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Sunday, April 27, 2008

My iPhone

Jit's iPhone
Finally in my pocket. My 16GB version 1.1.4 iPhone, after 1 year and 3 months of wait.

My Sony Ericsson P990i failed on me, after 1.5 years of use.
Main reason is the common problem of most handphone - dropped on the floor/ground.
Keeps giving me SIM card error, and can't make and receive calls.

Have been deciding on which to buy when the P990i giving me the above problems.
The HTC Tynn II and the iPhone.
The former has everything - 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, Qwerty keyboard, Windows Mobile 6, Words, Excel etc.
The latter doesn't have 3G, GPS, and runs on OS X (could be a problem if I need to install some PC softwares for PDA phone)

Why the last minute switch then? The DROOL factor.
The Tynn II is grey in colour, and the screen colours look undesirable to me. Price is high too. $1200 without contract.
The iPhone just looked so sleek, slim and cool. No 3G to access internet and make video call? I seldom use 3G with my P990i anyway, as it is too expensive to surf net using it. Seldom make video calls too. Give up the GPS, and stick back to my Street Directory, because I simply like iPhone. It feels so much different when you owned it.

When my brother-in-law showed me his iPhone, I saw the pinch-in (zoom in) and spread (zoom out) features, auto orientation feature for photos and webpages etc, but not much feeling, till I owned a iPhone. It is a totally different feel. Fell in love with it immediately with the beautiful screen (don't think any handphones in the market can match it), flawless running of applications, the Safari, the iPod, Mail, Google Maps, Stocks, Weather, YouTube videos (crisp sharp videos on this 3.5" screen), chat features on the SMS, Installer (install free apps right from the phone itself). Still can add in Messenger applications for my Skype, MSN, Yahoo. iflickr to let me upload photos direct to my Flickr account. The list goes on, and I have no time to play with it yet, as I need to finish a job collecting this evening. It is such a torture with this new toy staring at me, and yet I have to resist myself to touch it.

You will be dead busy and exhausted tonight..... hahaha........

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