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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Caricature for Gillette

This was the order which I have mixed up with previous order.

Gillet caricature cricket player draft
The client was very uncomfortable to let me take care of the whole caricature design.
He wanted a sketch preview sent to him via email.
There's a fee for this, as I don't want to spend most of my time doing preview sketches, scanning and emails. I would rather spend more time on the drawing itself.
Even though I don't have a retail shop for a month, my orders are quite consistent, and everyday I have to spend time replying emails on customers enquiries and orders, answering calls, sorting out the orders and their requirements. These can take up few hours of work a day. No joke.
Then, I have some oversea orders. Got to arrange for online payment and shipping stuff.

Caricature Gillette cricket player
Back to this caricature, this gentleman also leaving Gillette.
His colleague (my client) wanted to present this caricature (with frame) to him as a farewell gift.
He loves cricket, thus the client wants to put him in Indian Cricket jersey, with an India flag on his sleeve and India on the cap.

# The snapshot looks yellowish to me, which differs a lot from my original artwork. Maybe I will need to edit the colour and post it up again, if I have the time.

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