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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Couple caricature in pencil

Caricature couple pencil 280208
Urgent job again.
One day delivery.
Meant as a gift for this couple.
This client has once engaged my service when I stationed in Clarke Quay few years back.
In fact, he doesn't know that I am the same artist.
He got my contact online, and reconfirmed during our tele-communication.

Caricature theme - tennis player

Caricature Tennis 280208
This time without the tennis court setting, but emphasize on the tennis racket and ball.
Think I should make them even bigger next time, to see how much impact the exaggeration can achieve.

Birthday caricture

Caricature birthday 290208 A4
The client will be using this caricature, and print on a mobile standing banner for her husband's birthday party (think sometime in April.) She wanted nothing fanciful, just him standing with arms folded.
I always like to illustrate the texture of the jeans, using white colour pencil and pen to bring out the effect. Same for this case too.


I have to say - the person who created this clip is really creative, and super 'Eng'.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Caricature theme - hunk + bikini girl

Caricatures hunk and bikini girl A4
Hunk and sexy bikini girl at the beach.
Quite a popular caricature theme last time.
Big white teeth for the guy, with the white swimming trunk to echo it. Stands out better too. Hahaha.....
Red hot bikini and sexy curves (and busty) for the lady. (with gloss too!) Heehee..... Anymore to add in?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Caricatures for Tencube

Client's brief:-
"...We’re a small local startup company trying to make a name for ourselves by providing a valuable public service (see
.....We’re looking to have caricatures drawn for our 9 full time staff ..."

They will be putting these caricatures online, as what they told me. Maybe one of these days we shall see them online.

Caricature pencil WaveSecure TenCube 1
These 2 guys look similar to me. At first glance at their photos, I thought it is the same person.
Perhaps due to the hairstyles, glasses and beards.
After studying the photos carefully, found that the beards don't look alike (and the client provided me only 9 photos only.)
I tried to capture their essence and they now look different in caricatures.
Caricature pencil WaveSecure TenCube 2
Caricature pencil WaveSecure TenCube 3
I like the nose part and the shading.

Caricature pencil WaveSecure TenCube 4
This one looks cool to me.

Caricature pencil WaveSecure TenCube 5
Pointed ears and bald. You can't miss his distinctive features.

Caricature pencil WaveSecure TenCube 6
Caricature pencil WaveSecure TenCube 7
Only girl in the group.

Caricature pencil WaveSecure TenCube 8
Caricature pencil WaveSecure TenCube 9
Chop chop! And they are done! Used slightly more time than in an hour event. Want to give them a better touch, since I have not much time constraint.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Caricature theme - Honda CRX Del Sol

Caricatures Couple Honda CRX Del Sol
Client's brief:-
"....i'm driving, honda crx del sol. also she should be in that golden dress singing.....
also would be great if you can get 'piggy.jpg' into the portrait too. its her signature"

Really unique! Signature is a drawing of a cartoon pig face.
I put it on the car bonnet. Looks quite good.

Complimentary photo shoot at Foto Gallery

Foto Gallery called me before Chinese New Year, saying that I was offered a complimentary makeover and photo shoot. Heard from Wilfred that he received their offer too, long before mine, but he couldn't make it, as he was not free then.. Told them I will be out of town soon. So, they called me after CNY again.
Asked my wife and she was quite excited, as Foto Gallery said we will be given 2 complimentary photos. If we need more, we will have to discuss with the photographers.
Scared there may be some gimmicks, but we still go for it.

The whole photo shoot took about 2 hours plus.
We had about 50 over shots for the whole session.
Then the salesman (or boss?) talked to us about the package - signing up as members with their company. $888 for a year with 4 hours of complimentary photo shoots at our own functions, twice a year, get the photos nicely design into an photo album etc.
If we don't want the package, then $500 for the photos alone.
Keep asking them about the resolution (and megapixels) of the shots.
He told me can blow up to poster size.
But from what I see on their iMac, the photos look pixelated when zoomed in to slightly bigger than A4 size. Looking at the filesize of 2mb+ for each photo, I guessed at most it can only be as high as 10 megapixels. Unless they have the raw format (which I don't think so), we think $500 was too high for us.
Good thing was that they didn't hardsell.
We took these 2 photos (softcopies on cd) and left.
My wife still thinking of the rest of the photos when we were having our lunch nearby. She felt that it was quite a waste, but if she offered $150 for the photos will be an insult to them.
Anyway, we have these 2 photos, which I printed them out from our digital printers, and sized down and used as wallpaper for our mobile phones.


Caricature theme - Lexus + Lacasa

Caricatures Couple Lexus Lacasa
Their new house is at Lacasa. Added in the icon upon his request.
Lexus could be his or dream) car.
Since he didn't provide me the plate numbers, I put in "Lacasa' instead.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Close on 25th Feb 2008

I will be out for an event on 25th Feb 2008.
Portrait Workshop will be closed on that day.
Please email me for urgent matters and enquiries.
I will reply you at my soonest possible time.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Some cover sketches proposal for CNB (Central Narcotics Bureau) Singapore)

An illustration project for CNB, via Outlook Editorial and Research.

I have to illustrate one book cover, and 36 illustrations of the 18 winning essays (results out around mid to end-April) and they would need the artwork finalised by mid-June.

This is the first stage, in which the CNB is seeking the right direction and style for the book cover. The theme is "Be Cool, Say No!" to drugs, targeting at teenagers of age around 11-12 years old (upper primary students).

Life is fun, say no to drug sketch
First draft I showed the client when he came to my shop.
After showing CNB, he requested for additional 3 more different sketches.

His requests:-
" two "cool" kids jumping into the air and giving each other a high-five (maybe one of them can be wearing sunglasses, and their t-shirts could say "No!" on them)
- kids with some sort of sports equipment (scooter, football or skateboard, etc.)
- kids in a band (playing drums or guitar) and shouting "No!", or maybe with "No!" on the front of the bass drum"

Cover sketch - Option A
This is what the client (Outlook) has in mind.
Don't really like it.

Cover sketch - Option B
Modified based on what the client wanted.
Have a bird's eye view so that the index finger (signifying "No") stands out better.
Graphicall, I think it looks better.

Cover sketch - Option C
This one is my favourite among the 3 sketches, as the "No drugs" theme is more vivid.

Caricature live sketching for Misumi Southeast Asia Pte Ltd D&D

An hour event at Carlton Hotel.

caricaturist display Event Architects
See what the event company (Events Architects) did for me?
Saw it in yesterday's event (by organised by the same company too.)
Think they may have snapped this photo in one of their events, while I was in action.
The sketches should be ripped off from my webpage.

Caricature live sketching Misumi SouthEast Asia D&D 1
Caricature live sketching Misumi SouthEast Asia D&D 2
Caricature live sketching Misumi SouthEast Asia D&D 3
Caricature live sketching Misumi SouthEast Asia D&D 4
Look here, look there, except looking at me. Too shy? Hahaha.....

Caricature live sketching Misumi SouthEast Asia D&D 5
Family caricatures.
This boy is really cute. Styled his hair too, with a tie.

Caricature live sketching Misumi SouthEast Asia D&D 6
She doesn't smile, even when I told her to smile so many times. Give up.

Caricature live sketching Misumi SouthEast Asia D&D 7
Caricature live sketching Misumi SouthEast Asia D&D 8
All waiting for the ink to fully dried up.
Like to snap such photo. Can see how many sketches I have done in an hour, with quality control.
This round quite a lot - 10 caricatures! Usual was 9.

Caricature for Caricatures for Cosmic Harmony International Pte Ltd

Caricature Magician A4
One more order upon his collection of his 2 caricatures.
This time, he wanted a magician theme, pulling a rabbit out of his hat.
He provided me a photo (those makeover type one) of him without frown.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Caricature live sketching for Hypercoat Enterprises Pte Ltd

A late event (8:30pm-9:30pm) at Amis, Song by the Sea, Sentosa, as the guests will be coming in late.
So the client requested me to start my part later, instead of the usual 6:30pm.
Amis Sentosa Song by the Sea
Caricature live sketching Hypercoat Enterprises Pte Ltd 0
Super long event name:-
Hypercoat Enterprises Pte Ltd Client Appreciation Dinner 2008 & Grand Opening of W.S. Wilson Asia Pte ltd

My part started about 10 mins late, because of the VIP speeches and the grand opening ceremony.

Caricature live sketching Hypercoat Enterprises Pte Ltd 1
I used the bounced flash for the first short, but the ceiling is those grill wooden plank type.
The light didn't bounce back and fall nicely on the subject.
No choice, and I have to use the direct flash.

Exaggerated on the size of her mouth.

Caricature live sketching Hypercoat Enterprises Pte Ltd 2
Caricature live sketching Hypercoat Enterprises Pte Ltd 3
This was a nice one.
I like it.

Caricature live sketching Hypercoat Enterprises Pte Ltd 4
Caricature live sketching Hypercoat Enterprises Pte Ltd 5
He looked so sleepy when I was sketching him.

Caricature live sketching Hypercoat Enterprises Pte Ltd 6
HIs features are comical. Fun to draw.

Caricature live sketching Hypercoat Enterprises Pte Ltd 7
He's very interested into photograpghy.
Asked me about my Nikon D80 body and lenses, and the Nikon Sb800 flash.
He intends to get the D200.
Told him if he has the budget, of course get the D300.

Farewell caricature

caricature lady ink 210208
Very urgent job too.
1 day delivery.
Luckily a straightforward and simple job.
The client requested me to layout out their 30 signatures which he will be emailing over.
Told him I don't have the time to do that, and they have to pay extra for that service (which won't be cheap, as it will take longer than the drawing time) even if I can do it.
He decided to let his colleagues to sign on it directly instead.

Portrait sketches in pencil

Very urgent job.
2 days delivery.
The client is preaparing a book for this guy who will be going oversea.
These portraits will be inserted in between the pages.
Luckily, what she wanted are simple sketches of portraits in pencil, or else I won't be able to finish in time.
guy portrait pencil sketch 1
guy portrait pencil sketch 2
guy portrait pencil sketch 3
guy portrait pencil sketch 4
guy portrait pencil sketch 5
guy portrait pencil sketch 6
guy portrait pencil sketch 7
Different expressions and angles captured. Looked so different in all the 7 photos provided.
So the sketches all looked like different persons.
Think he should look closest to this portrait above.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Couple portraits in pencil

couple portraits pencil 190208
Not a really straightforward job here, as the photo provided has a teddy bear in between them.
I have to omit it and imagine the parts and shades behind it.

Caricature theme - proposal

couple caricatures proposal 180208
His initial plan is to do a live sketching in my shop, without letting the girl know that I will be drawing the proposal theme.
But my workload doesn't allow me to do so, as I have too much stuff to handle during my operating hours - replying emails, answering enquiries from phone and walk-in, do some drawings which I need to do in my shop etc.
He has no choice but to draw up this caricature from photos.
Put in the diamond ring and lily as per requested.
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