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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Caricature theme - wedding @ Disneyland

Client's brief:-
"- My wife joey and i will be riding my motorcycle as attached.(pls ignore the red bar at the engine block as i had change it black recently.)
- i will be riding the bike and my wife will be at the back holding a bouquet of flower.
- behind my wife on the box will be mickey and minnie holding on to a banner that says 'Just Married'
- our ride will be on a path towards the disneyland castle with fire works just like the ones that they always show before a movie starts.
- along the path will be patches of greens as if we are coming from a place of beautiful greenery that feels the air with love.
- the fire works will display our name as 'chun sheng and joey'
- at the right bottom of the drawing pls indicate out wedding date as 29th Nov 2008 "

Couple wedding caricatures @ Disneyland A4
Problem I faced here, is the placement of this couple on the bike.
Theoretically, she should be higher, since she is sitting at the back seat..
Graphically, it doesn't look that good.
Thus, when I placed her face lower, her body will appear too short.
To solve this problem, I made her bend forward.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Caricature theme - wedding on yacht

Client's brief:-
"They are a newly wedded couple, can you draw them enjoying themselves on a yacht?"

Couple wedding caricatures on yacht
Too much white in this drawing.
Hence, I gave the wedding gown colour to light cream.
Stands out better in that way.

This drawing has to be posted to Bangkok.
Sent the client a snapshot of this caricature before I post it out.
(A proof that this job was done too)

Her feedback via email:-
"Hi Jit,

Thanks so much, it looks great!
Best regards,


Q-digital caricatures - traditional Chinese wedding

Q-Digital couple traditional Chinese wedding caricatures
An order from one of my loyal clients when I was drawing in Clarke Quay, but didn't order for my drawings. Hahaha..... Maybe she wants to try something new and different.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Comics strips - Is the US$700 billion enough?

Comics strip - Is the US$700 billion enough?
Doodled a comic strips for Robin's blog.
This financial crisis is killing the whole world.
The whole world is shattering into pieces.
Can the US$700 billion glue the broken world together?
I doubt so.
Damage has been done.
Wondering what more can be done to bring the world economy back to the bull market 2-3 years later.

Caricature theme - golfer in Bali

Client's brief:-
"I would like the background to be a combination of the singapore
chef theme you have on the website and a Bali style. He should be in
a golf shirt and shorts with a cool villa palm trees behind him and a
bottle of champagne in one hand and golf club in the other
The photos are a selection but the image i want is the one with a
big grin on his face and NO sunglasses
I would like a frame like the one you have in your gallery below
The inscription should read "Happy 40th Birthday Craig, Bali 2008" "

golfer caricature with chanpagne at Bali
Pretty urgent order (4 days delivery). Thank goodness everything went smoothly from the drawing (easy to draw features), inscription to framing.
golfer caricature with chanpagne at Bali framed with inscription
Immediate feedback from the client, upon seeing the above framed artwork:-
"Oh, this is perfect. Absolutely brilliant!
I will definitely use your service again!"

Monday, October 27, 2008

Caricature of Britney Spears

Britney Spears
Britney Spears.
Should be a recent photo.
Looks more mature (or older) and put on weight.
Celebrity caricatures - Britney Spears pencil sketch watermark
Think this image/posture should be one of her most popular one.
It could be hard for her to get back to this sexy shape.
So, let this caricature do the job for her.
Celebrity caricatures - Britney Spears ink watermark
Could be rather "PG"-rated here.
Celebrity caricatures - Britney Spears colour watermark
But I think it looks pretty good.
Didn't draw the full figure here.
Different from the previous 5 caricatures.
Less is more; More is less.:)))

The client's feedback upon receiving these 6 caricatures:-
"They look great!"

Caricature of Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio.
Done a portrait of him many years back, and the printouts of the original artworks were selling very well when I was drawing in Clarke Quay. It was the customers' request for such service.
He was very popular at that time, because of the Titanic movie.

Leonardo Dicaprio
See how much he has aged over these years.
Celebrity caricatures - Leonardo Dicaprio pencil sketch watermark
Didn't realise his eyebrows are so long and thick, until I sculpture his caricature.
Deep eyes.
Celebrity caricatures - Leonardo Dicaprio ink watermark
Gave him a cool look, dressed smart in suit, should be the right approach for this look (photo).
Celebrity caricatures - Leonardo Dicaprio colour watermark
Looks like a Tweety Bird to me, upon completion, especially the way he stands and the big shoes. Hahaha.......

Caricature of Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman.
Celebrity caricatures - Nicole Kidman pencil sketch watermark
The spouse and ex-spouse all came up to the table.
Celebrity caricatures - Nicole Kidman ink watermark
In fact, I am glad to have such commissied celebrity caricatures job.
If not, I won't even have the time to do them as portfolio.
You can tell from my workload on this blog.
Don't even have the time to do portraits and caricatures for my family.
Just too tight up everyday.
Celebrity caricatures - Nicole Kidman colour watermark
Nicole Kidman is skinny.
Thus, her arms and legs got to be real thin.:))
Gave her a nice cross-leg sitting posture and a big red heart-shaped sofa. Inspired by her red lipsticks.

Caricature of Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie.
Celebrity caricatures - Angelina Jolie pencil sketch watermark
Think I have drawn her too ugly with that big lips
Even thicker than the one I have drawn previously. Hahaha....
My wife asked me why her lips so big and thick?
Celebrity caricatures - Angelina Jolie ink watermark
Supposed to draw her pretty and sexy.
But the job brief was to exaggerate their unique features.
Celebrity caricatures - Angelina Jolie colour watermark
At least I gave her a sexy posture.
Initial plan was to draw her carrying a baby.
On second thought, it may put people off. How many will download it as mobile phone wallpaper, given that she is a sexy symbol?
If there's another chance, I will draw her sexier. I promise! :)))

Caricature of Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt
This photo doesn't really show his angular jaw-line.
Celebrity caricatures - Brad Pitt pencil sketch watermark
I have to exaggerate it more in the caricature.
Lifted his eyebrows more.

Didn't know that he has this rugged image recently.
The theme got to go along this line too.
Added in a cigarette on his lips.
Celebrity caricatures - Brad Pitt ink watermark
Unbutton shirt showing his muscular body.
Celebrity caricatures - Brad Pitt colour watermark
Completed with the jeans and big boots.

Caricature of Tom Cruise

This client has switched from the soccer caricatures to celebrity caricatures.
They should be still using these caricatures as mobile phone wallpaper (user needs to pay for downloading them).
Same as the previous batch, I added in the watermarks (which I seldom do) to protect the client's interest.
Perhaps the European Cup is over, and fever is over.
The girl who's in-charge of this job left the company too.
So nobody to follow-up till recently.
They gave me about 20 celebrity faces this round.
Ican't recognise half of them. Hahaha.... very bad indeed.
Need my wife to do some research too.
She can recognise some of them, but not all.

Reason in knowing their names, is for me to search online for their photos, and have a better understanding of their features, and essence.

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise. Of course, I know who he is. :)))
Celebrity caricatures - Tom Cruise pencil sketch watermark
Gave him the "Mission Impossible" theme for the body.
That's my impression of him.
Celebrity caricatures - Tom Cruise ink watermark
Clear out the unneceessary lines at the inking stage.

Celebrity caricatures - Tom Cruise colour watermark
I tried not to add too much colour on his face. It will turn out too dark. This is what I need to take note for Caucasians, especially.

Lady portrait in pencil

lady portrait in pencil 271008
Pretty urgent job. Few days delivery.
Settled this first before I continue with the celebrity caricatures.
Don't want any disturbance while I was working on the latter.
I prefer to work them at 1 go and in batches.

The lighting of this portrait was not easy to deal with.
Soft and no obvious light and shadow.
No highlight in the eyes.
Have to deal with it carefully.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Caricature theme - wedding @ Singapore Flyer

Couple wedding caricatures at Singapore Flyer
The initial brief by the client was to have them popped out from the Singapore Flyer.
However, graphically and proportionally, it won't look good.
To see their faces, they have to be fairly big.
So a bird's eye view should be the better angle.
However, due to the size of the Flyer structure, it needs to be distorted till very small, visually, in order to capture everything.
So they dropped that idea, and have the Singapore Flyer in the background.
I gave them a piggy back design, which I think it looked quite good to me.

Another case!

I was browsing on Google Images for caricature of Thierry Henry, and saw this caricature, together with my other drawings from my website, appeared on this blog:-

It was in Arabic language, and I don't understand what it was talking about.
I used the Google translation tools, and saw that this guy was asking people to send in orders.
Using my drawings to get business for them again?
And he doesn't know my face appeared in one of the drawings.
Left a message on his blog, asking him to take them down before I take any legal actions against him. And the good thing that they are taken down at the time of this post.
Since they were taken down from his blog, I will not pursue further.
Just don't understand why these people dare to do it, and when they know that they can't deliver similar artwork (and quality) when the client ordered from them. Just out to cheat people?
This is definitely not good for my reputation, and I have to refrain them from doing so.
Doesn't mean that I don't put watermark on my artworks, you can use them freely.
Just don't want the watermarks to spoilt my artwork.
I only put them on when I need to protect some of my clients' interest - eg when they are selling those artworks online etc.

Caricature theme - Just Married......

Client's brief:-
"I would like to order a Caricature in ink (b/w) with theme - with background & body in a wedding theme. I am thinking of both of us sitting in a open top car, turning backwards to wave or something, & with a 'Just Married' sign hanging behind a funny looking car..."

Couple wedding caricatures - just married
When it is in black and white linework job, I will usually put in more details, as compared to the colour version. (The details for the latter are usually taken care by the colours). Meaning I am not giving it a wishy-washy job, just because it is not in colour.

Couple wedding caricatures in black border V-groove silver frame
Usually I would use a silver frame with black border with v-groove line for a black and white drawing. You need the black border to bring out the drawing with the contrast. And not to appear to empty, a v-groove line is added in to add in a border. As for the frame, a light colour is preferred, to contrast with the black border. I use a silver in this case. White colour is another choice.

Mascot design for The Learning Boutique

This client saw the Miss Clarity mascot I have done for Miss Clarity Cafe at Purvis Street, few years back.
They went online to search for the artist, and found my website.
They commissioned me to design a boy and girl mascot for their Learning Boutique, which will be located at the Pandan Valley, Holland Road.

The boy about 7-8 years old.
The girl about 15 years old.
The Learning Boutique mascots pencil sketches
Came out with a few sketches for them to choose.

The Learning Boutique mascots pencil sketches (colour schemes)
Added in colour schemes.

The Learning Boutique mascots pencil sketches 2
They chose Option C for the boy, and Option B for the girl, but requested for a standing posture.

The Learning Boutique mascots pencil sketches 3
Brown hair looks too heavy on the overall artwork.
Thus, we went back to use Miss Clarity's yellow hair colour.
They requested for more actions like leaning against each other, back to back, legs sticking out etc.
Came out with this sketch, but one of the client's feedback was the boy was leaning too far out.
The girl's leg was too far back. Wanted shoes with shoelace, and too much yellow on the flowers.
Wanted option C (in the first sketch) girl's face, and hair volume is not enough.

The Learning Boutique mascots pencil sketches 4
Changed accordingly with ink outline and colour scheme, but the other client said that she preferred the previous posture. Faint...... this is one of the problems I may encounter when dealing with more than one client.

The Learning Boutique mascots final artwork path
Changed accordingly. This time I do everything in vector file format (in Macromedia Freehand), since they need to blow it up to life size, and print as sticker on glass panels, as painting, framed and hang on wall, on letterhead, invoice and business card. Vector file format has no issue on the resolution, no matter how big they want to enlarge or reduce the artwork.
Put in some flowers in the background, as they feel it is a bit empty.

The Learning Boutique mascots final artwork revised
You may not notice the change here. They wanted a more refine eyes, nose, lips (and more curve) for the girl.

The Learning Boutique mascots final artwork
Finally done, but flowers taken out, as per requested.

The Learning Boutique mascots group
Gave them different version, as they may need them for different usage.
With out the wordings here.

The Learning Boutique mascots boy
Boy solo.

The Learning Boutique mascots girl
Girl solo.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Group caricatures for Microsoft

Group caricatures for Microsoft APAC Team colour
These caricatures were done in July 2008.
The client wanted to redo them.
Reasons were too exposed and they don't want hairly legs.
Nearly fainted.
First time I heard such reasons, in my 14 years of drawing.
Caricature for Microsoft Australia Team Olympics
And they wanted t add in this gentleman in the group caricatures.

Group caricatures sketch for Microsoft APAC pencil sketch
This job waas considered a new job, as the initial brief was to let me design everything, in line with the Olympics theme, and no other specifications or restrictions given by them.
Group caricatures sketch for Microsoft APAC ink sketch
Now, you see less flesh, and no hairly legs.
Didn't add in the Olympic logo, as it was taken out and replaced by the Microsoft logo, in the softcopy they have sent me.
Group caricatures sketch for Microsoft APAC colour
Everything was redrawn, and they provided me with some new photos..
I have to changed the postures, based on the angle they faced.
Changed some of the colour schemes too.
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