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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Caricature theme - wakeboarding

Email from the client:-
"I came across your website when I was surfing for a caricature artist for my godson's birthday. I planned to give him a caricature drawing for his birthday which is in May. I meant to go down to your shop but I found out that you are moving out. So, hence I decided to email instead. My godson will be 19 this year. He is an avid wakeboarder so I hope to feature a caricature of him wakeboarding. I would like one in colour, the one where markers is used. Size-wise, I'm hoping for a reasonably big one (maybe A3 or A2, maybe you can advise), complete with frame. "
Caricature wakeboarding
The photo provided by the client, shows her godson in action. Background is Marina Bay. The bright colour seats which we saw in the National Day Parade (NDP) can be seen. Thus, I retained it in this caricature. Made the buildings less static. Then I play on the waves, which I always loves to.
However, what I like most in this drawing, is the proportion of the figure. Bigger hands, smaller shoes, as compared to the hands. Slim and fit body, with the loose bermuda, to bring out the youthful and cheerful part of this teenager.
The client told me that it looks very nice. Thank you. I like it too. Didn't expect such result upon receiving this order initially. Sometimes, when I draw, I get some inspiration and catalyst, it will help to spice up the whole drawing. This is the satisfaction which Iget from drawing!

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