He just wanted the ex-President of Singapore - Yusof Ishak to be sketched in pencil, without full shading.
Didn't gave any photos. Just sketch from the Singapore $2 currency notes.
Don't know why - I keep feeling that the portrait on the notes was distorted somehow, on the eyes, the nose and the face shape, while I was sketching it. Since I don't have his other photos, I just followed what I saw on the notes.

Caricature theme - Malay wedding

The other order missed out, as mentioned earlier.
This client was in fact on the way to collect it while I called her mobile.
As she needed it to be frame, I can only give it to her tomorrow.
It was meant for their wedding.
The building in the background was Northland Secondary(?) School. Think it should be where they first met each other. The circle on the left was their school badge. The wedding gown etc was based on the reference from the magazine provided by them. I changed the colour scheme, based on what they requested.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Caricature theme - fishing

Got the shock of my day when I received email from this client when she checked with me whether she can collect it today. Searched through my work schedule inbox, but couldn't find her order. Searched through my folder which I brought it with me everyday. A stack of photos dropped out, and I found it and the other Malay wedding order, which were meant to be ready for collection yesterday and today. Damn...... They were in my folder since last Friday, and meant to be done over the weekend, if possible. Just that I have many other orders to be cleared, and I missed out these 2 orders. Wanted to finish them earlier, and in the end - LATE!!!
Called her and agreed to be ready for collection 4 hours later. Usually I only need 2 hours or less for such caricatures. Requested for 4 hours so that I can make sure that I am not rushing it out, sacrificing on the quality.

Back to the caricatures, think this was meant as a birthday gift. They like fishing at Bedok Jetty at East Coast Park. (Nice fish, right? I like the colouring part.) I used to do so, but stopped when my finger was hooked accidentally by a lady who walked past. Her leg was entangled by the fishing line, and she didn't realise it. I was putting in the bait, and because of that jerk, the hook went through my finger and it became a bait...... Sigh... because of that pain, I stopped fishing. I can very well understand how the fish will feel when being hooked.

This client walked in and placed order few weeks back. She visited and my website and realised that I was from NUS, School of Architecture. And she was my junior (think about 5 years difference?). Ooh! What was so coincidental was that we were from the same tutor in Year One - Mr Robert Teh?!!! Heard from my Archi friend that he is working as an architect now, no longer a tutor in NUS. No mood to talk about him yet....... Hahaha......

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Caricature theme - wedding at Ferris Wheel

A new landmark in Singapore soon - Singapore Flyer. Heard that it will be ready next year end, is it? Not really easy and fun to draw. Usually landmarks are like that.

Heard from news that Beijing and other cities are also building such Ferris Wheels. Seems like all wanted to have the biggest wheel in the world. What's so good about this wheel? Can see most city wheel from there? Since when such stuff usually found in carnivals become a country's landmark? And many other countries are having one too? Do you still consider it as a landmark? Unless they change the design....

Ok. Back to the drawing part. The client requested for the Singapore Flyer in the background.
Instead of normal groom carrying the bride posture, she wanted a reverse. Quite refreshing, right?

She used to work in F&N (now in Philips. She said she saw my drawing there too) and engaged me to draw a group caricatures for their company. My highest record so far - in terms of number of caricatures in one drawing. Think about 88 of them on A1 size paper.

Can you see where she was in this drawing? Maybe too small to view it clearly here. She's the girl popping the Coke on top of the Coke building.

couple caricatures in colour

Another last minute urgent order. 2 days delivery.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Caricature theme - convertible Volkswagen Beetle

Birthday gift for his girlfriend.
Last minute order.
2 days delivery.
He wanted to have them in a yellow convertible Volkswagen Beetle.
I have drawn the wheels bigger, and shortened the car body, making it more compact.
Does it look cuter? A further refinement in my car caricature art, I think.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Caricature for Wealth Magazine 6

Client's brief:-
"His name is Rafi Mohammed and he is a consultant. He is helping companies to price their products so that they can earn higher profits.

Rafi’s pic is at

Please draw him standing in front of a chart. The line on the chart is showing that profits are increasing. Rafi is holding the profit line, pulling it up. "
Drawn him tip-toed, instead of normal standing posture.
Intention is to show that he can lift the profit higher by standing on his toes.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Caricature theme - wedding + Mazda 3

For their wedding invitation card.
The Mazda 3 is their new car.
Specially requested sunflower in her hand.

Caricature for BOC Gas

Client's brief:-
"As earlier spoken, we would like to change to the Daniel Chan theme, throwing in more biceps and muscles."

Forgot to add the message from our birthday card:
“Remember, age is all in your mind …. The trick is to keep it from creeping down into your body”.

Didn't use this posture, as it didn't really fit the expression on the photo provided.
Got her permission to change whatever deemed fit, as long as I go along with the theme she wanted.
He's quite plump, hence they wanted to give him a fit body.

Chose a model posture on Google Images as reference.
Somehow, I felt that his face it doesn't go with the body. Hahaha...... Sorry...........

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Caricatures for OMD Singapore

Urgent order!
Order came in on Friday, collecting next Tuesday.
Theme is go kart, with the main character in Porsche 911.

A farewell gift from 4 different teams - Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines.
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