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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Illustrations for Singapore Chinese Orchestra

This is the second job for Singapore Chinese Orchestra.
The first job is live caricature sketching for their event in Botanical Gardens this August.
These illustrations are used for their concert this Saturday, 4th November 2006.
They will be used as slides in one of the music played by them.
Appearing in sequence, the music will be featuring differnt kind of food found in Singapore, in which you can 'feel' the aroma of each dish. Wondering how's the music like...............

Caricatures for WhizzWork

These caricatures are orders from WhizzWork.
They need the drawn caricatures to be printed into A4 puzzles and cushion respectively.
The company name is comprised of names of their colleagues.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Caricature theme - fishing

These are some of the fishing-themed caricatures I have done some time back. These guys have really caught such big fishes and featured in newspaper. Hence, these are used as the theme for their caricatures and presented to them.

This is done in August this year. It was an order for my customer who used to have some caricatures drawn by me when I was busking in Orchard Road, Singapore, few years back.

This is a birthday gift to the boss of Sabre Technology Pte Ltd in SIngapore.
This is done in April this year.

Caricature theme - Hello Kitty

This caricature was put up last week.
However, it is taken down, reason being my client - Events Architects doesn't want this to be seen by this lady (their staff) to see this. (To my surprise, from what they have told me, they visit my blog often!)It is meant to be a surprise gift for her birthday last Saturday.
I heard from them that she's very touched upon receiving this, especially her favourite is Hello Kitty, and favourite colour is pink.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Caricature sketching for Hilti Far East Pte Ltd Dinner & Dance 2006

This event was held just now in Club Islander, Palawan Beach, Sentosa, Singapore.
My family went with me. Hehhehheh.... but they were playing at the fountain pool area, just next to Club Islander.
Some photos of the caricatures drawn here.
These files were lost initially. Thanks to my RescuePro software that I managed to recover them from my old Memory Stick.

The sky is getting dark.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Caricatures for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Singapore

This client from GSK ordered these caricatures for her bosses.

This lady boss loves reading. I have her reading at a beach resort, since that's her another favourites.

This boss should be a fortunate one.
The client have this single caricature featuring his favourite - singing. The background is the usual Singapore landmarks.
Then, this boss has another 2 sets of group caricatures, from 2 departments.

This one illustrating his another hobby - cycling, and the countries (which GSK has branches in) he's in-charge of.
Instead of writng the countries' name, or the flag, I put in the landmarks.
I don't know whether he knows the Chinese characters, but the client requested them to be included.
This caricature is fun to draw, as he has a shocking expression.
Thus, I have him losing control of the paddles/bicycle dashing down the Singapore island to the sea.
As they have tight budget, they opt for the caricature in marker for the staff.
Instead of having the 8 caricatures floating in the air, I put them in a thinking bubble to tie up everything.

This caricature farewell gift is from the staff in Malaysia.
I have him dressed in Sarong, Songkok, and the Malay Baju.
As for the setting, we have the Petronas Twin Towers, which is the current popular landmark for Malaysia.
I added in the Malaysia flag to spice up the caricatures further. One landmark is rather plain and lonely. :)

Caricature for People's Association, Singapore

A farewell gift to this People's Association Deputy Executive Director, who is retiring, with the People's Association building in the background. He is standing on the new People's logo, evolved from the old logo in the middle ground.

Caricature for Connexus

This is a gift for Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Minister for Education in Singapore.
Connexus wants to thank him with this gift.
The cartoon figures at the back are those young professionals like doctor, engineer, lawyer, designers etc.

caricature gift for chairman of Ceylinco Consolidated International Pte Ltd

An urgent order from the client of Ceylinco Consolidated International Pte Ltd for their chairman's 68th birthday gift.
They called me at 11am today, place their order at my gallery at 1pm. I just finished this, sending it for framing after work, collecting tomorrow morning before I come to work. They will collect at 12pm tomorrow.
This chairman likes to hand his glasses around his neck and hanki in the pocket on his suit.
The client wanted a simple caricature theme, nothing else.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

PageRank 3 for my website!!!

Hey, I am overjoyed today, despite that my ex-handphone contacts are lost this morning, after a 12 hour software upgrade. (It is a master reset!!! I am trying to restore back from my old backup file from my old handphone - Sony Ericsson P910i. However, it just can't get detected by the laptop. Sick......)

Now the good news after several months (since April this year)of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to my website. My PageRank in Google jumps from 0/10 to 3/10. Hahaha........................ Recently, I didn't to anything to it. My client list page is still under construction (dead links here and there). That's why I didn't submit my sitemap to Google. Submitting a sitemap with too many deadlinks are not doing any good to my website.

My website is up since May 2000. By right, it should at least have some PageRank. However, due to my ignorance, I didn't know much about SEO and the second design of my website with frames (in terms of html) is doing my webpage harms (which I don't know till this April, after I have read up more on SEO and subscribe to their newsletter.) I got a self-claimed SEO expert from US (think his name is Matthew Foster? Can't remember clearly) to do SEO for my website in April.In fact, he approaches me through emails, claiming that he can do SEO for my website. He charged me US$1000 for 10 pages. It is expensive, indeed. However, if it will boost my PageRank, I will get more visibility online, more traffic and of course subsequently more business. After few weeks, he came back to me a so called designer's page. I nearly fainted. He just used m my old webpage content, applied a style easily grabbed from Photoshop and applied to my headline (this style can be done in seconds). The worst thing is that it looks awful and he can't accept any comments. Of course, I didn't tell him directly. I said perhaps he can change this and that in a polite manner. He fumes up and throw s me a lot of............... I don't know how to put them in words. Hence, I stopped employing his service. I just can't stand his attitude.

After that, I came across a copyriiter called Matthew (same name!!!) ..... (Can't remember his full name) online, and enquire to engage his service to do some copywriting for my webpage. He saw my website and loves my works. He proposed to exchange my service with his. Of course I am glad to do so. However, I didn't get any reply form him in subsequent emails sent to him. This, I gave up on him!

Then I came acoross this lady from Canada(ehm... can't remember her name too..... Hahaha! I have really bad memory) online. She offers to analyse my website for free. She pointed out some points which I think they are useful. Hence, I get her to do some copywriting for my website. Given the previous experience, I have to be more careful. I get her to write contents for my landing page. That page alone costs me US$200. IF I decided to continue engaging her service, I pay another US$300 for the remaining 20 pages.

However, I was doing the web design and SEO myself at that time. As I am really tight up with my works, the design was done on and off. Thus, I told her that it is better that I finish my design before getting her to continue with the copywriting. Now, I forgot her name. Alamak! Hopefully, she will drop me an email when she sees this blog. (After searching through my emails, I finally found her email. Ok. Her name is Heather Remier. pardon my bad memory, Heather)

Currently, the webpage is in php format, as proposed by my web designer which I came across when he propose some of his works to me few months ago. his name is Terence Ho. I have paid him $1220 to do up 122 pages. Most of them are cutting and pasting. The client page isnot done by him, as I can't afford the money anymore. My client page has abour 124 pages at that time, and the list is expanding. I decided to do it on my own. But the sad thing is, till now, after 2 months, it is still not fully done. Samre reason - too busy.

I heard that it is easy to get PageRank (PR) of 2-3. However, to get to PR 4-5 and above, it is very tough. However, I am really glad to see some PR now, at least not PR 0. Perhaps, I should put in more text as what I have done for my blog. I think the text should help - and I meant quality content, of course! This will be a big project for me, given that I have more than 200 pages content to write.

As you can see, I try to update my blog daily. This takes up some of my time. However, my next target is to get some PR for this blog too. Greedy indeed! Hahaha..... I think it will take a few months more, given that the images here are a lot more, as compared to other blogs. However, I think the text are not less than my website one. It is a lot more, though quite informal, as compared to my website one.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My new handphone - Sony Ericsson P990i

Just bought my dream handphone today from Sim Lim Square. It has everything but I am eyeing on the wi-fi. Now, I don't have to on my PC or laptop to check my emails or blog. I guessed you got it. This is my first post using my new handphone. It just feels great!

Monday, October 23, 2006

a couple of caricatures in colour marker

The above 2 caricatures are just done today.
The client requested to exaggerate more on the caricatures.
Hnece, I am going to go a bit wild, but not to the extent that they will think they will look ugly and resemblances are lost.

Below are some of the caricatures in colour marker which I am quite satisfied.

cartoon sketches for DDB and Health Promotion Board, Singapore

These are the characters DDB asked me to sketch for Health Promotion Board (HPB), Singapore.
It is more like a pitching job.
They are choosing the style of the artist for the HPB project.

The above sketches are for the first round.
I manage to get through this round but not the second round. I think the style and characters are not local enough.
They want characters on Father, Mother, Son, Daughter and perhaps Grandma.
The aim is to promote 'Healthy Living.'
I use my daughter as the starting point, put on spectacles for the whole family (usually seen in Singaporeans).
The Mummy follows teh hair style of the daughter.

The below sketches are for the second round.

More -refined strokes.

with colours.

Sketches on different races.
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