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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Caricature for Novartis

Birthday caricature 290909
The client just wants me to draw according to the photo, but add in some cartoon figures around her.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Caricature theme - Superheroes

Client's brief:-

"I'm looking to present this caricature as a wedding anniversary present.....
I'm looking at a Superhero theme (Superman (husband), Wonderman (myself), Batman (son - but still considering), Hawkgirl (daughter).
Yes, I want the softcopy too. Wrt frame, I like the one with double layers of borders featured on your website. How much would that cost? Ultimately, the frame must "suit" the caricature and my home fittings. I want to hang it in my husband's study room (filled with his MASSIVE toy figurine collections!! He's an avid toy collector)....
I was thinking of having us in some form of superhero action, maybe saving e guiness tower/pint? Am thinking of having e guiness tower somewhat like a building, n it's tilting over (like e leaning tower of
pisa) with beer spilling over?"

Superhero family caricatures
Did a similar another superheroes theme family caricatures 2 years ago, but this one has lesser members, and has specific characters.
One issue I have here is the baby girl being the Hawkgirl.
As this baby is only few months old, while the Hawkgirl is an adult with a feminine figure, I try to choose an angle whereby it doesn't show too much of the body for the baby. I would prefer to portray her as Jack Jack in 'The Incredibles' (a baby should look like a baby, even as a superhero). However, the client still likes her to be the Hawkgirl in the caricature.
Next is to take the masks off from the Hawlgirl and Batman:D Won't see their faces otherwise.

The client looks happy (smiling away) upon receiving this artworks. Phew! Drawing Superheroes always stressed me somehow, as I need to get their costumes right. In addition, I have to make a balance between my style (the faces have to go with the body, in terms of drawing style), and not losing their essence.

Caricature theme - wedding on vespa

Client's brief:-
"Caricature in colour marker with theme - with background & body

attached is our photo. below requirement need to input in:

1) photo of us in wedding dress (as attached) but both wedding dress in red colour.
2) riding vespa.(white colour ok) i'm the rider she's the pillion. license plate our wedding date 22/11/09
3) backgound in kampung scenario."

Malay wedding couple caricatures on vespa in Kampong in ink outline
I think this caricature looks quite good in ink outline alone.
Thus, took a snapshot of it at this stage.

Malay wedding couple caricatures on vespa in Kampong
Of course, the caricatures looks better with colours added in.
As usual, the wedding costumes took up more time than the rest.
Looks like my clients know how to choose what they want, after looking through the clients' briefs on this blog.:D
Getting more and more precise briefs recently.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Caricature for Health Promotion Board (HPB)

Client's brief:-
"We are looking to produce a A3 full colour with background / theme caricature with frame for our boss who is transferring to another department. ...

Notes on Caricature:
- Picture of my boss as attached
- She needs to wear the HPB t-shirt and be either juggling fruits or exercising.
- Please make it as colourful as possible.
- If possible, can you draw her with a Christian Dior Handbag and Ferragamo shoes please?"

Caricature for Health Promotion Board

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding

Client's brief:-
"Dear Jit

I would like to have a wedding caricature in colour marker with theme, background and body for my friends who are tying the knot in end of October. I have attached photographs of them. Let me know if you need other photos.

The particulars:
1. To have the drawing in portrait but not landscape.
2. To have garden/park theme (with trees, grass or flowers etc) for background like attached bg1.jpg or bg2.jpg. Something like bg3.jpg is quite close too.
3. To have some small little animal like birds, rabbit, duckling, deer, squirrel, piggy, etc surrounding the couples like the attached animal1.jpg or animal2.jpg or animal3.jpg or animal4.jpg.
4. Please have her in
a. pure white wedding gown but not yellowish like attached position2.jpg.
b. veil
c. long hair
5. Please have him in dark grey or black tuxedo suit.
6. Please have him carries her like attached position1.jpg or position2.jpg or have them in position like position3.jpg or position4.jpg or dancing position like attached, but both face must facing forward. Would need your expertise in this area, feel free to advice which one position is the best for this couple.
7. Before you colour the drawing, please assist to scan a high-resolution B/W outline version like position1.jpg.
8. At last, after colouring, I would like to have high-resolution scanning + burn on CD (i.e. in the end, there'll be 2 soft copies, 1 is b/w outline only and 1 is the coloured version).

Wedding couple caricatures ink outline A4
See the difference between caricatures in black and white outline, and in colours.
Wedding couple caricatures colour A4
Though the ink outline has its own beauty, I still prefer them in colours, despite more works involved.
The facial muscles are better shown.
Every items (the subjects, trees, birds and rabbit) stand out better in colours.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Family caricatures in colour

Caucasian family caricatures in colour
Upon her collection of her previous order, this client immediately placed this order for her hubby's brother (If I remembered correctly). Think maybe she wanted to see how that order turned out first, before placing another order.:)

"Cool! Very cute!" her remarks, upon seeing this famiy caricatures.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Caricature theme - solemnization

Client's brief:-
"I chanced upon your webby and was fascinated by your artworks! =)

I would like to have a colour marker caricature (with theme) of me and my fiance that will be used for my ROM - A3 size preferred.

1) FH and i will be lighting the unity candles (not doing in pavilion anymore, juz clear background will do as i cant find a nice pavillion or wedding arch image) - the pose will be similar to [lightingunity.JPG].

2) FH is wearing a black jacket suits and white shirt. - i dun have an image of FH wearing jacket suit. but it will look something like this:

3) i will be wearing a white gown - it's actually apple green with a light brown flower by the side. [me in gown.JPG and P4180222.JPG]

4) the unity candles will be in light pink and surrounded with flowers. [unitycandle.JPG] the candles we are holding have to be matching colours.

5) the unity candle will be resting on the a small table with beigh/peach tablecloth that looks like
6) FH photo [FH.jpg]

7) my photo [me.jpg]

i hope this is not too confusing. :) "

wedding couple caricatures solemnisation
SMS from the client:-
"Thanks for e hard work! It looks great.:) will look for u again for my actual day wedding. - jeraldine"

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Caricatures for Exxonmobil

Client's brief:-
"The theme is running and as the 4 gentlemen are from different countries, I will like to include an icon from their country into their portrait. Therefore, the portrait of each gentleman should be of them running with an icon from the country in the background.

Darrin Talley (American) -- Statue of liberty
Derk Hartgerink (Netherlands) -- Windmill
Stefan Jander (Germany) -- Neuschwanstein Castle
Kwa Chong Seng (Singapore) -- Merlion"

Runner caricature for Exxonmobil - 1
Though, it is the same theme - running, I try to give each of them a different angle and posture.
Runner caricature for Exxonmobil - 2
At least, some variety, not so monotonous.
Runner caricature for Exxonmobil - 3
With different settings, each of them looks unique in itself.
Runner caricature for Exxonmobil - 4
Client's feedback:-
"Thank you, Jit Leong. It looks good!"

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Q-digital caricatures

Q-Digital wedding couple - Korean theme
This client ordered 2 sets of Q-Digital drawings at one go. Above is the Korean theme.

Q-Digital wedding couple - traditional Chinese wedding
And this - all time favourite - traditional Chinese wedding theme.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Caricature theme - Cinderella

Client's brief:-
"...1) Do away with the cottages, and the details required for the bride's outfit/ hairstyle. You may just draw her as according to how she look in the photos we sent, just dress her in the cinderella gown will do. The groom, as mentioned in earlier email, no specific requirements.

2) Posture stays as what we said in earlier email.
"For posture, we will be outside of the carriage. I will be standing and carrying her in my arms and she will be wearing this glass shoe from the story. Make some glittering effect on the glass shoe if you can. Both of us will be facing the front...smiling (which means people viewing will actually see our full expression), head tilted side-to-side to one another."

Couple caricatures of Cinderalla and prince

Caricatures for Foxtrot Wing

Caricature for Foxtrot Wing - 1
Caricature for Foxtrot Wing - 2
These 2 caricatures are more urgent.
2 more to be delivered by next month.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Caricatures in pencil on mugs

Client's brief:-
"I would like to request for a simple caricature, done in pencil, for my mother's birthday. This is 2 months down the road, and I am hoping to have it printed on a mug."

guy caricature in pencil 140909
Photos provided were not so ideal.
Very low resolution, but still able to capture their features out.
lady caricature in pencil 140909
Caricature in pencil on mug
Caricatures printed on mugs.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Caricature theme - couple on Mercedes SLK

Client's brief:-
"My idea is basically to do up a caricature as a gift to her as we are celebrating our 1 year anni soon. I have seen some that you have done with the couple in a car and quite like the idea of that theme. I have included a picture of the car in which I hope you can use for the theme.

Just want to give you an idea of what I have in mind, however, do not feel as though its a lot of restrictions from me. I understand that its art and you need to have some freedom to do the nice work that you do. But just for the purpose of giving some guidelines and a better idea of what my preferences are, I attached 3 pictures which are actually taken from your blog. They are numbered 1,2 and 3. This is my feel for the 3 pictures.

- I like the one with the mini (1) most as I like the angle of the car in the picture as compared to the positioning of the red Honda (2) and silver Merc (3).
- The position of the 2 heads in (1) and (2) are better than (3) as the gap between the 2 heads in (3) looks quite odd.
- What I don't like about the mini pict is that the face of the guy is slightly obstructed.

Thats basically my feel. Please dont feel restricted by all these points I made. I am also willing to explore any ideas you might have.

Additional stuff that I am thinking of is putting our anniversary date on the number plate (13 Sept 2008 or 13/9/2008 or 13-9-2008). As for hands, dont really like her holding on to flowers. Other options like thumbs up, v-sign, wave, etc all look ok. Color of car can be silver, or something close.

I believe the 3 picts that I took from your blog are colour marker caricature? If yes, then thats the type I want for mine too. As for size, is it a standard size? I only see the pricing on your website but it doesn't indicate the size of the artwork for that price. I will also want a soft copy of the artwork for keepsake."

Couple caricatures on Mercedes SLK
Surprisingly, this time, the silver (grey markers used though) tones turned out quite promising.
One of the reasons could be that I have a full range of the greys.
Another reason coule be the control of lighting in the rendering, with the help of a good photo given.

Caricature theme - wedding

"2nd order: Western Wedding
1st link: Would like to have something similar especially the posture of the couple but the outfit for the couple please refer to my recent photos attachments especially the groom's outfit (as previously spoken, is for yr reference only as noted is a cartoon drawing, not portrait type of photography shooting)
2nd link: Could you please try to incorporate the similar layout re the car in ours. Meaning outline the back of a car in a suitable distance with few string cans dragging.... Type of car: if possible Audi in silver (our dream car - picture attached) -with car plate number SGW 1133P. haha hpefully to be obvious so will be a RED HOT 4D number to buy on our wedding day (is a Saturday) for all our ''4d'' friends & relatives.
Attached the link of Car picture of Audi A6 2009 for reference only:"

Wedding couple caricatures with Audi A6 2009
She has her own type of wedding suits.
Not those normal type.
At one glance, you should be able to tell her cheongsam textile pattern is not an easy job.
Yes, indeed,:)

Caricature theme - traditional Chinese wedding in 'kua'

Same client's brief:-
"1st Order: Couple - Traditional Wedding 'Kua'

1st link I like the layout/background+couple postures

2nd link I like the Kua textile & pattern "

Wedding couple caricatures in traditional Chinese Kua
Think I did a better wording "喜喜" this round.
The client loves it too!:)

Couple caricatures in colour

Couple caricatures in colour 130909
Smiling faces definitely looks better than non-smiling faces, in caricatures.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Caricature live sketching for The Law Society of Singapore

An hour event (6:30pm - 7:30pm) at Marina Mandarin Hotel for The Law Society of Singapore.
I had an infection on Thursday on my left eye.
It swollen up, and looked like a Garfield eye.
The best part was the the right eye is still as per normal, which made me looked very wierd.:D
No choice, but I have to put on sunglasses.
I have promised the event organiser to sketch for this event. Hence, by hook or by crook, I have to fulfill my words.
Caricature live sketching for The Law Society of Singapore - 1
With sunglasses on, everything dims down, which made it harder for me to draw.
Thank goodness than their features are not hard to capture.
Caricature live sketching for The Law Society of Singapore - 2
I explained to them my eye condition.
They are forgiving.:D
Caricature live sketching for The Law Society of Singapore - 3
Caricature live sketching for The Law Society of Singapore - 4
Caricature live sketching for The Law Society of Singapore - 5
Caricature live sketching for The Law Society of Singapore - 6
Caricature live sketching for The Law Society of Singapore - 7
This lady initially thought I wanna stay cool with my sunglasses on.:D
How I wished my eye was alright.......

Caricature live sketching for The Law Society of Singapore - 8
Job done.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Couple portraits in pencil

Couple portraits in pencil 110909
Both faces are in the shade.
Quite a tough job for me to shade out their features and facial muscles, as there are no distinct highlight and shadow, as compared to my other portrait job.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding on clifftop

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

I would like to order a caricature done for my wedding, we are going to use the caricature to make it into a jigsaw puzzle so that it can be our guest book.

Attached please find pictures of us, and similar designs of the wedding attire we would be wearing, for the groom, it's a traditional Philippine Barong, and for the bride it is a v-neck gown. We are holding our wedding in Bali at a chapel on a clifftop overlooking the sea. Also just to give you an idea, the color theme of the wedding is chocolate brown and pink."

Wedding couple caricatures on clifftop
Another couple/wedding caricatures.
Few more similar orders due in the next few days.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding @ beach

wedding couple caricatures at beach A4
The client requested for a wedding theme, and setting is a beach.
The groom is in this kissing posture in the photo provided.
Not that I am a magician, who can change their expressions.
But in fact, this is what the layman will think.
"I am sure that you can make him smile in the drawing, even though he's not smiling in the photo." This is what I usually get from some of the clients.

And I have to explain to them that, everyone's features and facial muscles are different.
Thus, their expressions will change and look different from one another, which makes face drawings so interesting. We can just put your smile on another person's fce.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Caricature theme - rich baby

Second order from the same client:-
"...The baby pic like richie rich,around gold,money etc,heheheeee,funny picture...."

Caricature of a rich baby
How does a rich baby looks like?
I really don't know.:D
Since she requested for gold money, let's have many gold coins around the baby.
Added in teh golden milk bottle and pacifier.
Initially, the client requested the same as the previous drawing, in black and white (ink & brush).
However, the golden colour cannot be (clearly) shown, without colours.
She took my suggestion.
I think she has made the right decision.:)

Caricature theme - Ultrasonography

A returned clinet from Indonesia.
The brief:-
"...obstretic. & gynecology doctor maybe you can draw USG or something connect
with his job...."

Caricature of obstretic & gynecology doctor
Very bad with these scientific terminology, until I Googled them online.
Saw the image of scanning, and a baby face appearing on the monitor.
Ahha..... so this is the one.
Reminded me of those days when I accompanied my wife to see her gynae.
That gynae did the same thing.
Just that that gynae doesn't put on a cap like this subject. Hahaha...
That's the only photo given by the client.
Since I can't see his hairline and hairstyle, let the cap stays then,:)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Caricature theme - Sailing

Client's brief:-
"Do you think it is possible to do it on the laser pico as the theme (I've attached 2 picture of laser pico) and 2 more photos of him (one in sunglasses). Unfortunately I do not have a better photo as he doesn't like to take pictures.

I could go with him drawing or him with the guitar (as these are all his hobbies, or even fishing)- if the sailing them is difficult.....

I could also have him with holding a can of "tiger" beer in the sail boat....

Best would be to have him on the Laser Pico Sail with can of Tiger (need not have the whole word in there, just symbolic is fine too).
Would want to include "Happy Birthday" together with some inconspiciously small inscription of the date & signatory somewhere to remember the year - "19 Sep 2009" & from "Deborah"."

Sailing caricature
I have chosen this photo where y his features are slightly distorted, as the base/reference for this cariature.
It will show him enjoying (and struggling?) with the sail, better, as compared to a normal smiling photo.
Added in the rough sea, to make the caricature more dramatic.

SMS from the client:-
"Hi Jit, thanks for the caricature. Like it. Cheers, deb"

Caricature theme - couple @ sunset beach

Client's brief:-
" i will like you draw caricature for my husband and me...

as our 1st yr anniversary is coming soon, therefore, will like to give him some surprise with your creative. :)

pls help out. do let me know if u need any more information.....

both of us love sea... so we will always try to go for some island for relaxation.

as for my hubby... he loves to play snooker and gather with friends.
as for me... hmm... my fav past time.. will be shopping!
i will like you draw caricature for my husband and me...

as our 1st yr anniversary is coming soon, therefore, will like to give him some surprise with your creative. :) .....

hmm... maybe some sun set... maybe he's wearing some flowery short?? and i'm in a flowery dress"

Couple caricatures at sunset beach
I felt very 'hot' while drawing this caricature.:D
Using all the yellow and orange colours available in my colour marker set.
Trying hard to blend in the colours, for the sunset sky especially.
The lines are still clearly visible, despite all the hardwork.
That's the downside of colour markers, I would say.
Thus, I seldom render the whole sky, due to this reason.
Took some time to draw the flowery patterns on teh shorts and dress.
Overall, I was quite satisfied with the result.

Client's response upon her collection:-
"Very nice!"

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Caricature theme - Ninja

Client's brief:-
"The theme can be it a ninja theme. He seems to think of himself as a silent assasin (Ninja). Maybe Ninja on top of coconut tree?
....can he be creeping?"

Ninja caricature
Quite a small photo (low resolution) given by the client.
Can't see the eyeball.
Under the sun.
Thank goodness it is not those faces more than 90% in the shade type of photo.
Still can see the features in 3-dimesions.
Overall, qute a nice face to draw.
I will be enjoying more in my drawing, if the photo is larger in size.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Caricature theme - Home Sweet Home

Client's brief:-
"Kindly note the requirements:

- It's for a house-warming gift so I'd like to have both sitting on a bed (ie bed post to show it's a bed?)

- A small sign on the wall saying: "Home Sweet Home"

- Iggy is waving a fat duck leg in the air with one hand while the other holds a bottle of wine (2 photos of Iggy attached - please make a bit of his hair fall a little over his forehead so it looks less stiff.)

- Janice is holding a bottle of San Pellegrino (2 photos of Janice attached, hope they are clear enough. These are very old so please follow her current hair style which is shoulder length and parted to the side per click People on the side bar. Please give her nice hair and make her look pretty or she'll kill me. Please also include the red star on the San Pellegrino bottle - 1 photo attached.)

- I would also like to include their 3 cats - I don't have photos of them and only roughly know their colours and breed. Photos attached are taken from the internet just for samples.

1. Porcini - brown Abyssinian - would ideally like him to be either eyeing or reaching up for the duck leg which Iggy is waving in the air - 5 sample photos attached.
2. Brownie - striped brown Tabby - doing some odd or funny pose on the bed - 5 sample photos attached.
3. Truffles - a black & white - either doing some odd or funny pose or curled up in a ball sleeping or peering out of the bed cover etc - 5 sample photos attached.

I am so sorry to be so detailed about everything but I hear you're the best so would certainly be able to capture all the nuances."

Couple caricatures home sweet home
A simple theme, not those wild and exciting one.
This could be the challenge for this job too.
I try to put in simple and clean colour.
Without much bright colours, it will have to rely on the lineworks and strokes to do the job - looks good and not dull.
Another request which the client is very particular is to make her friend (the lady in the caricature) looks pretty in the drawing, or else she will kill her:D
Stressed me too.:D
I have to pay special attention to that when drawing her face.

Client's response upon seeing this artwork:-
"Wow, very nice, lovely!"

Subsequent email from her:-
"Hi Jit,
It was nice meeting you and thanks again for the fabulous caricature of our friends! "
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