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Friday, August 31, 2007

Caricature theme - police woman

Meant as a gift to congratulate her on switching from an engineer to a police.
Drawn her taking down the construction hat, with a pair of "Phua Chu Kang" boots, put on the Singapore Police Force hat, in police uniform.
My crazy weekend starts from this caricature. First one done, and 4+20+47 more caricatures to be done in 3 days. Don't know whether I can finish them on time. Crisis!!!! Damn stressed............

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Caricature theme - wedding on fire engine

This Malay couple intends to display this caricature at their wedding dinner.
A rather unique one, as this time is on a fire engine, as the groom is a fireman from Civil Defence.

Caricature of Rain

This caricature is meant to be used as the graphic to be printed on T-shirts.
Their initial idea is to have a flat colour, simple lineart.
Realised that what they are looking at is a mascot of Rain, after some discussion and understanding. However, the price they can afford is caricature in marker with theme, not mascot design.
Mascot design involves a lot of sketches, development, refinement, and finally reduce to a few simple strokes.
My clients always think that a few strokes is a lot easier to draw, and hence cheaper.
Yes, it is easier to draw - less lines, but not easy to derive.



Upgraded my M1 Broadband plan!

After 12 days of using M1 of 384kbps, I upgraded it to 1800kbps yesterday. In fact, I can make do with 384kbps, but there's so lag in the realtime updates of the software I used. So, no choice but to upgrade it. It will take about 1 day to do the upgrade. M1 told me I can see the speed increase after 12 midnight.
Yes, the download speed is about 4 times faster, but the realtime update is still lag.
Damn! Spent more money and still the same problem!
Guess the problem lies with the software on my laptop.
Now, I can't downgrade, unless I am willing to pay them some fee to downgrade.
Sigh..... still to it lor....just my luck!!! Didn't check thoroughly...... too bullish again.....!@#$%

Portraits in Pen and Pencil

Same girl in both portraits. But looks rather different to me, even in the photos provided.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Caricature for Standard Chartered Bank

Really last minute order.
The client walked in my shop this afternoon, requesting it to be done on the spot.
I am rushing on other jobs, rejected her request.
Later compromised and squeeze in her order and let her collect this caricature tomorrow, with surcharge for super express service.

Caricature for Energizer

A gift for the boss 15th anniversary in the company.
The client wanted to feature him as an intellectual, working at his desk.
The mortar board on his head was her idea too.
After I have inked in the caricature, I received an email from her:-
"Further to the caricature sketch – as mentioned we’ll like it to be sort of like it’s a ‘graduation’ for him… suggest he be drawn in a convocation robe, with scroll (word ENERGIZER on the scroll), sitting at his desk. You can include 15th Anniversary somewhere hopefully….."
Too late to add in the convocation robe, but added in the 'Energizer' on the sleeve.

Caricature theme - Manchester United soccer

Birthday gift. Manchester United soccer jersey. No. 7 - who's jersey number?!!
Sorry, but me not a soccer fan at all.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Caricature for Nestle, Singapore

Farewell gift. He is working as a food technician in Nestle, now leaving the company (the Jurong industrial area in the background on the right, with the factories and chimneys) into the finance centre in Raffles Place (high-rise buildings like Maybank Tower , Fullerton Hotel, and OCBC building on the left, with a huge $ sign signifying the finance sector). The client is wishing him a prosperous future with this caricature.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Caricatures for Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore

Second job from this Standard Chartered Bank group, after the above job about 2 years ago..
They are thinking a similar concept of Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) building at 6, Battery Road for their boss below.
I proposed to have something different from the above, since he has seen and he is inside that drawing. The client agreed with a huge SCB logo, with the boss leaning against it. My initial proposal is to have him smartly sitting on it, but the client afraid that it is impolite in doing so.

Pencil sketch. Messy?

Getting clearer in ink.

Best in colour, with facial muscles being shaded in. The different colours of the clothing break the monotonous of the drawing too.
Notice the extra person?
It is added in when this group crowded in my little shop to check the spelling of the names.
They felt that it is better than the above, in terms of the sculpturing and capturing essence of the caricatures and finishing touches.

Names added in the softcopy, scanned in from the original A2 size artwork.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Half day break!

Brought my kids and wife to Wild Wild Wet at Downtown East, with the complimentary tickets from my tour guide friend, Eddie. Promised them, even though my group caricatures job for Standard Chartered Bank is behind schedule.
Saw some vacant shop spaces available there. Nice size for my shop, but just too far and out of the way for my clients to come to place order and collect. Can foresee that they will end up doing so at my place in Ang Mo Kio. Then what's the point of setting up a shop there?
Another reason is that there's another caricature shop there! Surprise? Heard from my friend once. My kids are interested to paint the figurines in the shop, but the artist isn't in.

Outlook Express error - resolved!!!

Finally!!! Nearly wanted to change server to Usonyx (local server - faster and cheaper which I have been considering these few months. Just too lazy and busy to do all the transfer.) if they still don't resolve it by tomorrow.

My Outlook Express (OE) on my 3 computers has been giving me this error message for the past 4 days:-

"An unknown error has occurred. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL):No, Error Number: 0x80004005"

My web hosting company -Yahoo, replied my email, told me that it could have been my modem settings or I have changed my OE settings. I am very sure that it could not be these both reasons, as I didn't do anything to them. This problem persisted even if I used my M1 Broadband to check emails on OE!!!

The problem arose when I was checking email through OE on 22nd Aug morning on my laptop. Around 10:38am, it suddenly gave me this error message above. This was using my laptop, home internet connection at home. When I reached my shop, the OE on my PC gave me the same problem. Then I suspected it could have been the Microsoft automatic updates which has caused this conflict, as I still can access my email through Internet Explorer.

That evening, I used my home PC, which I have not used it for the pass few days. Surely, the automatic updates should not have done its job on it. Ran my OE. Still the same! Went online to check. The common solution is change the inbox.dbx to inbox.old. That is totally discard the old inbox and create a new one. It doesn't solve the problem at all, after a few tries.

No choice. Got to report to Yahoo on the second day, as initially, I thought I can wait for 1 day for it to resolve it automatically, but it didn't. My wishful thinking only.........

They told me about the modem and OE Settings as mentioned above. Requested for my email address and password to pinpoint the cause of this problem and explore possible solutions.

This morning, I received the reply from them - "We have reindexed your mailbox and believe this solution should resolve the issue."

Quickly went to use my OE to check. Hooray!!!! It works fine now, though I still don't know what is "reindex mailbox".

Emailed Yahoo.
".......As you have noticed, we've experienced some technical difficulties. We have corrected the issue at the server end( Reindexing your mailbox)." !@#$%^ Gave me so much problems! My previous hosting company Network Solutions didn't give me such problem.

Think I should really give it a serious thought of whether to change to Usonyx, at least I can call them direct, not incurring any IDD calls cost. At least, I can solve the problem a lot faster, no need to wait for 1 day for reply, due to time zone difference.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Caricature for Allen & Gledhill LLP

For Mr S Iswaran (Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry).
Client provided a low resolution and small photo.
Asked for more photos of high resolution and larger photo.
He doesn't have any.
Sigh..... again I have to search for it online., and found quite a number of them.
Chose this profile, and a slightly more exaggerate approach - a slightly more protruding jaw and a wider smile.
The client wanted him to be standing on a globe, surrounded by students and youth.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Caricature for Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

Client's initial idea was to have her eating a lot of junk food.
After some discussion when back in office, they decided to make her a queen, but still using this photo of cheeky expression. I like it too as it is fun to draw, as compared to the normal smiling expression, but there's a risk that they may not recognise her through this caricature. She looks different in this photo given, as they have provided me some photos of her normal smiling expression. Highlighted this issue to them, but they still stick to this expression.
Luckily, no complains from them when they collected the caricature.

Caricature theme - Koh Samui beach

A birthday gift. They are going to Koh Samui Beach Resort for holiday, hence the client chose this theme. This setting was found on Google Images. The Koh Samui link sent by him doesn't have any ideal photos, at least don't have a nice beach resort photo. Didn't check through it thoroughly, as I usually go to Google Images (Yahoo Photos or Flickr if I can't find a good one) to look for reference. I find it more efficient that way.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How long can you hold your breath?

Emailed from my wife.
Uploaded to youtube and then found out that there were so many uploads by others.
Hahaha.... 'suagu'
But quite an entertaining video though.

Comic Illustrations for NTUC

Client's request to illustrate PMO Minister Lim Swee Say's speech of 2 scenarios:-
when buyer, supplier and worker work hand in hand. It will be a sunny day. Cliff with greenery.

If they don't work together, it will be a stormy day, whereby the buyer on a rocky cliff, supplier hanging on the cliff, and the struggling worker in the deep red sea.

They will be using this in an exhibition on one of the display panels.
She promised to send me a photo of the setup on site when it is done.
Hopefully we have the chance to see it here.
The above 2 illustrations were ink on hardcopy, and later scanned into Photoshop and rendered.
I used a softer rendering method for the thunder stormy background, while a flat tone (cartoon effect) for the foreground, to give the 2 illustrations a more contrasting effect between the former and latter. Wanted to do so for the sunny cloud part, but think that it looks better like with lines and flat tone. In addition, a clearer cloud (sunny) contrasting with a less defined outline stormy cloud will give a better impact, implying an unforeseen circumstances ahead for the second illustration.

Caricature for Standard Chartered Bank

The client doesn't have a specific theme in mind when they place their order. They just want something oriental and Singapore skylines or landmarks.
Thus, I proposed to have her dressed in cheongsam, with a fan in her hand and a Standard Chartered Bank logo on it. They wanted a Singapore flag somewhere in the caricature, since she's leaving Singapore - something for her to remember. I made it a tattoo on her left arm. Have her on a rickshaw with the Merlion, Esplanade, OCBC building and a palm tree in the background.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Caricature theme - nurse

A gift to congratulate her on switching to new job as a nurse.
Gave her a big syringe, a shivering patient, and lots of huge pills and capsules.

Caricature for RSAF

That RSAF Aeromedical Centre building again. Third time! Think I have drawn enough of it for this year.
Same lady as in previous job. This time is a farewell gift for her. She's dealing with people. Thus, the client wanted to have people behind her. Of course, I draw in the happy faces for them.

Caricatures in ink

Wanted to use the other more exaggerated photo initially, but worried that the client may not be able to recognise that caricature. Gave up in the end. Now, a normal and quite boring caricature. If it is not customer's order, I will use that photo. Hahaha.......

M1 mobile broadband

Subscribed M1 Broadband yesterday, after finding a good excuse (finally). Hahaha.....
Need it for next Monday when I am outside.
Took the lowest price plan of 384kbps., $22.42 per month.
Try out first. If too slow, still can upgrade to 1800kps plan. - $38.72 per month.
M1 doesn't allow downgrade.
Anyway, my shop one is using Singnet 256kbps. Still acceptable, though dedicated.
Checked that I can use it when roaming in Kuantan, though need to pay roaming partners there - Celcom.
Thank goodness. No need to use dial-up anymore.
If too expensive, worse comes to worst, still can subscribe Celcom Mobile Broadband. RM$8 per day, unlimited usage, since I am there for a few days usually.
Put in the M1 3G Sim card into my P990i. No fuss. Can surf net. Hooray!!! Next time can surf without shock when receive my phone bill. 5gb is more than enough for me to surf net and check email.. Starhub is charging me about $10 for 1mb, for using the current 3G phone Sim Card to download and upload data. Damn expensive!


在进场前在楼下The Mushroom Pot 长生锅 吃了一锅很不错的野生菌菇火锅,要不是就要开场,肯定将这锅汤喝完!四年前与父母妻子前来观看谭咏麟演唱会,因妻子不爱火锅而错过,老爸也因此而永远错过了。唉......




另一遗憾是我的Nikon D80 不能带进场,原因是太专业了。岂有此理!上一此谭咏麟演唱会,朋友带的D100也可进场。只能大叹倒霉。用手提拍摄的录像过后也被制止! 唉....



Saturday, August 18, 2007

Caricature theme - Surf's Up!!!

The client gave me the Surf's Up poster to follow, but replace the penguins with them.
Since it is meant as a birthday gift for this lady, I proposed to have the guy holding the birthday cake, while surfing. The pig she's holding is her soft toy. So is the monkey. The dog is her pet.
The client wanted this caricature to be printed on a mouse pad. Unfortunately, the machine is out of order at that time. Thus, didn't get it done in time for her birthday.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Caricature theme - bike + Labrador Park

Client's request:-
"Caricature as an anniversary gift for my boyfriend, Kelvin Tan.

Create a portrait of him riding his Suzuki GSX1300R K6 - also known as Hayabusa (he has great passion for riding) and me as the pillion. Through this caricature, I hope to bring out the character in him as a sweet and loving boyfriend."

Then she requested to have Pokka Green Tea and Sushi in their hand, with the Labrador Park setting. The yacht in the background was one of her other requests too.

Feedback from her:-
"Hi there!

Thank you for the job well done...
My boyfriend likes the caricature alot. =)


On Wealth Magazines

Magazines with the caricatures I have drawn for them in May and July, sent in by my client. Think she missed out the on the lady's jogging caricature. Or it was in these 2 magazines and I missed it?

Caricature for ERM

Farewell gift. The draft was given by the client. Background is the chemical plants of their company, and the usual Singapore landmarks like Merlion, Esplanade and OCBC building. That piece of paper he's holding is the company logo.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Caricature theme - Air stewardess + Marathon runner

Anniversary gift.
The lady is an air stewardess from Singapore Airline (SIA).
Her boy boy is a marathon runner.
So, I proposed to have him chasing after her who's on the SIA plane.
Changed the posture of the Merlion, which curls backward, with a hand pointing at the plane.


Spot the difference from the original?
Ya. Drawn the wrong person as the main character.
Hence got to some touch-up on the softcopy which the client has requested for it earlier on, and have it printed out as hardcopy.

Caricature theme - giraffe + Singapore Botanical Garden

Used for this baby girl's first birthday party as poster placed at the entrance.
She likes Giraffe, and the 2 swans in Singapore Botanical Garden.
The client requested it the original artwork to be scanned into softcopy and printed on a roll-up banner.

The bag for the roll-up banner.

The aluminium casing.

The roll-up banner, about 3feet by 7feet.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Caricature theme - wedding

Another wedding caricature. This time, I have a simple posture of the groom standing behind the bride, with his hand on her waist, since they have no design in mind. Looked more like a wedding photo, but in caricature form.

Caricature theme - wedding on DHL hot air balloon

This couple will be using these for their invitation card and wedding (or ROM??!!).
This is where he proposed to her - on the DHL hot air balloon at Beach Road.
Singapore skyline below. Think they are fascinated with the love-shaped eyes Merlion when they collect this artwork - laughing away.
Even my son too. He asked me why do the Merlion have love in her eyes?

Caricature for Ritz Carlton, SIngapore

This is another client from Ritz Carlton.
She wanted the same concept which I have done for her colleague for the previous job.
If possible, I usually won't draw the same design unless the clients insisted.
At least, I will try to do something different.
She agreed.

This is meant as a farewell gift.
The main guy (in the centre, foreground) is from the Food and Beverage (F&B) department. For him, I have him holding a wine glass, toasting. The other 2 guys next to him also from F&B, holding wine bottle. The guy on extreme right is in charge of banquet - have him dining. . The extreme left one is the lounge manager - so on a sofa.
The second row:-
From the left, first guy is the room service manager, so with a trolley, serving food.
Next to him, the secretary of the main guy, jotting down appointments and notes for him.
Next to secretary, the manager of the Green Restaurant - a plate of salad in her hand.
Next to her, the concierge manager - checking available rooms on a PC.
On extreme right, this guy is in chatge of the Chinese Restaurant. So I have him in Chinese Cheongsam with "DimSum" in his hand.
Third row:-
From the left:- in charge of the dish-washing, if I remember correctly.
Next to him, in charge of Snapper Restaurant. Drawn a fish for him.
The 3 guys behind has left Ritz Carlton, but wanted to join in and present him this farewell gift.

Started inking before constructing/sketching the Ritz Carlton building.
A different process, as I don't want the many construction lines of the building messing up the pencil sketches of the caricatures. Another reason was that I don't like to draw buildings, with so many repetitions in the windows. Tried to leave it to the last stage.
Didn't inking still at this stage, as the faces are inked in. Didn't want to smudge the ink while constructing the lines. (The ink is sticky even when it is dried, till colour marker added in.)

Added in the inked outline of the building after the colouring of the caricatures were done.

Finally done!!! Phew!!! Took me about 2 hours on this building alone, which is equivalent to the time to draw about 3-4 caricatures. But this time, the building turned out a lot better than the previous one, at least it was an improvement!!! Glad!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Caricatrue theme - wedding on Melbourne tram

Client's brief"-
"i) Caricature of us as a couple, me in a white wedding gown and my bf in a black suit;
ii) A university of melbourne logo in the background (please write the word "The University of Melbourne" near the logo) (that's our uni); and
iii) A picture of the melbourne tram (tram colour to be yellow and green as per picture and tram sign to say 'Melbourne') in the background (to symbolise Melbourne, the place where we met). I have also enclosed a picture of your caricature of a couple in a beetle. Would like to have something like that with the tram replacing the beetle, is it possible? Do include some colourful confetti flying around as how you did with the beetle picture to add more colour to the picture."

A new caricature theme! Outcome quite good. Added the word "Melbourne" on the tram front, instead of in the background.

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