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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The better silhouette cuttings

Can you tell who are these celebrities?
Sigh.... no live model for me to try out in my gallery.
My next victim is my son - but he's having fever today.
Don't know whether he has mood to model for me.........

Another order from Mediacorp, Singapore.

Another caricature order from Mediacorp for their Shooting.
I still have no idea how they are going to use it. Perhaps I will have to wait till their flash the caricatures on the TV screen.

A big mistake!

I can this was the biggest mistake I have made recently.
I drew the wrong hotel in the caricatures - Fullerton Hotel, instead of Ritz Carlton.
I have nothing to say but to redraw.
Anyway, the diamond ring was not in, which was meant to be in.
The client wants a black Mercedes, and white and lilac flowers.
Since, I need to redraw, I have no issue on these changes.
Now I have less time on my practice on the silhouette cuttings.
I have done some cutting in my car while waiting for the event to start yesterday evening.
I would say ok, given that they are done by refering to photos.
Cutting silhouette live will be a different case.
Let's see how lah.......
Today is my practice day, after finishing that Mediacorp order..... Sigh.....Not enough time liao lah.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Caricature live sketching for DaimlerChrysler SEA D&D 2006

I used my new fountain pen to sketch in this event at Pan Pacific Hotel this evening.
The first caricature wasn't so good, partially because I am not so used to it. Another reason is that the guest can't keep still. However, the overall effect was quite satisfactory, and the speed of sketching was faster, as there were less shading needed.
I think this style would bring my caricature skills to another level, as I tend to focus less on the details, but more on the overall impression. Let's see how the style matures over the next few events.

At the time when I post this blog, this stupid pen cover was spoilt. The cover is the screw-typed. I remembered that I didn't screw it tight. Now I can unscrew it. When I tried to exert more pressure to screw it open, the other parts were screwed open, but not the cover. SICK. I don't want to say that, but this China product is really........ lousy! I am still thinking of getting 2 more tomorrow.

Here are the photos of the caricatures done with the new pen.

Getting warmed up at the second caricature.

A nicer couple caricatures. I think it looks like the guy (when he smiles) in a comical way, which he doesn't think so.

An onion-head. =)

She wanted to see her eyeballs in the caricature, like her partner's, but that's her unique feature. I think it looks cuter and happier in that way.

I would say this was an easy and fun caricature to draw.

Last caricature doen for the event, though the time I was engaged has passed.

P/S: I need to get 2 more of the fountain pens, one for home and one for my gallery. I have to check with the art supplier what's the reason for the cover part. I will use the same medium again for the event in Sentosa tomorrow.

Caricature of Chow Yun Fatt

Hey, I have just bought a fountain pen (of course for drawing purpose) yesterday from an art shop.
It's fun as you can vary the thickness of the lines through the pressure you exert on it.
I have just tried out on this caricature to see the effect. Not bad...I think.
I am going to use it for the event at Pan Pacific later. (I have been using pencil all along)
Let's see how it goes and the response from the guests.

Caricatures for Tourism New South Wales Christmas Card 2006

This is the third order from Tourism New South Wales (Australia) through Mercury Design (They are doing the card design part). They have me illustrated for their Christmas cards in 2003 and 2005.
They used the caricatures in the Christmas card to be sent out to their clients.

The design house listed down these critical elements for me to take note while illustrating:-
- Quadbike
- Sand dunes
- Ship wreck
- Dolphins
- Christmas elements eg. santa hats, holly etc.
- All girls should be wearing same colour t-shirt. Please choose a suitable colour.
- We added a sack with gifts with one of the girls carrying it over her shoulder.
- In the top left corner please add in a sillhoutte of a santa on a sleigh.
- The girls should look youthful! (important!!!)

They even did a sketch for me to follow. This made my work easier, also to avoid any misunderstanding.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My first 2 silhouette cuttings

Die liao. It was quite a disaster to me, after trying out on my wife and son. At least not as good as I want/think. Need more practice from now on...... But let me finish the orders for tomorrow first.
The silhoutte cuttings are too ugly to post up. I may do it later. Let me have some mental preparation first.....

Caricature theme - wedding at Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

This caricature was done last night, just that I left the Memory Stick in which this image at home. Hence, it was posted after the previous post.
Coincidentally, there was a Mercedes in this caricature too. This was a S600 model. The previous one is E200.
It was a wedding gift from my client to this couple.
In fact, their wedding was over. This was a belated gift.

Caricature for Bovis Lend Lease

This caricature is a farewell gift from the company to this Managing Director (MD) of the company. This company deals with construction, This MD drives a black Mercedes. The client wanted to have it in the caricature, together with the building with their company logo on it. To show the nature of the company's business, I have included some buildings under construction in the background.

My first silhouette cutting event this Saturday

An event company sent me an sms last night, asking whether I do silhouette cutting.
I have done it few years ago, but didn't do it in events, as I like to draw caricatures more.
After some consideration, I took the job.
Today, I will need to get my tool (scissors) and black paper. Haha..... hopefully that event organiser didn't see this post!

And hopefully, (must too!) I can do live shadow cutting this Saturday, after few days practice, given my 10 over years of portrait sketching experience.

Oh ya, tomorrow, 29th Nov 2006, is my 12th year being a portrait artist/caricaturist.
Time really flies, 12 years ago, 29th Nov 1994, I started sketching portrait in Clarke Quay.
I was still studying Architecture in National University of Singapore (NUS) at that time. Hence, I can only work on weekends. I started working as a full-time portrait artist/caricaturist in April 1995 after graduated from NUS. In Dec 1995, I setup PortraitWorkshop. (Alamak, got to renew my business license soon!)

Throughout this 12 years, I experience up and down in my careers. My work location shifted from Clarke Quay (1994 - 1997) , Yishun (1997 - 1998), back to Clarke Quay (1998 - 2003) , Orchard Road (busking from 2003 - 2005) to this current gallery in China Square Food Centre.
In less than 1.5 years time, I will have to move again, sad to say that. This building will be undergoing a major revamp. I will have to search for another location. Any recommendations?
Sigh..... seems like I can never settled down long in one location. Please remember to bookmark this blog and my website to keep track of my work location! Alternatively, you can drop me an email at I will keep you updated once I shift to another location.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Caricatures for Singapore Armed Forces

This was an farewell gift to this guy in the artwork.
The client wanted to feature him as the Superman, commando (for Singapore National Day Parade 2006), athletic, singer (he loves singing), and coach.

Switched to new Blogger Beta.

I am switching to the new Blogger beta right now.
Hopefully it is not that buggy like the Internet Explorer 7.
It takes me a few weeks to decide, given that Blogger mentioned that I can't switch back to the old Blogger once I have switched.
My only worry is the videos posted on can't be posted/displayed properly on the new Blogger, especially when I have posted so many videos of my son when he's still a baby (few months old), on his blog recently.
Hopefully, everything is fine and better than the old one.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Caricature theme - wedding in Singapore Zoo

This caricature takes me 3 days to finish - of course not non-stop la.
Too many details and too lazy. Haha...
Friday did the pencil sketch and a bit of inking.
Yesterday, inking and a bit of colouring, then laid it on the table.
After attended a wedding dinner, I colour more parts of it.
Finally it was done today! I am getting a bit off-steam lately.
Must buck up. Jobs to be delivered in the next few days are piling up.

This was a wedding gift to these couple from the bride's father.
They are having a wedding at the Singapore Zoo on the 2nd December 2006, this Saturday.
Both of them plays with music, as reflected in the caricatures.
I have the animals playing music with them.
The cobra was dancing with the music.
This was quite a fun theme for a wedding caricature, as I have not drawn before. Thus, I shall foresee more customers requesting such theme very soon.

Friday, November 24, 2006

live caricature sketching for Rabobank Annual Dinner & Dance 2006

This event was held this evening at Sapphire Pavillion, Siloso Beach, Sentosa.
My live sketching for the caricature session starts from 6pm - 7pm.
Here are the photos of the guests captured with their caricatures to share with.

Why he didn't smile? I forgot to ask him to smile too. He should look quite close to this caricature if he smiles. I think this is one of the best caricatures done this evening.

Another more satisfied caricature.

Portraits in colourpencil

Just done!
This is a second from the client who placed an order of 5 portraits in pencil (simple strokes) earlier this month.

Some other portraits in colourpencil done few months back:-

This guy used to be in the same junior college as me - Nanyang Junior College. (He told me.)
He took up Art too, but specialise in Still Life, not portrait.
Hence, he engaged my service to draw a portrait of him and his wife for their weddinng.

The portraits below are meant to be a gift for this couple for their 50th wedding anniversary.
See how this was done, in case you are curious:-

pencil sketch......

Colouring starts with basic shades. (The lighting was not good when this image was captured - looks yellowish)

Darker shades...... with contrast.

Hair done for the gentleman. Now is the lady's turn.

Completed with the patterns of the clothing added in.

Portraits in the frame.

Caricature theme - Need a Ride?

This caricature is meant to be done on the 22nd November.
However, it was put aside because of the theft case, and done only yesterday.
I was busy with that guy to take down my artworks on his eBay store.
Thus, this caricature is not posted till today.

This was meant to be a birthday gift for the guy in the caricature, from his girlfriend.
An urgent job. She placed her order on Wednesday, wanted to collect it on Friday, which is his birthday. The theme of this caricature is to illustrate the day they first met, in which the guy in the taxi's passenger back seat, sticking out his head, asking her whether she needs a ride? The date is on the number plate. The cab was supposed to be a yellow top cab, in which the body is black in colour. However, considering that it may look too dull in the caricature, she lets me to decide on the colour scheme.
I started by having a yellow colour for the speech. In order not to have too much yellow, I picked red colour for the taxi, and a blue shirt for him.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The thief

These are the images I have captured from his eBay store last night, in case he said I accused him. All of these images are ripped from my website.
In his subsequent emails, he admitted, but accused me giving him verbal permission (which I am very sure I didn't) but denied everything! I CAN"T STAND THIS IDIOT!!!
He regreted not having this in written form. I told him I wish to have it written down too!

The sixth image was removed upon his request, as I have just received and accepted his written apology in email just now -


However, at this time 2:06pm, some of my artworks are still up on his eBay store.

Don't buy from this eBay store seller - gemtasy (Eugene Chan)!!!

Till now, I am still very unhappy. This idiot Eugene Tan, ripped my artwork images from my website and put up on eBay to sell without my consent. His member name on eBay is gemtasy (Eugene Chan/Chen).

I happened to see his eBay store when checking 'caricature drawing Singapore' on Google, a link given by the My wife used my email (not knowing that my name is displayed on the email) to check on the seller. From some of the portraits he displayed, I can guess some of the portraits are done by him.

How do I know it? He approached me few months back to sub-out some of my jobs to him. He told me that he can imitate my drawing style. I said it is important to have his own style, especially in caricatures. I don't want to show my clients my works, get their orders and sub out to other artists. I think this is cheating the clients, which I will not do so. I proposed to have his works displayed on a new section of my website - 'other talents'. If there are demands for his works, I will get him to do it. (Right now, I have removed his works from my website. I am too pissed off to work with people with such personality.)

He emailed back:-

Remember when I asked if I could show your work to my customers? Then sub the work to you? I did that while I was doing a job for a couple at a hotel. Well, the UK customer told me I should try on ebay as Singapore is a small market. He was willing to invest some money and do a website to help.......

I remembered very clearly that I did not give him any permission to showcase my works. He has taken out my signatures and url on all the artworks. I think this is an act of stealing. Given that he himself can draw too, won't he think that will degrade his name, if he has? I am very unhappy about it. I told to remove them from the eBay immediately as this artworks are not done by him, especially when he did not seek my consent to do so. I don't know how long he will keep this from me, if without that email. Right now that he has owned up, I gave him a chance to remove them immediately, before eBay takes any action to his account. (I have reported to eBay Singapore.) If he refused to do so, and eBay can't do anything to stop him from displaying my artworks, I will have to take legal actions to get it done. I have given him 12 hours to remove them. I think he has more than enough time to do it.

I still can't get over it. This issue has wasted me few hours which I can well spend on my drawings otherwise.

( This post is meant to be posted up last night, but failed. I don't know what happened to Blogger. It keeps losing connection with it from my home. I have to post it here from the pc in my gallery)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

How to get rich?

Just read an article in MyPaper today, on page 12.
They mentioned:-
IQ is Intelligence Quotient,
EQ is Emotional Quotient,
FQ is Financial Quotient,
WQ is Will Quotient,
SQ is Spiritual Quotient,
DQ is Daring Quotient and
AQ is Adversity Quotient.

I think this article is quite meaningful.
Do check it out.

more caricature orders from Mediacorp Singapore

These caricatures are used in their shooting in their shooting for a film on Project Campus Superstar, as mentioned in previous post.

Buggy Internet Explorer 7

I can't stand the new IE 7.
I shouldn't have installed it 2 weeks ago.
Now, I don't know how to go back to IE 6.
When I open more than 7 windows (around that or more), it will slow down tremendously.
Most of the times, it is not responding, and then give me the error message that it has to close.........Tak boleh tahan.
Its interface changed quite a lot. I need time to play around and get familiar with it.
Anybody out there knows how to go back to IE6 from IE7?
It's always good to try out new stuffs. However, if it is unstable and buggy, I will rather wait for them to fix the bugs before updating. Good lesson siah.............

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Caricature in marker for a married couple

This was done this morning, collecting later.
It was a gift to this couple for their wedding anniversary.

Caricature for GreenWood Primary School, Singapore

This is a farewell gift for the principal of Greenwood Primary School.
He loves hockey.
I have his school in the background, school logos on the cap and T-shirt.
The blue and grey are the school colours.
Did you notice the wordings on the left? The client uses his name to make into a caption for him. Space on his left will be 13 signatures from the primary 1 teachers, as requested by them.

Portrait in Pencil (Simple Stroke)

An urgent order which came in last Saturday.
The client provided me 2 photos of this lady, but I chose this one, reason being that it is more challenging. It can easily get distorteddue to the angle. The client collected it yesterday, and said it was very nice. :)
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