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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Caricature theme - Indian wedding

ndian wedding couple caricatures 311209
Another order from Irene, for her Indian friends.
Since she has no specifc requests, I did my own version.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Caricature theme - Indian wedding on flying carpet (Aladdin)

Client's brief:-
"Hi Mr Jit,

First of all, I wish to congratulate you on your immense talent. Its been a pleasure to scroll through your work.

I would like to have a couple cariacture done of my husband and I as my Christmas gift to him....

Am a big fan of the Disney Princesses so please don't puke! I get enough of that from my hubby.

1. The theme would be Aladdin (Hubby) and Jasmine (Me) flying on a carpet.
2. Would like the drawing to depict a night scene with a smiling crescent and stars. Would like a palace to be shown from a side view. Not too fancy. Would be able to provide you with a sample pic.
3. Instead of a lamp, would like my husband to be holding a small Ganesha idol. Can provide a picture.
4. Hubby to be be wearing white pants, purple vest with gold designs and a purple turban.
5. I would like to wear the traditional turquoise outfit with lot of chunky accessories.

What do you think? Please let me know. Am pretty excited abt the imagery I have in my head. But since I'm extremely vain and though I do have big eyes, I do not possess the doe-eyed look that Jasmine pulls off, I'm counting on your artistic talent Jit.

One more thing, once the drawing is ready, I thought of actually glueing some really tiny sequins and studs on the drawing. Is that advisable?

Please have my hubby sporting his goatee in the drawing.
2. I don't need the palace to be so elaborate. I only like the extreme left of that picture actually. Looks nice with the tree and the dome structure. Something small and simlar would do. You could have it in silhouette so that it doesn't need to be too detailed.
3. Aladdin isn't wearing a turban as you can see from the cartoon pic. So that hat would do. Do not want the carpet to look too wavy like this one does though. Please add small tassles on the four corners. Plain stringed ones is okay. And pls have me hanging or having my arms interlocked around my hubby's neck.

Will keep the studs really small..

Am going to present this to my hubby on New Year's Eve instead of at Xmas as I originally planned"

Indian wedding couple caricatures on flying carpet
Quite a surprise to me, on the outcome of this caricature.
Looks good in terms of the theme as well as the colour scheme.
I like it.:)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Baby portrait in charcoal

baby portrait in charcoal
Second portrait order of this client.

'wow, nice!"

Caricature theme - tennis player

Client's brief:-
"...More than a year ago I ordered a caricature from you on behalf of Ernst and Young Singapore. Like that and has been thinking of doing one for myself.

- tennis racquet (lime green Wilson frame), attire, balls, etc.
- Some London and Singapore icons cos I'll be shuttling between them. Such as London Bridge, Big Ben, red telephone box, Changi airport, etc.
- camera, pen, laptop, movies, coffee (whichever you can fit in to show the photojournalist and entertainment critic side of me)"

lady tennis player caricature

Caricature theme - wedding on swing

Client's brief:-
"I like your caricatures very much thus I would like to make one for my wedding which will be in early Jan 2010.
I already have a theme in mind- Swinging among the lavender.

Please refer to the picture attached.

The setting:
Same as attached picture's setting (Picture 01) but with added tall lavenders at the foreground.
Oversees mountains at the background.

The outfit:
*Bride's outfit - A long wedding gown, a silver tiara with medium long veil over the back of the headscarf.
*Groom's outfit - Wedding suit

*Follow the 2nd attached photo's outfit (Picture 02) design but I need your recommendation for the clothes colour to suit the background.

The action:
Same as in the attached picture (Picture 01) where bride's sitting down on the wooden swing with a bouquet of roses on her lap.
Can you create something like the wind direction comes from the left which then makes the veil blown smoothly towards the right hand side?

As for the groom's position, stay the same as in the photo (Picture 01).

Caricature in colour marker with theme - with background & body

Size: A3"

wedding couple caricatures on swing A4
Think it could be more than 10 years that I have not drawn caricature on swing.
First time for wedding couple caricatures on swing though.
Quite an interesting theme.:)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lady caricature in pencil

lady caricature in pencil

Dog caricature in colour on mug

Dog caricature in colour A4
dog caricature on mug - 1
The dog caricature being printed on the mug.
dog caricature on mug - 2
2 images on the mug.

Caricature theme - athlete

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit Leong,

I came across your website while searching for caricatures and portraits as I was looking at these as gift ideas. I must say I'm very impressed with both your works and reasonable pricing! ^_^

I am actually interested in getting a caricature done for an ex-student as birthday gift but I don't really have a personal, close up photo of him. I've attached the pictures I have of him to seek your advice on whether they are suitable. (He's the boy with tag no. 300 in picture file "IMG_3807". Sorry for the large file size. >_<") If not, I'll try and land my hands on a close up one before proceeding..... because of the quality of the pictures plus most of it, this boy wasn't really smiling, will it affect the 'accuracy' and 'effect' of the work? Will it be much better to still try and land a better pic or will your great skills cover for those 'flaws'? :P The theme I am thinking of is either him competing on the running track or receiving the prize at podium cos he's actually an athlete from track and field...."

running champion caricature with trophy

Caricature theme - Manchester United soccer player

Client's brief:-
"Hello Jit,

My 3rd purchase now :) this time i dont need the characters to be in cars anymore... im requesting for a caricature of this guy (as per attached picture) to be in Man U soccer Jersey happily playing football in an open field on a sunny day, with a plane flying above passing by with a hanging banner that states: Happy Birthday Joel

Frame remains the same as previous.."

Man-u soccer player caricature

Couple caricatures in colour

couple caricatures in colour 261209

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Caricature theme - wakeboarding

An oversea order from Florida.

Client's brief:-
"I would like to get a caricature of my wife wakeboarding. I have attached a picture of her so you can see her features. I see you have done other wakeboarding caricatures. I would want her to not have a helmet on. Let me know if this can be done before Christmas and what the cost would be? We do have a wetsuit company so I would like her to be wearing one of our wetsuits without a lifejacket. You can see the womens wetsuits on our website at"

lady caricature wakeboarding A4
The logo could be too small to be seen, if I follow the original design on the client's website. I have blown it up instead.

For the client to receive the original hand-drawn hardcopy before Christmas was quite impossible (withshipping). As such, he agreed to get the softcopy (via scan-in) first, download from my server and print it out on his side.

His feedback:-
"Awesome…thanks so much. "
"She loved it. Thanks again."

Caricature theme - wedding on submarine

Client's brief:-
"...I would like a caricature with the (1)bride and the groom to be on the submarine´s bridge as show on the pic named: Those 3 on top where the 3 in black is the position where the groom and the bride will be drawn. (2)Bride wearing the wedding gown and the groom wearing the suit(No.5) as show on picture named: groom use this and the one on the right is the groom.

Additional: (3) The bride to be holding a small christmas tree in her hand instead of a flower.
(4) The background with the reindeer pulling santa across the sky...."

wedding couple caricatures on submarine A4
First time I draw the moon in silver blue colour.

The client requested to draw them on the top of the submarine.
To include the whole submarine, I have to draw it from bird's eye view to include everything.
wedding couple caricatures on submarine framed with metal engraving
Framed up with incripstion on metal plate.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Couple caricatures on rubber stamp

couple caricatures on rubber stamp + ink refill
This client requested to have the caricatures I have done for her January this year, to be printed on the rubber stamp for her. She order a brown ink refill too.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Caricature theme - wedding @ Sybase office

Client's brief:-
"...They know each other through the same company – Sybase 365.
How about them in wedding dress in their company, with the word “SYBASE” at the background? Prehaps with those office tables & partitions behind them.. ..."

wedding couple caricatures @ Sybase office A4
Quite a fresh theme. This is the first time I draw a couple wedding caricatures with setting in an office.:)

Caricature theme - cupcake

Client's brief:-
"...What we would like to have is caricature in pencil color with body and just a bit of plain background.
The background just need a plain one like a line or indicating she is standing ontop of something.
She just loves cupcake. The caricature can be just like a portrait showing she’s holding a cup cake on her hand with a big smile or grin...."

lady caricature with cupcake

Caricature for Singapore Zoo

Client's brief:-
"...Can draw the uniform in and the cheeky/smug expression. Also the background I am suggesting is of him holding a camera and long lens (maybe his fav Canon 500mm) standing in the center of the frame, on one side forest and animals, on the other side, some ladies in skimpy bikinis or something, and printed words somewhere – “William Nai, ‘Wildlife’ Photographer Extraordinaire” or something to the effect of ‘Wildlife’ insinuating animals as well as women. The rest will leave it to your artistic expressions..."

Caricature for Singapore Zoo photographer
This expression is definitely fun to draw, even though it is a urgent job.
I saw this client's deposit credited into my account in the middle of the night (Sunday morning).
Was rather shock, as he will be collecting on Monday morning.
I need to finish it before I sleep, and send it for framing in the morning, as my frame supplier only operates till 3pm. I need to collect it before that.

Client's feedback:-
"Nice! Cool!"

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Caricatrue live sketching for Hock Cheong Printing Pte Ltd Annual D&D 2009

An hour event at Park Royal Hotel (former Plaza Hotel) Stamford Room level 4. Beach Road.

Caricature live sketching for Hock Cheong Printing Pte Ltd D&D 2009 - 1
Got an interesting face to kick start with.

Caricature live sketching for Hock Cheong Printing Pte Ltd D&D 2009 - 2
Caricature live sketching for Hock Cheong Printing Pte Ltd D&D 2009 - 3
This was a good one to me. The guests felt so too.

Caricature live sketching for Hock Cheong Printing Pte Ltd D&D 2009 - 4
Caricature live sketching for Hock Cheong Printing Pte Ltd D&D 2009 - 5
This one too.

Caricature live sketching for Hock Cheong Printing Pte Ltd D&D 2009 - 6
This lady has unique features, and hairstyle too.
Sinful if I missed them out.

Caricature live sketching for Hock Cheong Printing Pte Ltd D&D 2009 - 7
Caricature live sketching for Hock Cheong Printing Pte Ltd D&D 2009 - 8
Caricature live sketching for Hock Cheong Printing Pte Ltd D&D 2009 - 9
Does her hairstyle look like those models you see in the magazine?

Caricature live sketching for Hock Cheong Printing Pte Ltd D&D 2009 - 10
Caricature live sketching for Hock Cheong Printing Pte Ltd D&D 2009 - 11
The boss and his wife were interested in getting their caricatures done too, after seeing their staff caricatures done by me.
Thus, they asked for 15 minutes time extension to sketch their caricatures.:)

Caricature theme - lady in CheongSam

Client's brief:-
"This is the one year anniversary in Singapore. Can i request he to be in Red Cheong Sam with a name tag Xiu Juan (She's a Chinese)..with maybe some Signature background like MERLION, SWISSOTEL (Tallest Hotel in Singapore), Or Esplanade and etc as this symbolise Singapore. Her Hands is also holding a Green Care bear with the name yee beng."

Lady caricature in cheongsam

Friday, December 18, 2009

Caricatrue theme - church wedding

Client's brief:-
"Hi Jit,

I've seen ur previous work.. and it's wonderful... (truly)
My BIG day is on the feb 14 2010, I would like to get my (wedding invites) caricature in colour marker with a theme.

This are the things that i would like to add in ;)

* it's the 1st day of chinese new year and valentines day...

• Pic of myself n him(have att it!!)
• Me in cheong sam(any pattern but black/gold color)
• My hairstyle anything that suits with the cheong sam
• Him in White suit
• Portrait A3 size
• Background: Church(red carpet Aile) and flowers of red roses.. heart shapes"

Wedding couple caricatures - church wedding A4
Her response, upon seeing her caricatures:-
"Nice! Wonderful work!"

Caricatrue live sketching for Johnson & Johnson

Today should be one of the hottest date for corporate events this year.
It usually falls on the Friday before the Christmas Day.
All the pre-event entertainers will be booked 1-2 months ago.
If the event organisers or companies don't do so, they won't be able to get hold of one when the date draws nearer, especially for caricaturists.
I have been receiving calls, checking on my availability, as well as other caricaturists' these few days.
Even today, about 6:05pm, I still received a desparate call from an event company, looking for caricaturists.

Initially an hour booking (6:30pm-7:30pm) for this event at 283 Outram Road, MetaFusion.
It was then extended for another 30 mins, and then another 15 mins, as more staff wanted their caricatures to be sketched. They have prepared many frames for the caricatures.

Started at 6:25pm, as per requested by the client.
Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 1
Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 2
Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 3
She looked like a doll to me.:)

Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 4
Smiley lady.

Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 5
I think these 2 caricatures were pretty good.
Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 6
Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 7
Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 8
Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 9
A mummy-to-be.

Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 10
Last one. Added a full body for her. Ended at 7:30pm..

Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 11
They asked for 30 minutes extension. Starting for this lady.

Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 12
Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 13
Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 14
Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 15
30 mins used up. This lady asked for anotehr 15 minutes extension for their committee members.

Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 16
The 3 committee members.
Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 17
Caricature live sketching for Johnson & Johnson - 18
Job done.
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