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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mr Q's Q-Digital caricatures and some new products....

I have been looking for artists to work with Portrait Workshop all these years.
Recently, just get in touch with an artist (Mr Q) who does his caricatures digitally, using Adobe Illustrators. His style is totally different from mine. I think the caricatures look clean, unique and cute. Very comic style. That's why he called it Q-Digital caricature. (Q- 版漫畫肖像 in Chinese.)

These caricatures come with the following templates which he has pre-drawn.
(As to create all these templates take up a lot of time, he doesn't do customised designs currently.)
Your caricatures will be drawn, based on the photo you provide.
He's quoting SGD$55 for each face drawn.
You will get a high resolution hardcopy printout at A4 size (21cm x 29.7cm).
On top of that you will get an A6 size (10.5cm x 14.85cm, 150dpi) softcopy in jpeg format for your keepsake.
When you have the caricatures drawn, you can opt to have it on other templates at half the current price.
Q-Digital Caricatures - Wedding
Wedding caricatures template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Taiwan
Taiwan setting.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Super Couple
Superman and Supergirl caricatures template.
Names can be added in at no extra charge.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Strawberry
Strawberry garden template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Spiderman-1
Spiderman caricature templates - with or without mask on the head.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Park
Dating at the park template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Paradise
Cupids in paradise template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Office
Office template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Moonlight
Dating under the moonlight.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Korea
Korean theme template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Japan
Japanese theme template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Hip-Hop
Hip-hop theme template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Harry Porter
Harry Porter theme template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Freestyle
Freestyle template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Doctor & Nurse
Doctor and nurse template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Chinese Tea-Time
Chinese tea-time template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Beach
Hawaiianbeach template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Band
Superband template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Airlines
Air steward and stewardess template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Baseball
Baseball theme template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Christmas 1
Christmas theme with bare chest template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Christmas
Another Christmas theme couple caricatures template, but with different clothing.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Chinese Wedding
Traditional Chinese wedding couple caricatures template.

Once the caricatures are done, you can opt to print on the following products.
caricatures on square cushion
Caricatures on square cushion.

caricatures on long cushion
Caricatures on long cushion.

caricatures on ceramic tile with frame 8
Caricatures printed on ceramic tiles, and framed up.
caricatures on ceramic tile with frame 9
caricatures on ceramic tile with frame 7
caricatures on ceramic tile with frame 2
Printing on ceramic tiles are very unique and new products.
I bet it will have a good demand, especially for those newly-wed couple who will be renovating their new house. Can include in their wall tilings in the kitchen and bathroom.
Maybe I can propose to Mr Q to do up templates of couple cooking as well as bathing in bathtubs.
caricatures on ceramic tile with frame 4
caricatures on ceramic tile with frame back
Back of the tiles and frames.

caricatures on mug
Caricatures printed on the mugs.

2D caricature bobblehead motion
Caricatures printed on 2D bobblehead.

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