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Monday, April 30, 2007

portrait of a little girl in pencil

Left this portrait in RGB mode, rather than the usual grayscale mode.
As the paper I used was slightly biegy, this mode was closer to the original hardcopy artwork. Looked better than those in grayscale mode, even though it was meant to be in black and white, since it was drawn in pencil.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Caricature theme - wedding + Egypt + India

Another wedding caricatures of a couple. This one, the Indian lady wanted to look sexy in the caricature. Her friend who came along with her told her that her mother will scold her. The bride said never mind. It was just a drawing. Hahaha..... The groom was an Egytian. So they wanted the background to have Taj Mahal (landmark of India) and the Sphinx and Pyramid (landmarks of Egypt).

mosquito mascot illustration colour artwork

Considered closed for this job, with the colours added in as the client was very happy with the final illustration.
This was his feedback:-
"Beautiful! I couldn't be happier. Nice work Jit. I will recommend you to anyone looking for your kind of talent........... Thanks again, your work is superb."
Glad that he liked it too.
Quite a different feel from the sketch. No choice, as this was in vector file format. It can't have the raster image effect like the sketches - with differnt patches of colours added to it.
This mascot will be used in the clinet's website - which will be up in a couple of weeks.

Caricature for Wealth Magazine - 1

The client's brief:-
"He has a product that connects security cameras to the mobile phone. He can dial in via internet to see what is happening at home. He gets streaming pictures (video) via mobile phone, sent by the security camera. So, I would like to show him using this. We will add in the security cameras and other devices and connect them to your caricature (to show how the whole thing works) . He has provided pictures of the other things, so don’t worry about it."
Pretty straightforward job. I had him seated, rather than standing, to get the more bossy look.

photos from the guest

Finally managed to get these photos from the guest after a month from that event.
Still waiting for the video from him, which I don't place high hope on it, as I had rejected his request for a free caricature from me for his wife, and his son (which he was asking whether it was chargeable?)
The reason I have given him was that I was engaged for an hour for that caricature sketching service. Anyone drawn within that hour was at no charge. Outside that hour, I will charge.
Let's see if I have the luck to get that live sketching video.

Alan Tam 30th Anniversary Concert 2007 in Singapore

Encore部分尤其激荡人心,观众歌迷久久不肯就此离去,高声呐喊,在他再次出场时情绪沸腾,纷纷站在椅子上,我们在坐着无法看见舞台的情况下,跟着一起站在 椅子上,这是首次,也当我们站在上面时,才真正感觉到演唱会该有的气氛与情绪。
由于这一次在Singapore Expo举行的演唱会是单面舞台,少了演唱会的气氛, 像演讲会多一些。但是,譚詠麟却能将全场气氛完全带起至沸腾起来,我只能写个服字。毕竟,数十年累积下来的演唱功力可不是盖的。


Friday, April 27, 2007

finally showing up their faces

Finally managed to post up those long overdued blogs, I think about 1 week plus.
They took me almost 4 hours, about 17 posts. You may have to scroll to the next page to see all of them.
Hehheh.... suddenly so many new drawings and posts. They should be enough to keep you busy for awhile.
A few more posts to go, but I still have other jobs to be done. Reply emails, do some accounting, bath and sleep....... no mood to draw today, due to the long weekend, though Monday still have to work.
Same old excuse - will post them up as soon as I have the time.
Never pile up your jobs, I know, but ....... my wife favourite slogan - 'What to do?'

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Caricature live sketching for Pinnacle - day 2

Second day. Still not many caricatures done. The delegates came in later then yesterday, and engrossed by the breakfast and their conversions, which was very different from the past which I had sketched for those delegates attended for medical conference few years back. The response for the latter was very much better. Perhaps, timing was wrong.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Family caricatures - picnic theme

A family caricatures to be displayed at home, as the Dad was not around. Special request besides the picnic theme and waterfall setting, was to include the 2 pets they reared - the parrot and the dog.

Caricature live sketching for Pinnacle - day 1

A very early event, from 8 am - 9am, held at Ritz Carlton Hotel. Got to leave home at 7am.
The name of this event Singapore Structured Credit Conference CDO & ABS Asia Pacific 2007. Very long. As the time I was engaged for this event was the delegates' breakfast time, they were too engrossed with the nice food on the tables. On top of that, I was placed rather out of the way from the main traffic flow. Hence, not many caricatures done.
The client requested me to come back during lunch time for today and tomorrow, but I can't make it as this was a last minute notice. I didn't have enough time to inform my other clients who will be collecting during lunch time from my gallery for these 2 days. Thus, I rejected tehir request.
Caricatures done for today at this event:-

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Group caricatures in ink

A farewell gift to the guy in the centre. He will be leaving for India soon. Thus, his colleague wanted to give him the caricatures of themselves for remembrance.

Caricature for Land Transport Authority, Singapore

A farewell gift to the managing director (? Can't remember) from the Human Resource department.
The usual golf theme and posture, as requested by the client. They wanted the LTA logo, which I proposed to put on the golf ball. They needed the LTA building in the background, with the wordings 'HSO Block 10' on it.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Caricature for Chan Brothers

This caricature of the boss will be used on Chan Brothers' website, on the top, to go along with 'Chan's Pick'. In fact, from what the client had told me, they had their first caricature done of this similar person by a La Salle student, but it didn't look like him at all. That caricature looked more like 阿璨. Wondering how it looked like.
They were afraid that I can't captured his essence too. They asked me what happen if it didn't turn out to look like their boss. I told them that his face and features were not hard to be drawn. Even if they needed amendments, I can add on but not take out the lines and colours.
They were happy with the outcome, and can recognise their boss at first glance. So no amendments were needed. Phew!

Caricature for Joey Yung 容祖儿

A congratulation gift to Joey Yung for her good show in Genting in 2007.
The above was the original artwork.
Below was the edited version using Photoshop, as colour marker can't achieve this smooth effect.
With this edited artwork, it will look better when printed on the T-shirt.

Below was the T-short with caricature printed on it. It wasn't that short. I have folded it when this photo was snapped. The client will frame this T-shirt and present to Joey Yung.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

mosquito mascot illustration b/w lineart

Time to come back to do up this linework in Freehand, after clearing those orders before this.
After the client had approved this, I shall proceed to the colouring part and that will close this job.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

1 day off

Finally posted up some drawings.
Please scroll to the lower part of this blog to see.
I am going to celebrate my son's 6th birthday at East Coast chalet now, taking a day off, though still many orders to clear in the coming weeks.
Just push them aside for the time being. I think this break is vital and necessary for me currently.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Arist Impressions for First Ship Lease Pte Ltd

These sketches were done live at Labrador Park. An disastrous event!

After I have finished the above pencil sketch, I started inking and the guests came into the cell. My view was fully black. I spent almost 1.5 hours to get this done. Can you imagine? Later, instead of peeping through the moving guests, and thank goodness I have the scene captured with my camera, I sketched and colour based on the image display on my 2.5 inch LCD.
As I was engaged for 3 hours to sketch 3 scenarios, I can't put more details in, given the limited timeframe.

The nightmare became worse at this sketch. The linework in black and white was still fine. However, when it came to the colouring part, I can't see the true colour under the dim yellow lighting. (I was sketching outdoor.) This was a totally different from the previous sketch. The previous one was pale in colour, as under the yellowish indoor lighting, I kept telling myself not to apply too much colour, so that it will not look too heavy.
This one, the lighting was very bad. The shadow casted on the drawing when I coloured, can't see the true colour, can't find the markers I need due to dim lighting. All these frustrated me.
I had highlighted to the client (the event organiser) the day before the event, that I would need a good and adequate lighting for a good illustration to be done. If they can't provide me a daylight lamp, at least adequate lighting, with a table and chair.
Lighting was not provided when I was on site!!!
I highlighted this to the client when I am going to do the below sketch. Before this, they told me to go in the restaurant and look for a place to sit and start sketching the scenario. However, when I went in, there's no place for me to sit at all. I told her the problem. Her client came to talk to her and she was distracted. And I was ignored. Fine. I had to make do with what I can do now, given current situattion. I used the camera to snap and draw from there. Still under the dim lighting.

When all these 3 sketches were done, the client's partner told me that she expected more fromthese sketches. I told her the problems I faced and the ignored part. I was left with no choice, but needed to complete them within the timeframe.
Looked at the quality of these sketches when captured under dim lighting. Even after some touched up with Photoshop, the quality was still very bad.
My conclusion, and I was very sure about it after this event- In the future, if the client can't provide me with good lighting environment to sketch, I won't take up that job. It affected my mood, and most importantly, my artwork quality. I couldn't tolerate this! And I was not happy after this event. Yes, not happy at all, with the artworks produced and the way I was treated.

Caricature live sketching for Dunhill

The theme of the event - A Celebration of Perfectionism, Celebration of 100 years.
This 2 hour event was held at Ministry of Sound, Clarke Quay.
The speech took about 1.3 hrs. Thus, left 40 minutes to sketch for the guests.
Drawing in the dark, which I hated most. Can't see clearly - how to get a good artwork done?
The photos you see here were taken with flash (1st piece) , or using photo light from my P990i handphone camera (last 5 pieces).

This gentleman waited quite long, just to get his caricature done. He said he will display his and his wife's caricature (the one above this photo) in his shop/stall in Downtown East in Pasir Ris. I seldom go there. Hope to see it one day if I have a chance to go there. :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I am still alive.......

Yes. No posting of my drawings for more than 1 week. Finally I managed to tide over the crisis. Hahaha..... My clients were chasing behind me for the past few days. No time to read through all the emails in details. Sometimes, I call them up to clarify, rather than replying to and fro through emails. Now, finally I have finished the 52 caricatures of Philip Morris, some individual and corporate orders. Just post to let you know that I didn't desert this blog, just that I am.... still that same boring word....BUSY!!!!!!
Still no drawings to post up yet. Tomorrow I will be sketching for 2 events, 4pm - 6pm and 7pm - 10pm. Thus, my gallery will be closed at 3pm.
Still many orders to be cleared this weekend.
Hopefully I can post up some drawings these few days.....

Amended walkway perspective

Amendment - the client had no budget for the framework Blue Screen had proposed. So got to make changes lor.Here, the frame was taken out, added in the existing walkway light, and a red carper with the rangoli designs. The flowers on both side of the walls were added in Photoshop after the 3d scene was rendered.

Caricature for BH Singapore

My Sony F717 digital camera got that memory stick error again. Sick. Nearly dump it into the rubbish bin. With no other camera around, I have to resort to my P9901 handphone camera. Thus, the result not very ideal.
This gentleman loves local Singapore food. Hence, the client requested to have his favourite like Satay, Chicken rice, steamboat and chili crab, with the Singapore landmarks like Merlion, Esplanades and Changi Airport control tower in the background.

Cartoon illustrations for First Ship Lease Pte Ltd

These cartoon illustrations are for their IPO Closing Dinner slide presentation which will be held at Olive Ristorante @Labrador park, Labrador Villa Road this Friday evening. I will be sketching 3 scenarios for them in colour too.

They requested pencil sketch previews before the final artwork illustrations.

Picture 1 "The Conference Call"Left part: Guy with sunglasses and cigar plus sexy girl in a convertibledriving fast and having a cellphone to his ear.Right part: A few guys and girls in business attire around a conferencetable on a conference call - hearing static from the guy in the convertiblewho is patched into the call.

Picture 2 "Suicidal Tendencies"A guy (with untidy hair) in a hotel bed sitting upright and watching CNBC at3 am in the morning seeing how all STI stocks are down by 5% (all red) andthinking to himself that he might have to commit suicide the next day byjumping from the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

Picture 3 "Bankrupt Issuer"Two guys and one girl successively offering their credit cards at checkoutin a 5 star hotel - all credit cards are declined as the credit line is exhausted.

Picture 4 "Analyst Joys"4 am in the morning - one guy and one girl (intimidated faces) huddledbehind their computer screens with two guys (mean faces) standing behindthem and holding a whip to make sure that the analysts work faster, longerand don't fall asleep.
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