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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Caricatures for K.C. Dat - part 1

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit Leong,

Our company has some activities going on this whole year and we would like to give our staff caricatures as a gift early next year, there are approx. 40 - 50 staff will be in the gift list so we are budgeting for this number of caricatures, in ink and A4 size, with simple framing...."

The client eventually decided to have 10 caricatures printed on the mugs, forego the frame.

Caricature for K C Dat -  Arul
I like this most. First look at the 10 photos and I wante dto start with this one.:)

Caricature for K C Dat -  Auntie Wee
Caricature for K C Dat -  Eunice
Caricature for K C Dat -  Nancy
Caricature for K C Dat -  Puay Shan
Caricature for K C Dat - Rose
Caricature for K C Dat - Kathy
Caricature for K C Dat - Lilian
Caricature for K C Dat - Amber
Caricature for K C Dat - Jeffrey Lim
Caricatures for KC Dat on mugs - 3
Da da da.... These are the end products.
Caricatures for KC Dat on mugs - 5
Part 2 will be the 34 individual caricatures. Working hard on them now.....

Caricature for Shell

Client's brief:-
"I need it by tomorrow and need the background to be him wearing soccer tee running with a ball and the background is Singapore Attractions such as merlion, sg flag, singapore flyer etc (up to your creativity). This is for his farewell as he is leaving on Sat and he is going back to Netherlands ..."

Soccer caricature in ink for Shell
Real urgent job.
One day delivery.
Not a tough job though.
The brush strokes I used here are more daring.
One of the reasons is this is a caricature for a guy.
Strokes can be more bold.
Next reason is I am very used too these items - soccer boots, socks, clothing etc.
So.... just go for it... everything is a like a breeze when I draw.:)

Client's feedback via email:-
".... Just saw the previous drawing on your website. Apologies for this delayed response but it was a great drawing! Bas liked it so much when I pass it to him that day and it looked really like him, despite the blurred photo that I provided!"

Friday, February 26, 2010

Boy caricature in ink

Client's brief:-

I was very really impressed by your talents. I have 4 kids and you have done the caricature for 3 of them during a event at Marina Square (1, 2 &3). To make it complete, could you please do the same for my last child. I have attached his picture (IMG_9022) and please let me know your price. Please do it at the same size (A4), paper and media so that I can frame 4 of them together."

boy caricature in ink 260210

Caricature for business card

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

I love your artwork and finally decided to place an order!

I quit my job last quarter of the year and entered the entertainment industry as a freelance actress/performer thus I need to come up with a namecard. I would like a caricature on the entire of one side, so that potential clients will remember me when they see my card."

Caricature of Shannon namecard
Client's response:-
"oh, cool!"

Guy portrait for Abbott

Portrait for Abbott
I enjoyed drawing this portrait.
Though lots of details required, especially the beard, it's worth the effort.

Client's response:-
"Oh, it's nice!"

Caricature for Exxonmobil

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

I am doing a farewell gift for our big boss who's leaving us after 3 years for another overseas assignment. Pls do a Caricature in colour marker with theme (with background and body)....

Pls do a really outstanding and nice one. Here are some of his characteristics :
- male, German, age 43, married with no kids; holding a very senior position in ExxonMobil as the Country HR Manager.

As you know, Germans are the opposite of Americans who keep to themselves very much. Even after 3 years of working closely with him, I can't really figure out his likes and dislikes. What I do know is that he likes Koh Samui very much to the extent of flying there once a month with his wife for the sun, sand, sea and beer.

Can I suggest having a beach (resort) background with coconut or palm trees; him lazing on a beach chair; in colourful Hawaii shirt drinking German beer. It must be German-brand beer and not Tiger, ABC, Tsingtao. He always read by the beach but I'll leave you to decide if you want a beer in one hand and a book in the other hand. However the Beer is a Must-Have in the caricature. I was also thinking of him in straw (sun) hat but may not be ideal as his face may not show as well in the picture. Anyway I leave you the expert to execute the best for me!

......Jit, some more ideas to help you create the whole picture in a real relaxing atmosphere at the beach :

- for the Hawaii shirt, pls have the first few buttons un-buttoned (ie. a bit of open-chest but absolutely NO body hairs)
- him crossing his legs (perhaps big toes to look funny?)
- as he comes from Hamburg, Germany, their signature beer iis "Holsten".
Pls have the bottle show this brand. You can google search to view the picture.
- otherwise another German brand is "Beck's" beer which will work just fine."

Caricature for ExxonMobil relax @ beach resort
I put in the straw hat, since it will not cover his face.

Client's response:-
"Oh, it's very nice!"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Caricature live sketching for Parkway Health CNY Party 2010

An hour event at Shangri-la Hotel, at Terrace Garden.
Initial booking was 6:30pm- 7:30pm, but was pushed back to 7pm - 8pm.
Whne I reached, I was told to start earlier, at 6:50pm.
Better too, since it was outdoor, and it doesn't seem that I will have a good lighting for drawing later when it gets dark.
Caricature live sketching for Parkway Health - 1
Caricature live sketching for Parkway Health - 2
His friends said that he looks like Obama. Do you think so?:)

Caricature live sketching for Parkway Health - 3
I thought she was quite serious when she sat down. No smile. Thus, I didn't request for her smile.If I knew she can smile so sweet, I would have drawn her smiling. Wasted! The smiling caricature always looked more appealing.

Caricature live sketching for Parkway Health - 4
Getting dim. True enough, no good lighting. The bright lighting in this photo was from my cmera flash.
Quite rare to draw both guys together. Must be very good buddies.

Caricature live sketching for Parkway Health - 5
I was literally drawing in very bad lighting for this caricature. It really will affect the drawing, which the clients most of the time will neglect. They were more concern about the atmosphere of the event. Our job was to draw the guests. However, as an artist, my concern was more on the quality, than just quantity. Not just simply draw a face and job done.
Anyway, thank goodness this couple likes their caricatures.

Caricature live sketching for Parkway Health - 8
Met William Lee again in this event. This time he was doing pebble caligraphy.
The gentleman standing was Uncle Bob, the magician.
He told me that it was rare that I use Brush to draw caricature.
He has a caricaturist friend in Hong Kong also uses brush to draw caricature.
Brush gives me the thin/thickness I want to express my stroke.
It gives more life to the drawing, as compared to marker or pen, which can only draw uniform line thickness.

Caricature live sketching for Parkway Health - 7
Caricature live sketching for Parkway Health - 6
The event organiser who draws portraits. Woo... quite rare.:)

pebble caligraphy by William Lee
William wrote my name on the pebble. Thank you.:)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Caricatures of Nigel Chew and Jermaine Leong

photo of Nigel Chew for Knockout
photo of Jermaine Leong for Knockout
Caricatures of Nigel Chew & Jermaine Leong pencil sketch
In order not to make Jermaine's posture too similar to Annabelle's, I drew her on the floor.
Caricatures of Nigel Chew & Jermaine Leong in ink
The concept of these 2 caricatures was drawing challenge. Thus, instead of the boxing pouches alone (knockout), I added in the medium (pencil) which they used for the caricature drawing in the programme. Only Haikel used marker.
Caricatures of Nigel Chew & Jermaine Leong A4
I drew both caricatures on A3 size marker paper., instead of all 4 of them on 1 A2 size marker paper. Main reason was that they can be iused separately for the programme- old and new schools. No overlapping, in this case.

Caricatures of Sheikh Haikel Annabelle Francis Nigel Chew Jermaine Leong on Knockout A4
I merged them digitally with the Knockout logo inserted.
How is it?:)

Caricatures of Sheikh Haikel and Annabelle Francis

These are the caricatures which I promised Hoods for the Knockout Challenge on Okto in March. They will appear on the screen (not sure for how long) to show the points the old school (Sheikh Haikel and Annabelle Francis) and new school (Nigel Chew and Jermaine Leong) will get for each challenge.
photo of Sheikh Haikel for Knockout
photo of Annabelle Francis for Knockout
Caricatures of Sheikh Haikel & Annabelle Francis pencil sketch
I am really excited when I received the photos, especially Haikel's.
They have fun and challenging expressions.
Meant to give Haikel's a cute body with bloated belly and small legs.
Unfortunately, when I put in Annabelle's caricature, most of his body was blocked.
Caricatures of Sheikh Haikel & Annabelle Francis in ink
To make sure that none of their bodies were cropped off, he has to stand straight!.
What a pity! Bad planning on my part too.
Caricatures of Sheikh Haikel & Annabelle Francis A4
This could be the first caricature which I draw in pimple scars. :D
His face was just too smooth (initially) that it doesn't look like him.
Sorry, Haikel. But he's a nice guy. I don't think he will be disturbed for that.:D

Caricature for Procter & Gamble (P&G)

Client's brief:-
"Ram has been with our company for about 22-25 years and is retiring. He will be returning to India after leaving Singapore. Ram is an ardent fan of cricket game. Can we have Ram in a cricket game suit holding the bat on his right hand with his right leg leading to India and on his left hand holding the P&G products that he has previously handled and left leg in Singapore. We would like to have some historic pictures of Singapore and India in the background."

caricature for P&G cricket player
Lots of white colour in this caricature.
Thus, the lines got to do more work here.

Too many products for his left hand.
I gave him ’special power‘ here.:D
My son was fascinated with it. Too much Dragonball and Ben 10 for him, I think. Haha...

Client's response:-
"Oh, looks very much like him. Looks very good!"

Friday, February 19, 2010

Caricature live sketching for Informa Group

An-hour event (6:30pm - 7:30pm) at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Waterfront Ballroom.Caricature live sketching for Informa Group - 1
The client has prepared their own paper, which is her favourite magazine cover style.

Caricature live sketching for Informa Group -2
HE told me that he likes it!

Caricature live sketching for Informa Group -3
See this caricature sticked on by the client at my work desk.

Caricature live sketching for Informa Group -4
Not windy at this moment, but it is her hairstyle.:D

Caricature live sketching for Informa Group -5
Caricature live sketching for Informa Group -6
Smile.... don't smile..... She hasn't decided. Thus, I decided her.:)

After this lady, I then realised that these caricatures were not free for them.
It was for a charity. The client was doing fund raising. Each caricature costs $28. Oops!

I wasn't informed about it. No wonder the guests keep asking whether the caricatures were free.

When the first few guests don't have to pay, it was hard to convince those in the queue to pay for the caricatures. That's what I think. And it happened that all guests have to proceed into the ballroom at this moment. As such, my drawing part ended here.

Caricature live sketching for Informa Group -9
Met William in the event. His part started from 7pm - 8pm.
After knowing the fund raising for charity, the queue was gone. We have a good chat on drawing, events, blog, website and online stuff etc. Take a look at his works at his new domain - He does mural painting, caricature, silhouette cutting, wire-craft, pebble caligraphy and face painting.

Caricature live sketching for Informa Group -8
The God of Fortune - 财神爷!
Caricature live sketching for Informa Group -10

Caricature theme - God of Fortune

Caricature for Informa Group - God of Fortune 财神爷
This caricature is to be presented to this gentleman for the event for Informa Group this evening.
He won't have the time to sit down to get his caricature doneduring the event.
Thus, I suggested to the client to have a nice caricature done up for him beforehand.
The client wanted him to be the God of Fortune - 财神爷。
As usual, the headset and costume take up more time than the face.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Caricature for Standard Chartered Bank

Client's brief:-
"....Dave (the man) with a hockey stick wearing a t-shirt labeled “40” with a Singapore background: merlion, SCB building, his car and 2 small cats? Will this help, judging from the A2 size should be ok right?"

Caricature for STandard Chartered Bank Hockey Lexus SCB Building Merlion

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Caricature theme - wakeboarding

Client's request:-
"Hi Jit,
I saw your website and was very impressed.
I would like to make enquiries about creating a caricature for a 'Save the Date' magnet.....

Please see attachment for a photo of us (Scott and Adeline). I have also attached a pic of my cat.

As mentioned before, these are the requirements:

-Show Scott wakeboarding. One arm holding the rope, one arm carrying Adeline.

-Adeline will hold a flag with the wedding date (Pls note date not confirmed as yet. It is either July 31, 2010 or Aug. 7, 2010). The flag idea is a suggestion. Will it work?

-The cat is the boat driver. Possible to show just a section of the boat with cat holding steering wheel?"

Couple wedding caricatures wakeboarding save the date A4
The waves turned out better than what I have expected in this caricature.
Can feel the roughness of the sea. Thanks to the lineworks.

Client's feedback via email:-
"Thanks, Jit. Great job with the caricature. We are very impressed, especially my dad (who used to be in the creative field)
I only wish the flag and date were bigger now. Anyway we'll do some photoshoping for that so that the date will stand out when I turn this into a magnet.

Here's what it looks like on my wedding website.
It matches the whole site! Fabulous!
Nice one!


Thank you.:)
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