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Monday, April 28, 2008

Caricature of Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry
After four years, I am drawing this footballer - Thierry Henry, again.
The previous caricature is drawn as a guide and reference for me to model him into 3D caricature model (Just realised something wrong with the image proportionin this link. Will amend it later) in Maya.
This time, it is drawn as one of the 2 sample caricatures (commissioned) for a media company (Can't disclose the company name yet, since I haven't get the job yet, in case my competitors undercut by deliberately lowering his prices, just to get the job. They are hungry for jobs, especially for such big job. This is very common and I have seen many cases locally. Anyway, I believe this client would have searched for caricaturists in Singapore online. That's how he gets my contact.)
They wanted to create 100 caricatures of the footballers, but in an exaggerated form, which is very different from what I do usually. (Got license to distort them now) The client doesn't want these footballers to look completely like them, and yet can recognise them in a way or another. I have to omit the details and use the basic colour for the soccer jersey. No logos too. This is to avoid the infringement of copyrights. They will use these caricatures for mobile content download as wallpaper.
Quite an interesting job, but if I get this job, I may end up losing more clients, as this job would take 1-2 months to complete. I have to reject some urgent orders, and even those normal delivery one. Sigh. You can't have the best of both world.

caricature Thierry Henry pencil sketch
Spent some time doing up this pencil sketch. I emphasize on his mouth,, and his frown. Since he opens his mouth big, what should come out from it should be his saliva. Hahaha......
Blown up on the hand part. If not, it will be too small to be seen, since the client requested the head should occupy about 70% of the whole artwork. When downloaded on the mobile phone, their faces will stand out on the small screen. True!

caricature Thierry Henry pen
Put in the French flag, but not the usual flag with a pole. It is flying in the background. The client gives me the freedom to decide what to draw for each caricature.

caricature Thierry Henry colour watermark
Colours added on. The colours definitely bring out everything, especially the facial muscles, through the various layers of shades.
Added on the watermark to protect my client interest, which I never do for all my artworks. I think these watermarks will spoil the feel of the artworks. No choice. If my visitors download this cariacture (without watermark) from my blog, who will buy from them?

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