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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unique wedding theme

Couple caricatures unique wedding
Client's brief:-
"Below is the description of the drawing which I hope to see
1) girl will be on the left of page, guy will be on the right
2) both people will be wearing wedding suit / gown (but instead of proper dress shoes, they can be wearing soccer boots)
3) Girl will be holding on to a paintball marker with her right hand and left hand will be over the shoulders of the guy
4) Guy will be holding on to a camera with his left hand and right leg will be stepping on a soccer ball
Attached are the reference pictures
1) Paintball Marker (redsevens169.jpg or 98custom.jpg)
2) Camera (Nikon_d3_14-24.jpg)
3) Soccer ball (adidas-soccer-ball.jpg)
4) Guy and Girl’s face (Europe(24dec-1jan07) 031 – rheinfall, schauffhausen, Switzerland.jpg)"

Not the usual wedding design which I always draw.
Reminds me of the recent movie Ah Long Pte Ltd" (老师嫁老大) by Jack Neo (梁智强), though the groom is not the 'gu niang' type. Maybe it is because of the bride's hand over his shoulder.

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