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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Google PageRank 4 for my Blog!!!

Great day to remember!!!
My blog Google PageRank is just upgraded to 3 to 4 today!!!
Hooray!!! Same PageRank as my website now. 6 months 2 days from the last upgrade.
Have been waiting anxiously, and becoming impatient, and I know it is very hard to move from PageRank 3 to 4, and it is a less than 2 years old blog. Looks like my consistent hardwork pays off. So touched!!!
Even those urls with 'caricature(s)' are ranked 3.
Must work harder from now on.
Rank 5 6 months later?Heehee..... Getting greedy.......
Have been getting request to exchange links on my blog and website recently. Some even requesting to place ads on them, especially on my blog. Got to really give it a thought, whether they are useful/harmful to my blogs and website, in terms of ranking and SEO.

Caricature of Cristiano Ronaldo

The second commissioned sample.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Attached are pictures of 1 player, Cristiano Ronaldo. Could you draw him being ecstatic after scoring a goal."

caricature Cristiano Ronaldo pencil sketch
Does not have any impression of this guy. Must be a very popular soccer player since I heard Wilfred and Adam talk about him. I only know that Brazil Ronaldo (from last two World Cups). Hahaha.... Ya, very outdated.

Emphasized on his mouth too. Another prominent feature will be his standing curly hair. He has a pair of pretty eyes too. Since the client requested ecstatic, I added in tears coming out from his eyes.
caricature Cristiano Ronaldo ink outline
This fist-clenching posture is inspired from what I read in those comic books. It enhances the overall feel, I think.

caricature Cristiano Ronaldo colour watermark
A lot more substance with the colours added on. Opted for a borderless background, to lighten up the whole caricature, since we are looking at ecstatic. Cannot be too static.

I should know the result soon, whether I am awarded this project. If the client doesn't like these 2 caricatures, I have nothing to say, since I have done my best based on their brief. Then we have to see what styles the other local cariatursists can come out with, in order to get this job.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unique wedding theme

Couple caricatures unique wedding
Client's brief:-
"Below is the description of the drawing which I hope to see
1) girl will be on the left of page, guy will be on the right
2) both people will be wearing wedding suit / gown (but instead of proper dress shoes, they can be wearing soccer boots)
3) Girl will be holding on to a paintball marker with her right hand and left hand will be over the shoulders of the guy
4) Guy will be holding on to a camera with his left hand and right leg will be stepping on a soccer ball
Attached are the reference pictures
1) Paintball Marker (redsevens169.jpg or 98custom.jpg)
2) Camera (Nikon_d3_14-24.jpg)
3) Soccer ball (adidas-soccer-ball.jpg)
4) Guy and Girl’s face (Europe(24dec-1jan07) 031 – rheinfall, schauffhausen, Switzerland.jpg)"

Not the usual wedding design which I always draw.
Reminds me of the recent movie Ah Long Pte Ltd" (老师嫁老大) by Jack Neo (梁智强), though the groom is not the 'gu niang' type. Maybe it is because of the bride's hand over his shoulder.

Caricature theme - princess

Client's request:-
"Chanced upon your website and would like to place an order for a caricature in marker with theme? Just like the goddess sample in page 1........I'm referring to the phyllis quek picture. Please view the attachment. Also, would like to add a little character,just a guy clad in casual wear(any casual attire will do) at the side of the portrait, looking up at the portrait from the side."
Caricature princess
Took out the thumbs up posture as seen in Phyllis Quek's caricature. Think that was done sometime in 2000-2001. A bit outdated, and I don't think it looks good for a lady.
Gave her a more demure posture.
Upon receiving the caricature, the client thinks that the guy looks too big. Maybe too loud to him as an admirer. Heehee.... He requested me to paint over him with some background. However, the nature of the colour marker medium is translucent. I can't cover it like that. Thus, I proposed to have the lady caricature cut out and pasted on a colour mounting board, which should make it look better otherwise. He agreed.

Caricature princess cutout
Pasted it on a beige creamy colour board. Smooth and flat colour. No traces of overlapping lines as seen using colour markers.

Caricature princess cutout framed
Looks even better with a simple blue colour frame without border.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Caricature of Lisa Wang 汪明荃

Caricature Liza Wong 汪明荃 Beijing Olympic 2008 Torch Relay
Urgent order.

Client's brief:-
" Theme: Liza Wang wearing sport suit running for the China Olympic Torch Relay.
She will be holding the torch. I have provided some pictures in the last page
which you may like to incorporate into your drawing. Eg. China flag, logo, etc.
Please also put in the words “Liza 加油!” . Hairstyle: Not to bun up but the bob
style which I provided some pics on.
Special Request: I hope the drawing of her looks as similar to her as possible,
not something too comical, u know what I mean? I need this quite urgently
by next Tuesday (29/4)...... "

The client will be flying over to Hong Kong tomorrow, to give this caricature to Lisa Wang.
She told me the committee will be announcing the result, as in who will be appointed for the Beijing Olympic 2008 Torch Relay in Hong Kong. I am not sure if she gets it, at the time of posting. Didn't hear her name on the media.

Erhmmm..... think I have drawn her too young, but the client told me that the caricature looks nice, upon receiving the artwork.

Caricature of Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry
After four years, I am drawing this footballer - Thierry Henry, again.
The previous caricature is drawn as a guide and reference for me to model him into 3D caricature model (Just realised something wrong with the image proportionin this link. Will amend it later) in Maya.
This time, it is drawn as one of the 2 sample caricatures (commissioned) for a media company (Can't disclose the company name yet, since I haven't get the job yet, in case my competitors undercut by deliberately lowering his prices, just to get the job. They are hungry for jobs, especially for such big job. This is very common and I have seen many cases locally. Anyway, I believe this client would have searched for caricaturists in Singapore online. That's how he gets my contact.)
They wanted to create 100 caricatures of the footballers, but in an exaggerated form, which is very different from what I do usually. (Got license to distort them now) The client doesn't want these footballers to look completely like them, and yet can recognise them in a way or another. I have to omit the details and use the basic colour for the soccer jersey. No logos too. This is to avoid the infringement of copyrights. They will use these caricatures for mobile content download as wallpaper.
Quite an interesting job, but if I get this job, I may end up losing more clients, as this job would take 1-2 months to complete. I have to reject some urgent orders, and even those normal delivery one. Sigh. You can't have the best of both world.

caricature Thierry Henry pencil sketch
Spent some time doing up this pencil sketch. I emphasize on his mouth,, and his frown. Since he opens his mouth big, what should come out from it should be his saliva. Hahaha......
Blown up on the hand part. If not, it will be too small to be seen, since the client requested the head should occupy about 70% of the whole artwork. When downloaded on the mobile phone, their faces will stand out on the small screen. True!

caricature Thierry Henry pen
Put in the French flag, but not the usual flag with a pole. It is flying in the background. The client gives me the freedom to decide what to draw for each caricature.

caricature Thierry Henry colour watermark
Colours added on. The colours definitely bring out everything, especially the facial muscles, through the various layers of shades.
Added on the watermark to protect my client interest, which I never do for all my artworks. I think these watermarks will spoil the feel of the artworks. No choice. If my visitors download this cariacture (without watermark) from my blog, who will buy from them?

Caricature of Will Smith

Caricatrue Will Smith and gal
A birthday gift for this girl who's turning 21. She loves Will Smith. Thus, the client ordered a caricature of both of them drawn together. He will be flying over to Australia tomorrow. Hence, I have to complete it by this evening (few hours delivery!)
Wilfred saw this lying on my table. "Eh, is he Will Smith?" Think I have done my job, as I don't know who he is. The girl will be very sad. Hahaha....... The client (and Wilfred) told me he's an (American?) actor cum singer. Ok. Now, I know.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Caricatures for Tech Semiconductor Singapore Pte Ltd

Caricatures group poster Tech part 1
Caricatures group poster Tech part 2
The client's purpose of ordering this caricature is to use it for his company poster competition on "Chemical Safety".
He already had this idea in mind, with all his bosses and colleagues standing like what you see in games with those characters standing, descriptions below each of them. He will add in the words himself. My job is to illustrate these guys with their specific items/stuff associated with their jobs, in a comical way.
I showed him what I have done for Ministry of Manpower from this blog. (Good thing about blog. I don't have to print them out. Just type the keywords on the top left search field, and I can show them my portfolio instantly.) He likes the idea of having them standing on boxes to tight everything up, with consistency. These boxes will be where he writes.
Given of the space needed for his writing, I have to split this artwork into two A2 sizes. The bosses on top, while the rest below. The only lady - the nurse, meant to be small and short, as per requested by the client, since she has a small frame.

My iPhone

Jit's iPhone
Finally in my pocket. My 16GB version 1.1.4 iPhone, after 1 year and 3 months of wait.

My Sony Ericsson P990i failed on me, after 1.5 years of use.
Main reason is the common problem of most handphone - dropped on the floor/ground.
Keeps giving me SIM card error, and can't make and receive calls.

Have been deciding on which to buy when the P990i giving me the above problems.
The HTC Tynn II and the iPhone.
The former has everything - 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Qwerty keyboard, Windows Mobile 6, Words, Excel etc.
The latter doesn't have 3G, GPS, and runs on OS X (could be a problem if I need to install some PC softwares for PDA phone)

Why the last minute switch then? The DROOL factor.
The Tynn II is grey in colour, and the screen colours look undesirable to me. Price is high too. $1200 without contract.
The iPhone just looked so sleek, slim and cool. No 3G to access internet and make video call? I seldom use 3G with my P990i anyway, as it is too expensive to surf net using it. Seldom make video calls too. Give up the GPS, and stick back to my Street Directory, because I simply like iPhone. It feels so much different when you owned it.

When my brother-in-law showed me his iPhone, I saw the pinch-in (zoom in) and spread (zoom out) features, auto orientation feature for photos and webpages etc, but not much feeling, till I owned a iPhone. It is a totally different feel. Fell in love with it immediately with the beautiful screen (don't think any handphones in the market can match it), flawless running of applications, the Safari, the iPod, Mail, Google Maps, Stocks, Weather, YouTube videos (crisp sharp videos on this 3.5" screen), chat features on the SMS, Installer (install free apps right from the phone itself). Still can add in Messenger applications for my Skype, MSN, Yahoo. iflickr to let me upload photos direct to my Flickr account. The list goes on, and I have no time to play with it yet, as I need to finish a job collecting this evening. It is such a torture with this new toy staring at me, and yet I have to resist myself to touch it.

You will be dead busy and exhausted tonight..... hahaha........

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Couple caricatures in colour

couple caricatures in colour 260408
A wedding gift.
This order was placed together with the couple caricatures on mousepad, by the same client. Just that the one need to finish earlier to allow some time for the printing for the mousepad.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Caricature for Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Caricature Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 250408
Super urgent job again. 1 day delivery.
This guy is not smiling in the photo, and the client requested me to make him smile.
Told her can't change the smile on the mouth alone.
The facial muscle will change too, and everyone's facial muscle reacts differently when he/she smiles. Thus, I can't do it just based on imagination.
I can only play on the features, and the body postures to echo with the blur and 'gong' look.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Even an elephant can draw.....

Sent to me from a friend whom I get to know on MSN.

Caricatures in ink

caricature ink guy 230408 caricature ink girl 230408
These caricatures are used as guideline to create animation for this couple's wedding video, as what the bride-to-be told me.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Caricature theme - cycling

caricatures couple cycling ink 230408
I think this is my line expression at its best so far.
When I am doing this caricature, all the lines seem to answer and respond to what I want to express. Never have this feeling before.
I use G-Pen for the details on the face, enhanced them with my brush.
Then, it comes to the most interesting part. The flow of drawing is extremely smooth. All the lines like automated, comes out from my fountain pen and appear on the drawing. Gave me the feeling of drawing comic strips during my teenage time. Lines after lines, items after items. Just can't help stop drawing, even though I have finished the whole artwork.
Told myself to stop. Shouldn't add more lines, or take out some lines, as I think it will spoilt the whole drawing.
I like everything, especially of the coconut leaves. Continuous lines, and they show their movement, and I can feel the wind direction. Then comes to the shoe and jeans of the lady. They tell me that she's enjoying herself, if you can tell from the lines. Then the dust around the wheels. Seems like it can feel the joy of the couple, and reflects my satisfaction in this drawing.
Think got to stop here, if you still can't feel my excitement about this artwork......

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Caricature of a lady in colour

Caricature lady 220408
Changed the angle of the body to face the other side (different from the photo provided) to give it a more dramatic feel.

Feedback from the client who left a message on my cbox on my blog (see sidebar)
"hey jit. thks for the caricature. my gal pal loved it! =) we had a blast. thks loads."

Glad to hear it too.
Power of caricature?!

Mr Q's Q-Digital caricatures and some new products....

I have been looking for artists to work with Portrait Workshop all these years.
Recently, just get in touch with an artist (Mr Q) who does his caricatures digitally, using Adobe Illustrators. His style is totally different from mine. I think the caricatures look clean, unique and cute. Very comic style. That's why he called it Q-Digital caricature. (Q- 版漫畫肖像 in Chinese.)

These caricatures come with the following templates which he has pre-drawn.
(As to create all these templates take up a lot of time, he doesn't do customised designs currently.)
Your caricatures will be drawn, based on the photo you provide.
He's quoting SGD$55 for each face drawn.
You will get a high resolution hardcopy printout at A4 size (21cm x 29.7cm).
On top of that you will get an A6 size (10.5cm x 14.85cm, 150dpi) softcopy in jpeg format for your keepsake.
When you have the caricatures drawn, you can opt to have it on other templates at half the current price.
Q-Digital Caricatures - Wedding
Wedding caricatures template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Taiwan
Taiwan setting.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Super Couple
Superman and Supergirl caricatures template.
Names can be added in at no extra charge.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Strawberry
Strawberry garden template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Spiderman-1
Spiderman caricature templates - with or without mask on the head.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Park
Dating at the park template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Paradise
Cupids in paradise template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Office
Office template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Moonlight
Dating under the moonlight.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Korea
Korean theme template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Japan
Japanese theme template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Hip-Hop
Hip-hop theme template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Harry Porter
Harry Porter theme template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Freestyle
Freestyle template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Doctor & Nurse
Doctor and nurse template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Chinese Tea-Time
Chinese tea-time template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Beach
Hawaiianbeach template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Band
Superband template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Airlines
Air steward and stewardess template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Baseball
Baseball theme template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Christmas 1
Christmas theme with bare chest template.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Christmas
Another Christmas theme couple caricatures template, but with different clothing.

Q-Digital Caricatures - Chinese Wedding
Traditional Chinese wedding couple caricatures template.

Once the caricatures are done, you can opt to print on the following products.
caricatures on square cushion
Caricatures on square cushion.

caricatures on long cushion
Caricatures on long cushion.

caricatures on ceramic tile with frame 8
Caricatures printed on ceramic tiles, and framed up.
caricatures on ceramic tile with frame 9
caricatures on ceramic tile with frame 7
caricatures on ceramic tile with frame 2
Printing on ceramic tiles are very unique and new products.
I bet it will have a good demand, especially for those newly-wed couple who will be renovating their new house. Can include in their wall tilings in the kitchen and bathroom.
Maybe I can propose to Mr Q to do up templates of couple cooking as well as bathing in bathtubs.
caricatures on ceramic tile with frame 4
caricatures on ceramic tile with frame back
Back of the tiles and frames.

caricatures on mug
Caricatures printed on the mugs.

2D caricature bobblehead motion
Caricatures printed on 2D bobblehead.
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