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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Caricatures for Ritz Carlton, Singapore

An urgent order too, came in last Friday, collecting this Friday, from the same client of previous job for Ritz Carlton last August. This time was used as a farewell gift to the two guys (at the dining table). The client wanted a duplicate (scanned in as digital softcopy and print out as A2 size) and framed up to present to them.
His initial idea was to have all of them standing like the previous job.
I counter-proposed to have a Ritz Carlton as the main 'character', while the rest were popping out from the hexagon windows of Ritz Carlton Hotel, Singapore. This was the concept proposed to another client from Ritz Carlton (before last August), but they dropped the idea due to limited budget. Finally, this concept was realised this time round.
Each caricature was illustrated according to their position in the hotel.
The engineer holding a spanner.
The finance director holding a calculator.
Food and Beverage guy holding a bottle of wine.
Secretaries jotting on their PDAs.
Room manager on walkie-talkie........

Pencil draft of the caricatures.

Inked artwork.

Coloured caricature.

Meet the twins. Can you tell which is the duplicate?

comic strips in frames for Citibank

Just collected this frame from my supplier. These illustrations were the comic strips (part 1 and part 2)I did for the farewell gifts for Nelson from Citibank. Heard from the client that they had the comic strips printed on the calender too, and they turned out quite nice. They promised to send me a photo of the calender later. I will post up as soon as they send it to me.
These were quite huge, about 33 inches by 44 inches. My frame-maker had a hardtime in measuring and cutting the windows for the comic strips and the captions. I knew the pain, as I did it before. Must give them a big thank you.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Caricature for OCBC Singapore

caricature_OCBC_golfer, originally uploaded by emailjit.

A real urgent order which came in this afternoon. The client from Group Investment Banking of OCBC wanted to present this as birthday gift to her boss this Thursday, with it framed. Thus, I need to rush it out for my framing guy to get it done on time.
As the client provided a good and big smiling photo, I exaggerated his mouth and the angle captured, something different from my usual golf theme of a flat boring golf course. This time round, I made the golf course looked more like a globe, accentuated the swinging post with the dust created by the golf club. I gave the caricature a more cartoon feel by adding in a white outline around him, to make him stand out against the background.

Comments received form the client at 14:58hr 1st Feb 2007:-

"Tks,Jit! My Boss, George likes his portrait v v MUCH! All GIB staff like the portrait TOO! Well Done, Jit! "


Monday, January 29, 2007

Portrait in pencil

An urgent order placed yesterday, made payments through Paypal, and need it by tomorrow.
The original photo was of low resolution. Hopefully I got her resemblance in this portrait.

caricature theme - western food chef

caricature_chef_290107, originally uploaded by emailjit.

This was a birthday gift for this guy, who's working in Conrad Singapore as a chef. He specialised in western food.. thus, I have him holding a plate of steak with a thumb up, different from other caricature theme of chef I have done in the past, like preparing or cooking.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Caricatures for Nox Marketing

The client will be using these caricatures of Mr Teo Ser Luck 张思乐 (minister of Hougang or SengKang?),for printing on mugs, T-shirts etc to raise fund for charity. I proposed to do it in colour, so as to bring out the features and facial muscles especially of these caricatures. They can still change it to gray scale to cut cost on the production/printing side. However, the client mentioned that there may be problems when they had them printed on T-shirt printing using silkscreen technology. Not sure. I always thought that there should not be any problem in this aspect, or else how did those graphics with shades and toning be printed on T-shirts in the market?

Featuring him in a rubber duckie tube - featuring as a swimmer. The client's intention was to make him looked cute and not too realistic and professional, so as to entice the customers to buy these products.

Featuring him blogging in front of his computer.

Featuring as a hip-hop dancer.
Did you notice the mini-combo on his shoulder?
Thought I saw these in the flash dancers in the 1980s?
The client's request....... so I drew it in.

Fearturing him on a tricycle, though he is an triathlete - the client's request too.


还有更好的肉骨茶,有机会一定要到那儿尝一尝。值得期待...听员工说,这里下星期一就收工过年了,年初四开工,因为老板有钱要出国去游玩。没抄下他的地址,只知道在Rangoon Road,一直走道尽头就到了,营业时间应该是6am-2pm,星期一休息。港督曾荫权也无缘一尝的肉骨茶,名气够响够亮了吧,绝对值得一尝。

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Caricature in colour on cushion and ink stamp

These orders were from the same clients.
See the 3 guys in the images below? Their birthdays all fall in February. Hence , their girlfriends wanted to have 3 pairs of caricatures drawn, and have them edited in Photoshop, and printed out as posters. The posters (digital printout) will have 6 of them inside, whle the original artworks were in pairs, for their own keepsake. However, due to budget problem, one of them decided just to have a photo printed on cushion,

while this above couple had their caricatures drawn and printed on cushion.

The above couple wanted their caricatures printed on a rubber stamp, with a brown colour ink refill. Here was the product.

caricature for Asia Pacific Brewery - Heineken theme

caricature_APB_Heineken_party, originally uploaded by emailjit.

A farewell gift from the same client of previous job.
This guy was in charge of the Heineken brand in APB.
To be consistant with the previous two caricatures, I used teh exaggerated angle - a zoom-in big hand towards the camera, and a bird's eye view. This time round, he was holding a Heineken beer, having a party in the HeneiKen Bar. Did you noticed the 光头神探麦嘉 drawn based on imagination? Just put him into one of the characters for fun. Hahaha........

Friday, January 26, 2007

Caricature live sketching for GB Yachts Annual Dinner & Dance 2007

This an hour event was held at Siloso Ballroom at Rasa Sentosa Hotel, Singapore.
Initial venue was near the beach. However, when it came near around 5pm (pre-event entertainment starts at 6:30pm), it started to drizzle. The event organiser, Alfred from Events Architects, rang me up and told me there's a change in the venue, as the client didn't want to take the risk of being soaked by the rain for their Annual Dinner and Dance.
These were the photos capturedduring this event.

First to get her caricature done. Quite close resemblance. A good start siah!

Ehmm.......An active girl. Took a longer time to capture her features on paper.

A nice caricature!

Most satisfied caricature done in this event.

caricature theme - wedding in Bali

caricatures_wedding_in_Bali, originally uploaded by emailjit.

This couple wedding caricatures was to be used as the graphic on their wedding invitation card. As the bride was busty, and she specially requested it to be featured in the caricature.. She also wanted long eyelashes, sexy and curvy figure. The groom loves wine. and wanted an empty champaine bottle and wine glass. The background was a resort in Bali which the couple will be holding their wedding. The edge was in irregular shape, so that it wouldn't look as a box when printed on the card, and also easier for the graphic designer to layout.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Caricatures for International Enterprise (IE) Singapore

A farewell gift to this lady who will be leaving IE Singapore. The theme was the Queen. Why? Because her colleagues think that she looks grand and royal.

These 2 caricatures for IE Singapore, were done last April, as farewell gifts too, to this guy.
One showing him at work, with a telescope overseeing the markets in Dubai (Burj al Arab), China (Great Wall of China) and India (Taj Mahal).

This one showing him at play. He loves jogging.

Since there's a theme of queen in this post, I might as well post up a theme of the king done last year. It was an personal order from another client, who specially requested to have the teddy bear on his lap. According to this client, the teddy bear was supposedly his daughter, whom he loved dearly.

Caricature theme - Mahjong

Dandandan!!!!!!!Haha...I think it had been about 10 years since I last drew this kind of comic style of background. The last time I did it was the caricature for American Club.
This lady loves mahjong and born in the year of Rabbit. Hence, the niece, who was the client (returned customer of Audi) too, wanted her to have a pair of rabbit years in the caricature.
I proposed to change it to playing mahjong with the rabbits instead. (Of course she needed to agree to it before I draw it.) To make it more comical, I drew in a fainted rabbit and a shocking rabbit on seeing her 'Da Si Xi' - 大四喜. Upon completion, I think the effect was not dramatic enough, I added in this winning effect in the background. Turned out quite impressive, I think.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Caricature for Economic Development Board (EDB), SIngapore

The client's initial idea was to have around 24 caricatures in this drawing as farewell gift. However, due to limited budget, they decided just to have this guy drawn only. See the steps in the background? They wanted to cut and paste in the faces from photos. Hmmmm... I doubt it will look good, especially if they are using passport photos which will be cropped at shoulder level. Maybe they have their own idea of doing this.
Special requirement from the client on the font for the message ' We will miss our top striker' on the banner in the background.

He also wanted a similar posture as the caricature of Thierry Henry I have done, but different jersey.

Caricatures for Asia Pacific Brewery

Another job for APB, but this time round, it was not recommended by the client from previous few jobs. I sketched for her company event few years back at their company in Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, Tuas area. The above 2 caricatures are meant as farewell gift. One loves soccer. Thus, she wanted to have him in Tiger FC jersey. The second guy handles a few brands like Baron's, Guinness, Tiger, Heineken and ABC. Hence, I proposed to have him juggling the 5 beer cans. (Time needed to draw these 5 cans were equivalent to drawing 2 of his faces. No joke!) These 2 caricatures didn't turned out to be funny or very interesting. Why? Because the client can't provide their smiling photos. I can't change and draw them smiling, as everyone's facial muscles are different.
Thus, I played with the perspective, such that the leg was bigger nearest to the to your eyes (should have make them more exaggerated, and a bird's eye view for the juggler.

Caricature theme - Indian Muslim wedding

Ehmm....not sure whether they were Indian Muslim. The groom looked like Muslim to me, and also because of the cap on his head. The bride looked like an Indian to me. And they wanted Taj Mahal at the bottom of the drawing, while both of them on a flying carpet, with their names and wedding date on it. That was how I derived. Hopefully, I didn't get it wrong. Haha........

The caricatures looked even better with this frame. Isn't it?

So many perspectives comic strips and illustration posts last week. Finally a caricature post this week, in case you are bored with the former...... Backed on track this week. Quite a number of urgent caricature orders to be cleared this week. ..

Sunday, January 21, 2007

3D illustrations for Knowledge Director - School of the Future

At this stage, the client - Knowledge Director, was going into more details in the chair design for the School of the Future.
I came out a simple design for them, such that it was easy available in the market. Just modify a few parts, and it will be done.
It was just a normal swivel armchair, with a top for the Tablet PC. A spotlight over the shoulder, and a hanger for the laptop bag at the back of the chair.

Various angles of the swivel armchair, modelled in 3dsmax.

These two images rendered in 3dsmaxm were to illustrate a classroom surrounded by screens to create the virtual space. The top illustrated lessons on galaxy/universe space, while the bottom on photosynthesis.
These people were receiving informations from the screens, as well as the Tablet PCs in front of them.

illustrations for Knowledge Director - School of the Future - learning and gaming

Further development, illustrating how the student learned through web conference with the professional from the other place of the world. in this case for instance, both parties can see view the universe from the broadcasting, and communicate at the same time.

Learning through games like flight simulating.
Playing games like treasure hunting in virtual reality, using high technology like touch screen.
On the left, game station which can detect movement of the hands and bodies.

The following 2 illustrations below were Muslim versions, for proposal to schools in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (The above 2 illustrations were for Taiwan schools.) I added in the songkoks for the guys and Tudong for the girls.

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