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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Caricature live sketching for MontBlanc Dinner & Dance 2007

Just came to Clarke Quay last night to celebrate with my wife our 10th ROM Anniversary at The Tent, a Mongolian restaurant.
Today, I was backed again, but the venue is at The Barfly.
Didn't know it was an event for MontBlanc till I reached, as I was engaged by an event company.
It had been some time since I last sketched for an event.
Luckily, the outcome turned out to be quite good.
The last time I worked with this company was sketching based on imagination, using their MontBlanc pen. That was few years back. Hmmmm........time really flies!

A good start!

The chairman? Not sure. Heard one of them saying that....

Sketching his features behind all those ..... (what do you called that?)

These 2 quite close, I think.

My favourite caricatures done for this event. Like her hairstyle. Think it suits her face very well.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

some drawings

This caricature was meant for the client's (from U21Global) boss. She wanted to illustrate her boss fun at work at his big desk, with computer, calculator and mini golf set.
I had him squatting on his armchair, with a fountain pen on his ear, to make it more fun, instead of the normal posture of sitting on the manager chair.

The following were some drawings done yesterday. No time to post up.

Portraits in simple sketch, with pencil.

A birthday gift.
Again, my Sony D717 gave me that C-13 memory stick errors, since CNY. Few days back still fine. Sick. Got to throw back to the service centre again. They never seem to be able to correct this problem thoroughly. It came back every few months, especially after the 3 months warranty that came with the service. I had to use my P990i to take the drawings above. Though the result not very ideal, but still acceptable.

illustration of watches for Beaumont

The time taken to do these illustrations was longer than drawiing faces.
That was the reason why I charged higher price for illustrations.

Didn't use a compass to draw these circles, as I don't want it to look too technical. I used freehand to do it instead. As the client will not used it big in his article, it should look quite okay even if they were not perfect circles.

This was an digital illustration, done using Photoshop and Painter. I added in textures, with acid etch on the face, used sponge and watercolour to dab and paint it out.

Caricature for Synovate

Caricature_Synovate, originally uploaded by emailjit.

One of my clients sent me this photo of the caricature done by me on 22nd Jan 2002, while I was still working in Clarke Quay. Wow! That was 5 years back. Can't remember her face, but remembered that I had done this caricature before. She intended to get another one done as farewell gift for one of her colleagues leaving for Korea in April.

Monday, February 26, 2007

RK House

Eddie sent me this video just now. Just watch for fun, no insult to any race.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Caricatures for Asia Pacific Brewery - 群英会

Remembered the Supreheroes-themed caricatures I have done for APB a few months back?

This was the second part, for the guy dressed as Tripitaka 唐僧, who delayed his stay in the company. This time round, they wanted to portray themselves as 黄飞鸿,武则天,包青天,杨过,小龙女,二郎神,武松,小李飞刀李寻欢,步惊云,无名 and 聂风. The new one in this drawing is the lady as 小龙女. She was the secretary for this main guy.
In order to make them more believable and closer to these characters, I sketched out their faces as in the photos, but removed the glasses later on, changed their hairstyle, added on moustaches and beards etc. Hence, after the makeover, they may have hardtime recognising themselves in this drawing. Hahaha.....
To make it consistent, I added in a black background, instead of trees and clouds. I painted in the black part this time, not cut-out and pasted on a black mounting board like the previous one.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Portrait for Beaumont Publishing

This portrait of Johann Rupert in pen and brush.
This will be used in their publications.
Think this gentleman was a famous person.
The photo provided by the client was very blurred.
Thus, I requested for his full name and search online.
Surprisingly, I found quite a number of his photos on Google image.

The following were past jobs done for Beaumont Publishing for their client - Swatch Group.

This old Singapura map illustration was to be used on the face of a watch.
The shoreline at that time (Malay Peninsula colonial period) was rather different from today's.
There were more plantations and swampy area those days.

This style was a unique scratchboard style, in which I scratched out the black part (aof a black-coated paper), revealing the white lines, using cross-hatching style.
First time doing this. It was different from using pen sketching on white paper. I have more freedom for the latter. This scratchboard style had to follow the contour of the facial muscle, and continuous one. Tough.

Portrait in colourpencil.
Can't remember who he was, perhaps from Swatch Group.

Friday, February 23, 2007

I am back!!!

Yes, backed to Singapore last night.
Considered fully charged after eating, sleeping and enjoying life for the past few days. Really a big fat year 大肥年! Hahaha..........
I had saved the posts (about 10) as drafts for the past week while I was in Malaysia. Taken so many photos and eaten so many good food cooked by my mum, but the dial-up there was just too slow to upload any photos. So, for the next few days, please scroll down this blog to see any new updates.

Felt so guilty in not doing any work, this was the only drawing I had done during this Chinese New Year. Then later gave up and decided to have a good break and rest, for the next few days.
Now back and cried over my piles of work. Hahaha.....

This caricature order had to be delivered by tomorrow morning. This couple will used it for the wedding invitation card. No bride and groom suit. Noticed the guy's shirt? Yes, he wanted the same design as I have done for the guy in this caricature.

Friday, February 16, 2007

BCA job - draft 5

Yo! Really last job for today. Need to send this to the client before I go.
Now, this draft changed in proportion, after I changed the layout according to what they wanted. Think they will want to shift again because of the proportions. They will use this green Building illustration on their website. This proportions will not work well. Surfers have to scroll down to see the magnified home unit. Sigh.... never ending changes... how to finish by early March? This was only 25% of the whole process...... 'pai tan'.

Belated Valentine's gift

A belated Valentine's gift. The client placed the order today, collecting next Saturday when I come back from Malaysia. As he needs it to be framed, I have to get it done before I go for holiday. Just in case any unforeseen circumstances. One more order to be done, collecting next Saturday too. Sigh.... think I can only do it when I come back next week. I need to pack my stuff into my car, ready to set off tomorrow morning.
By the way, this caricature had a simple theme, as requested by the client. She was wearing an overall, with a zip folder in her hand, and a dog besides her. Hmmm... suddenly, everybody wanted a dog, and overall, like the job for Thome Offshore.

Out of town next week!

Yeah! I am off for my Chinese New Year holiday tomorrow.
Rather Kiasu. I will be driving off around 5am+ (dunno whether can wake up), as I don't want to be caught at the custom for a few hours). Hopefully, I won't be blocked by those 'official road pirates' on my way back. I would expect a number of road blocks along the way. Pray hard!!!
So from 17th feb 2007 till 23rd feb 2007, I will be in Malaysia.
Portrait Workshop will be closed during this period.
Business resumes on 26th feb 2007.
You may still contact me at during this period.
As I will be using dial-up while back in my hometown, Kuantan, so I may not blog so often. May have hardtime uploading the photos too. Sigh..... I still have to finish some orders during this holiday.....
Sorry, no time to send out e-greeting cards this year.
Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

caricatures for Thome Offshore Management Pte Ltd

They placed the order last Thursday, intended to collect last Sunday. Later, the ship postponed to sail-off date. Thus, I had more time to work on these caricatures. 25 people in all. It was meant to present on this vessel named 'Gas Concorde' when it sailed off this weekend, as a celebration of the conversion of this vessel. The more important people were placed on the foreground, on the land, while the rest on the vessel, as requested by the client. As she can only provide some (very technical) theme for a few people, I decided to take them out, as they are to technically-specific. Moreover, the rest of the group did not have any specific theme, the overall will look quite odd.
I added a thick outline for everyone, more like what you see on Mr Bean's cartoon. The effects turned out quite good. Every caricature stands out well.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Caricature theme - Disney

My regular client from Merrill Lynch since 1996(?). She had a few caricatures done by me. From the beginning when she and her boyfriend (hubby now) fell in love, her daughters newly-born, then caricatures with theme of Chinese New year. Ehmmm....can't find the softcopies of these caricatures to post up right now.
This time, she wanted her 2 elder daughter to be Princess Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) and Princess Ariel (from Little Mermaid) dancing with the 2 princes., while the youngest daughter as the Tinkerbelle. She and her hubby as the queen and the king. Quite unique theme, right?

Caricature for AD Incorporation Pte Ltd

Thought the clients who ordered this caricature was recommended by the client of that bikini babe job, or saw that drawing, but no. just happened that they wanted a bikini for this lady who will be leaving the company. She had a tattoo on her hip, but they wanted to change to their company logo.
This time I had a more healthy sexy figure, not as seductive as the previous one. Hahaha......
the white bikini looked quite good too. The white labrador (dog) was meant to be her pet. I found this species photo online, not her pet's photo.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Couple portraits in watercolour

(pencil sketch of the couple portraits.)

Quite enjoying while painting their features and expressions, especially the guy - the big smile, his facial muscle, easy to build up the toning.

Valentine's Day gift

Hahaha..... my Valentine's gift, from my wife, exactly the same as my Crocs I am wearing now. The old one was worn out, and slippery on rainy days. Hence, I asked for a similar one, cos I like it lah. Comfortable to wear. She bought me 2 pairs of long pants too.
I bought her a brown/black Nokia 7390 3G handphone. (The powder pink she wanted was out of stock). She wanted this model instead of the N80, as she doesn't need to surf on the internet. Quite diappointed with the image quality taken by this handphone camera. They just didn't appear sharp and contrasting before. Starhub didn't allow me to test, unless I have decided to buy it.. Sick! How can one test by looking at the dummy set? Can I complain to Nokia about the image quality? Hey, a 3 megapixel camera leh. My Sony Ericsson P990i had a 2 megapixel camera, and the image looks a lot better (see above). Was this normal for all Nokia handphone cameras? My mother-in-laws N73 also the same case.... May hop into Nokia shop after CNY to check with them. Hopefully, it's my wrong settings....fat hope on my side, I think.
Still think the Sony Ericsson K800 is a better choice. She just doesn't want a similar model like her K750. What to do?

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

last Valentine's Day order

Her friend found my contact on search engine (don't know on Yahoo or Google) using keywords 'caricature Singapore" and brought her to my gallery to place order this afternoon, collecting tomorrow. Taking into consideration that I need to pay for my 2 kids medical fee later today, I accepted their order. 贱 right? Said don't want to overwork, and yet getting in one more order. No choice lah. I have to face the reality. This world, these years, everything needs money and money is important, especially to survive and live well in Singapore. Ill-treating myself and my right hand loh.....Hahaha......

caricature theme - birthday + cycling

Used as a birthday gift. This girl's birthday was on 13th Feb. The guy was longing to get it on that date, but I was really tight up with the Valentine's Day orders. So, no choice. I can only give it to him on the 14th Feb.
His initial idea was to have the standing, while he will be holding the cake. After some discussion with him, I proposed to have both of them on a bicycle, while he will be holding a cake with a candle on one hand. Background is a park.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Caricature theme - Journey to the West 西游记

The client's request:-
"The theme would be Journey to the West. My friend (Tripitaka) should be dressed in a monk's robes together with a head-dress. preferably on a white horse. Then background surrounded by his 3 disciples, monkey king孙悟空, pigsy猪八戒 and sha wu jing沙僧. "

A really unique theme. First time drawing this theme, and somemore the Tripitaka唐僧 was a lady. She had long hair in the photos provided. I take that away, given that Tripitaka唐僧 was a monk. I used the 2 straps to cover both sides, so that it won't look that weird.
The last time I drew 孙悟空 (think in 1996-1997) was Sun Goku from Dragonball Z, not this Monkey God 孙悟空。 I have added in the white horse 白马 which Tripitaka 唐僧 ride.

Caricature theme - Toyota Vios

A birthday gift to his girlfriend, with both of them in their newly bought Toyota Vios, with a beach background. Hopefully I get the metallic silver colour close. I had mentioned to the client that I don't that colour in my marker collection. He was fine with that. Looking at this scale, the car looked dynamic in this drawing - not bad!

caricatures in colour as a Valentine's gift

Another urgent order, which made me overworked these 2 weeks.
Few more days to go before I go on holidays. Hahaha.......

fourth draft for BCA

Juggling with my jobs on hand. Now back to the illustration for Building & Construction Authority (BCA), Singapore. This was the fourth draft, and hopefully no more changes, and straight to the actual vector artwork illustration. I added in labels on the illsutrations with annotations on the right. Also made some amendments to the comments like larger green etc.
Sigh..... life is tough. Just rejected an urgent one-day-delivery order. That client was my customer when I was drawing in Clarke Quay. The orders for this coming week was full. I am overworked, having a tough time in clearing orders this week before going for the Chinese New Year holidays. I keep telling myself life is not work, but my life just surrounds with work. This is very sad. If I don't work hard, how am I supposed to pay off the high monthly overheads etc? No joke! My money drains off from my bank account almost everyday. I have to keep pumping in money. Can't imagine if one day when this drawing machine breaks down........what will happen? And now, I have been coughing my lungs out for the past few weeks. Looks like no mandarin oranges this new year. Shit.... cough still must eat a bit. Mandarin orange is one of the stuff which gives me the atmosphere of Chinese New Year.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Caricature for Citibank

Another order from Citibank, but different client from the comic strips job.
It was a birthday gift (urgent order) to this man from the 7 secretaries.
The girl he was embracing was his dream girl, Ash. From what the client and my wife told me, she was a popular celebrity in Bollywood movies.
Their costume was what see in that particular Bollywood movie. Sorry, no idea about all these.
Perhaps, I had drawn her in the job for Singapore Tourism Board, and I wasn't aware of it. But looking through my portfolio, which was her? Sick, my job is to draw faces and yet I am very bad at recognising faces. You may not believe it, but it's true. I do met my clients on the street, but can never remember them. Then my wife has to remind me of who they are. Hahaha....... But of course, I do recognise some......

Valentine's gifts - Portraits of 2 ladies in pencil

Two different clients. Just that I sketched them (with pencil drafts of 2 group caricatures) while I was watching 2 movies on my TV last night at home (Watched Jackie Chan's Police Story 4 and Chow Yun Fatt's A Better Tomorrow Part 3 till about 4am). Don't need the set of ink, markers and refill in front of TV. Just a few pencils, pencil sharpener with a kneaded rubber, I completed them. Considered quite slow.
Is my life that bad? I have to work while watching movies, or is my job so good that I can work and watch at the same time? Hahaha.......
That cup of ice coffee in the morning kept me awake till 4am. Scary..... No coffee today, as I need to sleep early tonight, and back to normal working hours tomorrow.

caricature in colour - birthday gift

Straightforward job, with a caption of "Happy-hatch day, Eugene" added. (The later part of the sentence is for search engine spiders. Hahaha......... they can't read image - graphically-blind.
So have to tell them in words.)
This guy had just won in a singing competition. Hence, the clients wanted to congratulate him with this gift too. Hmmm.... what competition is that? Project Superstar? No idea.....

caricature theme - wedding on a snow mountain

So coincidental. This couple wanted a wedding theme, with a dog at the side. Same species? Looked similar. Very bad at dog species knowledge. But this dog was in black and white suit, as requested by the client herself. Background wanted was a snow mountain.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

caricature theme - modern wedding

A wedding gift from the clients to this couple having their wedding this Valentines Day.
They wanted this couple to be close to each other, and had the bride's West Highland White Terrierin the caricatures plus a caption of 'just married'

Caricatures for Singapore Civil Defence Force

A farewell gift to this fireman who will be retiring soon.
If I remembered correctly, this was the first time working on a theme of fireman.

Caricatures for Lenovo - celebrity caricatures

Finally done!!! 3:40am now. Damn tired! I have been drawing since 10pm till now non-stop, just for the last 10 caricatures. The client will be collecting from my home at 10am later (from order confirmation till collection - 36 hours) . She messaged me to check if I can send to Vivocity tomorrow. The price I quoted didn't include delivery. Anyway, I can't do it too, as I need to look after my 2 kids at home. While drawing these caricatures, I have decided to stop taking in any new orders collecting before or on Valentine's Day, maybe even for the whole of next week. No fun if I work like a drawing machine. I don't want to work till this hours everyday. I still need to drive back to my hometown, Kuantan next Saturday. The journey is about 5.5 to 6 hrs. If my daughter doesn't cry on the way, it should be fine. But most likely it won't be the case. Hence, I am really stressed these few weeks. How can I concentrate on my driving while she is crying at her highest pitch. OMG!!!! I need a good rest too, at least an early sleep next Friday night. Tons of work to clear before I leave for Chinese New Year holidays, though still have to draw during that few days. Sigh...........

Ok, back to this job.
The client wanted to use this celebrity caricatures as masks in a game in which the contestants will use this mask to cover their face, before revealing their own face. Then they will let the judges to compare the resemblance. The request of these caricatures was not to look too comical, and not too realistic like portraits. Since they only need the face, I didn't draw in the torso, but they had to be of life-sized. Thus, I had to draw big. The difficulties I faced here were I can't get the resemblance easily at this size. The distance between the paper and my eyes was too near. Usually I worked at a smaller scale. Hence, not all these caricatures were satisfactory.

First one to start with - Mr Bean. I thought I captured his resemblance closely at the original size. Now, at a smaller scale, so-so only.

Famous character in Singapore - Phua Chu Kang.
The photo was given by the client. Not very ideal. I searched on Google images, but couldn't get a good one. Thus, I used the photo provided by the client.

Very curious and longing to see this person who thought that he/she looked like Yoda. How close can he/she get, in terms of resemblance?

绝对Superstar Chen Wei Lian (陈维联). Not very good. Thought I can get it with ease initially.

Evelyn Tan 陈毓芸.......Hmmmm.....looked quite alright at the original size, but not at this scale.
Haiz....... Could it be the size, or the tight timeframe, which caused me to panic?! I think both.

Thought it was one of the best among these 15 caricatures initially. But looking it at this scale - no. Looked more like Tomb Raider than Angelina Jolie. Hahaha.......

Natalie Imbruglia - This was the biggest face drawn, out of the 15. Filled up almost the whole of A3 paper. Sorry, but don't know who she was, but looked quite chio at certain angles.

Ayumi Hamasaki - looked like those girls in Japanese comics to me. Not sure of her actual features in fact.

Jay Chou 周杰伦 - at least a closer one.

Sharon Aw 欧菁仙。Acceptable.

小猪罗志祥。 One of the closer one.

S.H.E. Ella. Not really good, a bit off.

Kelly Chan 陈慧琳。 Ok, but not chio.

Singapore Idol Hary Mirza. Hah, don't think he looked like that, but I think I should get quite close to the photo provided. Wished I can redo this with a better photo.

Fann Wong 范文芳。 The client wanted her straight hair. A bit off on her features. Quite a failure.
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