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Friday, April 30, 2010

Caricature theme - firefighter hero

Client's brief:-
"I would like to order a caricature in colour marker with theme - with background & body. My boyfriend is a firefighter wth SCDF who has just been promoted as a staff sergeant, this caricature will be a token of his promotion and another gift included for his upcoming birthday. Basically what I would want is a caricature of him carrying me as the foreground and a burning building as the background. It will be like the hero saves the princess from the burning building story minus the fairytale. The background will be a building(s) on huge fire, with black smoke engulfing the building(s). The foreground will be him carrying me like he had just pulled me out of the fire and my arms would be around him and my expression looking completely awed. He will be in a SCDF uniform and I will be in an off-shoulder black long gown with a bare feet. The rest I will leave for your professional hands to make it look great. Let me know and I will provide you with all the photos, information, details you might require to make it as easy for you and as life-like for me as possible"

couple caricatures firefighter hero
No awed expression, as the client can't provide me with such photo of her.
This expression looks good enough to me.
Added in more smoke and fire, upon her request.

Email from the client:-
"Hey Jit, I liked it and now I really love it. Thanks!"

Jan Neggers - showing colours......

digital painting with Wacom Cintiq
Added in colours for Jan's face. In opaque mode, instead the multiply mode which I usually use, (whereby the colours appeared behind the lines)
digital painting with Wacom Cintiq
on his beard.....
digital sketch of Jan Neggers caricature - progress 1
digital sketch of Jan Neggers caricature - progress 2
and his hair... and his shirt..... to be completed......
Will come back to this later.

One more try......

digital sketching with Wacom Cintiq
digital sketch of Jan Neggers caricature
Previous piece was too small (7.5cmx7.5cm).
This time, I did a digital sketch of Jan. Quite huge, about 47cm x 87cm.
His features are just too interesting to me. So I can't help but do another one of him.:)


Jan Neggers caricature in his studio
My caricaturist friend on Facebook, Jan Neggers, printed and enlarged the mini sketch I have done for him sometime back. He framed it up and placed it in his studio. This is the snapshot he sent me. So touched......

Thursday, April 29, 2010

digital sketch of Angelina Jolie

digital sketch of Angelina Jolie
My latest passion!
I will try to sketch digitally using my Cintiq, whenever I have free time, and even when I don't have such luxury....:D
The fun part is that I can draw whatever I want - a breakaway from all the clients' requirements.

I met 2 different camps of clients recently. After the drawings are done, one camp will feedback to me - why don't you change and improve what I have requested?
Another camp will ask me - why don't you follow exactly what I have requested?


Messing with Photoshop new brushes......

colour caricature of Michael Jackson (edited colour)
I was trying out some Photoshop brushes downloaded online about 2 weeks ago, on the digital sketch of Michael Jackson 2 weeks ago. Thanks to the recommendation of these sites from Andrew Nicholls, a caricaturist friend which I met on Facebook.:)

Caricature of Qi Yu Wu 戚玉武

caricature of Qi Yu Wu  戚玉武- A3
A gift from his fan to him, to congratulate him in winning the Top 10 Most Popular Artistes in Star Award (红星大奖) 2010, in Singapore.

Qi Yu Wu with his caricature
The client sent me the links with some photos of the party on their Facebook.
Qi Yu Wu with his caricature
Oh, they made into another product, based on the softcopy I gave them.

Qi Yu Wu with his caricature
Wow! I am so honoured!:D

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Caricature theme - Property agent with award

Client's brief:-
"Greetings Jit,
Spoke to you yesterday about the caricature for my boss’s farewell function next Friday, 30 Apr 2010.
Attached are the photographs of her and the background building that we would like you to add in."

Property manager caricature
Added in the trees and bushes to finish off the background on the right, as the photo provided doesn'i show full view of the building.

quick mini sketch of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

quick sketch of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

Caricature of a property agent

Client's brief:-
"Hi jit,attached is my new partner who requires caricature,attached is also my caricature
just in case u cant recall who am I.Same format & Uniform as mine with a
friendly smile
pls..need fast..Cheers..!"

ink caricature of Roy Ngai
This client wanted a high resolution scan-in of the ink caricature before I put in the colours.

colour caricature of Roy Ngai

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Caricature theme - The Matrix

The IT Matrix caricature
A gift for the boss, who's very much into IT.
The client came out with a draft, with him holding a gun and a keybaord, and in a outfit like in the movie "The Matrix". He also requested for those special effects which he has attached. However, there's a limitation of what colour markers can do. I counter-proposed a black background which will look better too, and he agreed with it.

Client's feedback via email:-
"Thanks for the caricature. The Matrix outfit was really cool. Yes, you're right about the black background - it's simple and appropriate."

Caricature theme - Indian wedding

Client's brief:-
".....I would like to order caricature marker. Its like the post on your blog on 18 March 2010, but this is a indian muslim way. So I will show different kind of photos and explain along the way. Cause they do not have a photo taken together nor the studio photos. So its quite difficult. I have attached powerpoint slides with the explanation beside it....."

Indian wedding couple caricatures A3
The remaining brief is mainly mix this to match that type, which is the tougher part, on top of the wedding costume details. I spent about 2-3 times longer on these details, as compared to thefaces.

Client's response upon seeing thsi artwork:-

Monday, April 26, 2010

Caricature for Allen & Overy

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit,
As per our earlier conversation this afternoon, please refer to the attached photograph which I need the above done up for. He is our COO and he will be leaving our firm in the following two weeks. I thought that this will be quite an interesting gift for his farewell party, but will like to find out what is the going rate at for it to be ready by 28th April 2010.

His interest lies in golf and while vetting through the gallery I noticed that you had one done up one picture of a man in safari clothing in the jungle with a golf club. Maybe something similar or some where else more interesting will be nice. Our organisation's name is Allen & Overy or A&O in short and he has been with our firm for 12 years now....."

Caricature for Allen & Overy - night safari golf
That caricature which she referred was done like 10 years ago.
I have made some changes to the design, and I think this piece looks better.:)

Client's respose upon seeing it:-
"It's perfect!"

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Caricature theme - wedding @ Singapore Art Museum

Client's brief:-

I saw your works online and I'm thinking of doing a caricature of my fiance and I for our wedding on 22nd May at Singapore Art Museum.

I would like to find out how much time do you need to do a caricature? I am thinking of including the caricature in our wedding invite but I'm not sure if you would be able to get it done in time. I will need it by end of this month, probably 31 March if not latest 3 April.

My requests:
1) I hope to include the caricature in my invite therefore i will need a digital copy of the artwork. The original artwork i intend to put it up at the entrance of the Glass Hall.

2) I have attached photos of us in our wedding outfits. (sharon.jpg and james.jpg) Could you do a caricature of us standing in front of the Singapore Art Museum in our wedding outfits, with us standing side and side, and me hooking his hand? (refer to pose.jpg) Please give me curls for my hair at the side :) The photo was taken before the curls were done...."

Wedding couple caricatures @ Singapore Art Museum A3
Too 'engrossed" with the mix-and-match of details (hairstyle) + posture required, I missed out on the white gown required by the client.
Thank goodness the client is forgiving.
Frankly speaking, this red gown looks good and stand out, given the grey building in the background, and the groom's dark grey suit. I love it!:)

Group caricatures for Procter & Gamble (P&G)

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit
I have been recommended by Celine Juan from P&G to check your availability to do a caricature for our director who will be retiring end April.
My manager has proposed doing a picture of our director with about 8 picture of his direct report surrounding him. Could you kindly propose
Some design and provide us a quotation and also how long will it take to have it done.....
His job revolved round fragrances like Hugo Boss, dunhill, escada, D&G and Anna Sui Cosmetics. He likes playing golf.......

I have altogether 13 pax.
As suggested by you, we’ll take the golf theme with his staff surrounding him, My manager would also like to include some of the brands that he has worked with.
Instead of b/w, it will be a colored picture. I will also need a frame for it. Expected collection will be on 26 Apr.
Another highlight to note: Hans Wohmann always wear a white inner shirt be it that he is wearing a shirt or t-shirt so his dressing will have white on the neckline opening.
Hope this clarifies

Do give us a quote and also provide a draft so to meet the deadline."

draft for P&G
Client's feedback on the draft:-
"Hi Jit
Need to amend 2 things.
1) Alexander and Guido to swop place.
2) for the logo, omit D&G, dunhill and escada and include anna sui logo(as per attached). "

group caricatures for P&G - ink
The inking..... (pencil sketch here)

group caricatures for P&G -colour
and the colouring.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Caricature theme - wedding on bike @ beach

Client's brief:-
"....I'm fine with the frame similar to one of your clients (Razhia Bee Bte Gausmiah) on your website coz I'm gonna display it at my wedding reception too. I attach both our photos, was thinking of both of us on a bike (bike model:Spark, will email the photo of the bike to you soon) juz like my sister's...."

Malay couple caricatures weddiing on bike @ beach
Sketches here.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Caricature theme - proposal @ Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit Leong,

I found out your website in google......

I would like to have the painting in landscape direction. The setting background of the painting will be the main gate of Ngee Ann Poly (refer to file: NP_MAIN), and the position of me and my financee I will be one knee down (refer to file: down on one knee). I will be wearing a black suit with black pants witha green V-neck in side, she will be wearing beach wear(singlet and shorts). Both faces will be facing the observers. (hope you get me)."

Couple caricatures proposing at Ngee Ann Polytechnics
I like the lineworks in the background....:)

quick mini sketch of caricaturist Mike Roate

quick mini sketch of caricaturist Mike Roate
doodling for fun......

Caricature theme - Argentina soccer player

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

I need to do caricature of him on A3 and mount on A1 art board with white background for guest to sign. He is celebrating his 50th birthday and is a football fan and a big fan of Diago Maradona of Argentina ( jersey must be of the country and No.10 on the shorts as well). The event is on 24th April 2010, please pass me drawing by 22th April 2010. The words on the drawing should be “Sajen’s 50th Birthday “. His face must resemble or must be close to his actual picture attached. "

Argentina soccer caricature

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Caricature for Detpak

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

We liked your previous work for Richard & would like to do another similar marker theme in color for another colleague of ours.
Patricia is our HR manager who liked to travel & always have a love for classic jewellery.

The sketch will be with Patricia doing her round of golf, looking pretty with her pearls & showing some of the countries that she has been to.

1) Subject – Patricia playing golf (attached picture, Asia lady – Patricia)
2) Cloth – Purple polo shirt with flip up collar + purple cap + white skirt
3) Background – Patricia standing on a world globe with pop out country (see attached)
4) Accessories
• shiny pearl necklace & pearl earring (portrait elegance)
• Detpak logo similar to Richard on the shirt (replace 26 yrs with HR)"

Caricature for Detpak golfer with landmarks & Burberry
I added in some of the countries' landmarks to make the drawing looks better, instead of just names of the countries (as stated in another brief).

Client's feedback:-
"Thank you! Very nice! I like the finishing touch!"

Monday, April 19, 2010

Caricatures for Toshiba - part 2

Caricatures for Toshiba - Kickoff Singapore - Paul
Caricatures for Toshiba - Kickoff Singapore - Albert
Caricatures for Toshiba - Kickoff Singapore - Amin
Caricatures for Toshiba - Kickoff Singapore - Asar Tanlak
More sketches on Facebook Fan Page.

Quick mini sketch of caicaturist Jan Neggers

Quick sketch of caricaturist Jan Neggers
Saw this caricaturist photo on Facebook.
Hand itchy, and started scribbled on my 7.5cmx7.5cm Post-it pad.
If time allows, I will do a better and larger digital caricature of him.
Dare not commit anything yet, looking at my current workload.......

Caricatures for Toshiba - part 1

Quite a big job - about 100 individual caricatures (not fixed yet, and not all photos are in yet), due around 10th May 2010.
Time to do some of them to show the client.
These caricatures are meant as gift for their guests (Toshiba from different countries) who will be attending their event - Toshiba Kickoff Singapore on 18th May 2010.
Caricatures for Toshiba - Kickoff Singapore - Tong
The client has their event logo printed the marker paper provided by me, whereby I will draw the caricatures on them.
Caricatures for Toshiba - Kickoff Singapore - Paul
Caricatures for Toshiba - Kickoff Singapore - Watanbe
Client's feedback:-
"Hi Jit,

The drawings are nice.

One request is that the date be put on 18th May as per our event.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Caricature theme - underwater wedding

I did a job for this client from Hong Kong in 2007.
This time, she requested (from my Facebook) for a wedding caricature as a gift for her niece.

She's not really sure of what theme she wanted initially.

"....As for theme, they are both dog lovers and they call each other nick names ‘Fish.’ I am not sure would that be useful...."

The initial size required was A0, but was changed to A1 size.
Thank goodness too. A1 (59.4cm x 84cm) was already very huge for couple caricatures - biggest size I have done so far for couple.

I proposed a underwater wedding theme for them, with her being the mermaid bride.

Along this line, but different design.
underwater Mermaid wedding couple caricatures A1 siez - pencil sketch
I joined 2 A2 size marker paper on 1 card, using different elements like fish, hair, coral, flower etc to hide the joining part, just like the job for Philip Morris.
I added in those fish from the movie "Finding Nemo" to spice up the drawing.
underwater Mermaid wedding couple caricatures A1 siez -ink
See the 'painful' process here......
Jit with A1 caricatures
Done, after hours of drawing. Unfortunately, the client not very happy with it.
Gotto do some facial surgery......
underwater Mermaid wedding couple caricatures A1 size - colour
Still not happy....:(
"Honestly it's better but still something is wrong..."

underwater Mermaid wedding couple caricatures A1 size -edited 2
One more go, added in longer hair, some hair to cover her face, more shading to her cheeks,, and a tiara to cover the top part of her hair
"I think it's a great idea to add a tiara to her hair...thanks for
the thoughts..."

"Jit ,
You are the best!

It's really a "phew phew phew!"

Amend till I don't know what else to amend.
At least now she's a happy client.
This A1 size drawing was rolled up in a huge postage tube, and shipped to HongKong. Hopefully no damage to it....... and most importantly, this couple will like it.

new url for my Facebook Page

Just renamed my Facebook Fan Page to

Easier to remember!
If you want to see what I am drawing, when not blogging (lol), here's the place to go.....
Pardon me for those raw images and videos, but you get more frequent updates, as I don't have to edit them.
Become a fan of this page, and you will receive all the news feed on your Facebook.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Caricature live sketching for Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific

An hour gig (6:30pm - 7:30pm) at Hyatt Hotel, Grand Ballroom.
Did one more sketch today - slightly faster. My usual speed is 9 caricatures per hour.
caricature live sketching for Panasonic Factory Solutions D&D - 1
caricature live sketching for Panasonic Factory Solutions D&D -2
This could be one of the better one done for this show, I think.

caricature live sketching for Panasonic Factory Solutions D&D -3
His hair - hahahaha......... brave guy.

caricature live sketching for Panasonic Factory Solutions D&D -4
caricature live sketching for Panasonic Factory Solutions D&D -5
She can't hold her smile (I would say - at all). That's the toughest part in live sketching.

caricature live sketching for Panasonic Factory Solutions D&D -6
caraicture live sketching for Panasonic Factory Solutions D&D -7
Some guests only smile big when their caricatures are done. This is an example.

caricature live sketching for Panasonic Factory Solutions D&D -8
The gentleman too. (I asked him not to show his teeth during this snapshot - to see the resemblance better)

caricature live sketching for Panasonic Factory Solutions D&D -9
caricature live sketching for Panasonic Factory Solutions D&D -10
Job done.

caricature live sketching for Panasonic Factory Solutions D&D -11
The VIPs waiting for the right timing to 'march' in:)
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