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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Caricature of Mediacorp Artiste - Patricia Mok

This caricature is an order from Patricia Mok Fan Club, use for T-shirt printing and flyers.
She's well-known for her 'Shopping Queen' image.
Hence, her fans use this as the theme of this caricature.

Cool caricature maker for you

I just happened to bump into a website which you can make your own caricature.
Try this out.
It's really cool!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Caricature live sketching for The Institute of Internal Auditors Singapore Gala Dinner

This event is held in Grand Copthorne Hotel this evening. Peter from Sonic Productions, the event company told me that it starts from 6:30pm - 7:30pm, few weeks ago. I reached at 6:15pm, and he told me that he lost my namecard, and can't call me. The event started at 6pm. Hence, as soon as he showed me the place to sketch, I started sketching. The queue list is really long for this event - 28 people queuing. I managed to sketch 11 of them in an hour, with the last one being a special request from the client.
Some photos taken at the event here.

The lady managed to be the first to have her caricatures drawn.

Special request from the client to have the caricature drawn the special guest.

I would think this is the best caricature I have sketched for this evening.

Caricature theme - travel

Just done!
This caricature is a gift to the lady in the artwork, who loves travel, with camera and map in her hands, Colosseum in the background.

Caricatures of my cousin and uncle

These caricatures are done in marker and digitally hand painted in Photoshop, using tablet.
My uncle, on the right of the caricatures (of course) asked me to do it for him.
Her daughter gave him a caricature done of both of them by an artist in Orchard Road, Singapore.
He felt that it's not good. Hence, he approaches me.
I have this printout out and laminated for him as the final artwork.

Caricatures in pencil - IBM

I just happened to see this artwork done for IBM last December, deep hidden in one of the folder in my PC.
It is not on my website yet.
This is a farewell gift for the caucasian boss, with a 'zai jian' (goodbye) in the centre.
These 34 caricatures are done in pencil.

Caricature theme - Boss of the Year

This client is from Purple Sage Creative Catering in Singapore.
This caricature is meant to be a surprise gift for their boss.
This is a really urgent job, as they need it in a few hours' time.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

DI for Citibank

This job is done on 12th Sep.
Just get the confirmation from the client that this DI is fine.
It's been sent for printing.

This is the original image they bought for use as the page divider.

They need to change the signs to USD, EUR, GBP, AUD and NZD, in sequence.
As the wordings need to be embossed on the sign panels, I use 3dsmax to do this, trying to get as close to the image above as possible.

Just doodling

Doodled this small sketch some time back. I quite like it. and don't know where to post on my website.
Think this is a better place to post it.

Balthasar mobile stand

This is the illustration printout as mobile stand which I have mentioned earlier, for THOS SB , Raffles the Plaza.
It was done this May.
However, the client later decides to make some changes to the burger size and amended the illustration.
This is the photo I managed to take on site - Raffles City, Singapore, in front of a retail shop.
Now, they have four of them printed out, waiting for the other 2 illustrations to be printed out, and displayed all of them in different location of Raffles City, to direct the crowd to THOS SB on level 3 of the shopping mall.

Caricature theme -An Evening in Paris

This is a movie produced by Bollywood long ago.
The client likes it so much that he decides to use it
as the theme for his and his wife caricatures.

Sleek acrylic frame

This is the printout of the scanned-in caricatures of IPM-Asia framed in an acrylic frame.
Feel really sleek when I got it just now.
I think the photos taken don't do justice to this frame, though I shoot it against different background.
It looks a lot better when you really see the actual frame.

Taken against the black wall in my gallery.

View from the left.

Taken against a white mounting board.

Caricature on on ink stamp

This is an orderplaced by the client of IPM-Asia. She wants to have her caricature to be made into an ink stamp, with an additional red ink refill (on the right of the photo).
This image is ripped from the group caricatures of IPM-Asia I have drawn few days ago.
Isn't this cute?
To my surprise, I placed the order at noon time yesterday, and the supplier managed to deliver it by evening time, on the same day. Really efficient!!! Thanks, Jeff and Lisa.

Tammy and Tabitha finally rendered

This is the final piece of the 6 life-size illustrations for THOS SB of Raffles the Plaza. I finally managed to get them done last night. Hopefully the client is fine with it, and we can send the Busy Ben and this illustrations for printout as mobile stands, for the client to put in different corners of Raffles City, Singapore. And I am ready to collect my $$$. Hahaha........ This is the longest project I have done so far. 9 months!!! Unbelievable..............

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Caricatures of IPM-Asia scanned in.

This image didn't managed to squeezed into previous post.
Hence, I have to repost it here.

Couple Caricatures in Toyota RAV 4

Just finished this last night.
This is a convertible RAV 4.
Hahaha.... Didn't see before?
This is the client's request, in order to see both of their faces.
Noticed that I play on the style of drawing of the car too?
This is what I used to do about 8 years back.
However, they are a few clients 'complains' why I draw the wheels like that.
Hence, I stopped doing this.
I use this style again in this caricatures.
Hopefully, after these years, people can accept this kind of car carictures.
It looks more fun, isn't it?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Caricatures of IPM-Asia

Finally finished this, after 6 working days, from sketch to final. I think this is the longest recently, as I am drawing this on and off, due to different tasks on hand to handle concurrently recently.

Pencil sketches.

Inking process......

Inking done.


Still colouring......

This is a farewell gift to the boss who is leaving the company, going back to Japan.

The staff has no idea on the concept initially.

They just want to have all of them to be drawn in a group caricatures for him.
After taken down their hobbies individually, I show them a rough draft on the spot at my gallery, showing their positions and postures in the caricatures.

The Suntec City, Singapore (the Fountain of Wealth and the towers in the background) is where their office is located. The company logo - IPM-Asia, initially is to be put at the bottom left of the drawing. However, they change to have it on the sail after seeing the sketch.

Usually for a farewell gift to someone who's leaving Singapore, the client will request to have the Singapore landmarks like Merlion. As Singapore is an island, to bring all of them together under a common setting, it is hard for me to get out of the island and sea setting. I must try to get out of this, else too much of this composition is killing me, and bored the clients to death, sooner or later. Hahaha.....

Caricatures with theme in pencil

A potential client just gave me a ring, requesting to have a group caricatures done in pencil with theme.
(In fact these few samples were done few months ago, but no time to put on my website.)
Hence, I put up these caricatures for that client to take a look.
All these artworks are taken with digital camera and touch-up in Photoshop.
In fact, the actual artwork is more greyish, given that it is done with a 8B pencil.

This is done for Cambridge Associates - a law firm.
It is meant as a farewell gift.
Only the main character is done with theme, the rest without theme, due to limited budget.

This is done partially live at a private dinner in UBS at XiYan, Duxton Plain, Singapore, on 9th May 2006.
Live sketching is the client initial intention.
However, later when the guest wants to chat and have their dinner, they decided to sketch from photos.
Luckil,y I have a digital camera and laptop standby in my car.
The initial concept was given by the client. I gave the client my suggestion in the layout of the caricatures.

This is done at another UBS dinner in CHIJMES Singapore on 26th May 2006, after the success and popularity of the previous concept - caricatures done at a dinner.
The client wants a Billboard (with TITAN on it) concept, as they manage to get a Billboard contract in China.
This is the draft I have shown them.
This time all drawn from photos, at the dinner.
Photos of the guests were taken at the dinner.

This is the final artwork done.
The tall guy, Rambo, James Bond, and the VIP lady from Singapore Press Holdings with a knife etc are the client's ideas, and I composed them into these caricatures.

Withdrawal of 'latest updates' category???

I am thinking of whether to take out this category of 'latest updates' on my website, as I already have a blog which I update it everyday. It seems like a repetition to me. In fact, this is added in before I started this blog.
Crossing my fingers......

New category on

I have finally managed to get the new category up on my webiste - other talents.
I have spent 2 days in doing this and working live(unbelievable), with minimal knowledge of php, in fact, none. Hahaha......
This category introduces the other talents like 3d designers/perspectivists, landscape and animal painters, and caricaturists etc, who are working closely with Portrait Workshop. This gives the client a wider choice of style and illustrations (as well as talents) to choose from, besides my style. These talents also help me to cope with the jobs which are piling up, and sometimes beyond what I can cope with.
This page is to be further developed, as I have a few talents like Roy from United Kingdom to be included.
Sorry, Roy. Please give me some time. You will see your works up soon.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Caricature live sketching for Land Transport Authority, Singapore 11th Dinner & Dance 2006

This event is held this evening at Swissotel Singapore, Raffles Ballroom. It is supposed to start from 6pm - 7pm. However, the client told me to stop at 6:45pm, as the Guest-of-Honour is coming. Those people who are still in the queue were 'forced' to go in reluctantly.
Some photos here:-

Friday, September 22, 2006

Caricature sketching for National Library, Singapore Annual Dinner & Dance 2006

Just sketched for National Library, Singapore Annual Dinner & Dance 2006 this evening. Their theme is A City of Masks. It is held in Orchard Hotel, Grand ballroom. Remember the caricatures I have done for their invitation cards to be sent through email? The same event company, Vision Event Management asked me to sketch for their D&D too. They require 2 caricaturists for this event. hence, I get Reggie to come along.
Some photos taken at the event.

Caricature of a Motor Mechanic

Just done last night.
This caricature is to be used for printing on a T-shirt for this guy in the caricature.
He's a mechanic for motorbike.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Caricature for OCBC Singapore

Another farewell gift done last night, for this boss from OCBC retiring. He loves golf.

Caricature for ABN-AMRO

This is a farewell gift for their boss from the staff from ABN-AMRO.
As usual, the usual Singapore landmarks like Merlion, Esplanade and Changi Airport, except for the ABN-AMRO building in Raffles Place.

Busy Ben rendered

This is the coloured version of Busy Ben for THOS SB, Raffles the Plaza. All hand-drawn on computer, using Photoshop.
The original size is about 1gb in size. Scary?
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