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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Caricature for business card

Caricature for business card
This caricature will be used on his business card.
Usually, when the client wanted caricature with theme in ink, I will use fountain pen.
This round, I used it too.
But taking into consideration of the size it will appear on the card, the lines may look weak when they were sized down proportionally. It won't have the impact and the X-factor (Yes, my version of X-factor which I think it should turn out good, if I put it in!).
Thus, I added in the brush strokes.
Now, whether this caricature was placed far, or at small size (or blown up), it will stand out on its own!

Caricature for IBM

Caricature for IBM Harley Davidson Sydney Opera House Merlion
2 days delivery, with frame.
Quite rush, but luckily the client requested this caricature to be done in pencil and I can take 1 more order for this date.
Simple request of this gentleman riding a Harley-Davidson bike, with Merlion and Sydney Opera House (he's leaving Singapore to Australia) in the background.
Not easy to draw the bike, especially when I squeezed its proportion.
Added in more cross-hatching strokes here, to give the caricature more substance.
The result was quite satisfying, to me.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My third Adsense cheque

Received another cheque from Google.
Almost the same amount every 2 months.
Supposed to be enough to pay for my 1 year+ website server fees for every payment.
(Recently just upgraded to another plan of 20gb data traffic, as the traffic just overflow the 10gb limit every month, which is a good sign.)
However, all these payments went into my wife's account.
Enough to make her happy.
Good enough to make me login daily, to check the click results.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Caricature theme - Vespa

Client's brief:-
"I was thinking of what to get for my best friend's birthday, and suddenly I thought
about CARICATURE. Thus, I googled it and your website was featured. I'm
very interested to get a CARICATURE for my friend.

I saw your gallery! And its awesome! It grabbed my attention at an instance!
You're really good in what you do. Hehe.. Very talented.

Btw,I guess you'll need the picture of her. Just FYI, she rides a VESPA.
So, I would want the caricature to have her riding the Vespa.
I'll send you a photo of her with her Vespa. Just make her look cute and a little animated.

Do not include her 'P' plate though in the portrait.. hehe!
It has already been a year. Hehe! "

Caricature of a Vespa rider
Her immediate reaction upon receiving this caricature:-
"Oh my God! It's so cute!"

She dropped me an email:-
"Hey Jit,

Thank you a million for the portrait!!
I really loved it!! It was what I wanted!
Thank you!!


-Diana Kamal- "

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Caricature theme - Lawyer

Caricature of a Lawyer

Super urgent job.
The client wanted this gentleman in lawyer suit, in a court setting.
After some searching online, I can't find any ideal setting.
Thus, I drew in the audience for the background, based on imagination.

Caricature theme - Welcome back!

Client's brief:-
"The background will be Chnagi Airport, with lady alighting from an aeroplane. .....
The guy is holding a bouquet of flower, welcoming her back. Pls include in "30 July 08" in 1 corner..... "

Couple caricatures welcome back

SMS from the client, after his collection:-
"Thanks, Jit. Keep laughing when I saw myself in the drawing. It looks funny."

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Illustrations for CNB (Central Narcotics Bureau, Singapore) - Essay 5

Chay Jia Min Elaine
Princess Elizabeth Primary School, P6G

“Why am I always rubbish at everything?” I grumbled dispiritedly as I left the school hall. A big, red “F” was hastily scrawled at the top of my mathematics examination paper. Everywhere I glanced, there were always throngs of happy and delighted fellow schoolmates, laughing in merriment at their marks. My spirits sank even lower as I saw my arch enemy, James, punch the air in delight. I scowled darkly at him. “Stupid moron. Teacher’s pet”, I mumbled unhappily.

I sighed as I meandered around the neighbourhood, unwilling to go home to a nagging mother. The sun sank below the horizon, leaving a ruby-red glow. I banged into a wall and swore loudly, “I hate this world!” I shouted savagely, aiming a kick at a nearby rubbish bin .

Princess Elizabeth Primary School Chay Jia Min Elaine - illustration 1 colour

“Hey, watch it kid!” a rough voice shouted at me. I jumped about a foot in the air, staring wildly around.

A teenager of about fifteen pushed the rubbish bin aside and stood up. He was considerably taller than me, though it might be because of his handsomely spiked hair. He grinned roguishly at me. “Alex”, he said a little drunkenly, offering his hand to me. Under normal circumstances, I would have run for it, but, feeling a little reckless, I gripped his hand tightly and shook it.

“That’s right, kid”, he smiled. “Feeling down, upset?” he asked. I nodded and before I knew it, I poured out all my hardships and troubles to an unknown stranger. To my utmost indignation, he chuckled. “What’s so funny?” I asked defensively. He shook his head and pressed a small packet into my hands. “Trust me, it will help you”, Alex said convincingly. I glanced down at the little packet and almost dropped it. “Uh, Alex?” I asked uncertainly. “Is it drugs?” After a few minutes I realised that I had been mumbling to myself. Alex had disappeared.

“Where have you been, Ryan?” my mother’s angry cry greeted me as I pushed open the door. I mumbled something indistinct and glared at my ever-perfect younger sister reading a book. I went up to my room and slammed the door. Mere seconds later, my mother followed suit. To make matters worse, she fished out my examination paper and yelled at me till I thought my ear drums would never be the same again. After screaming herself hoarse, my mother left the room in floods of tears.

I glared at her retreating back. “Honestly, does she really think I want those marks?” I muttered angrily, venting my feelings on a chair. Wallowing in self-pity, I tore the packet of drugs open and popped a white pill into my mouth. All at once, I began to experience many different emotions. The present was turning into a dream; I was soaring to greater heights …

Ever since that first fateful pill, I began to spend my pocket money and savings lavishly on drugs from Alex. I made weekly trips to that little alley to satisfy my urge for drugs. My mind was slowly becoming fuzzy and mundane. I paid the barest minimum of attention to my teacher, Mrs. Lee, and on that fateful day, one of her words penetrated my foggy mind: “Examination”. It passed in a swirling white haze and all I could remember was leaving that examination hall and climbing the railings outside.

“Ryan!” Mrs. Lee yelled. “What do you think you are doing?” I paused in the act of jumping and turned vaguely. I saw James tugging violently at my legs. Next thing that I could remember, I was lying in the sick bay, staring at the stern face of a drug rehabilitation officer. I moaned subconsciously. “Ryan”, Mrs. Lee said, “you have to go to the Drug Rehabilitation Centre.” No doubt she had made the call.

The next few weeks passed in terrible torture for me. I might have died for all I knew. I was screaming for Alex, for drugs. I screeched and kicked in the agony of not having them. I did not want to live anymore. I vomited and moaned uncontrollably. I writhed like a snake; my insides were on fire.


It was a clear and windy day. Puffy magnolia-white clouds drifted across the azure blue sky. The great iron gates of the Drug Rehabilitation Centre opened and I stepped out. I took in great gulps of fresh air. It definitely felt good to be out of there. I was a completely changed person, with an entirely new attitude towards life. I heard a strangled cry. “Ryan!”

My sister came hurtling out of nowhere and flung her arms around me. She buried her face in my shoulder and sobbed uncontrollably.

Princess Elizabeth Primary School Chay Jia Min Elaine - illustration 2 colour

It was then that I realised what family ties meant. I felt so sorry for my family, and never more ashamed of myself. “Don’t cry”, I muttered awkwardly, patting her on her back.

There and then, from the moment I stepped out of the Centre, I resolved to take on an active role in anti-drugs campaigns. Now, I am known throughout my neighbourhood as an anti-drug ambassador. Best of all, when I next received my examination paper, there as an “A*” at the top.

Caricature for PSB Academy

Client's request:-
"About the theme, we may go for professor gown & mortar board for him, background of Singapore, and include some features of University of Newcastle and our college, PSB Academy (is UON and PSB logos good enough?)"

Caricature for PSB Academy professor gown mortar board
Something different here.
I used the colour markers to hatch out some details. Sudden inspiration while I was drawing the wrinkles on his forehead. Turned out quite good. Will explore further in the coming colour caricatures, on this new technique.

Feedback from the client's email:-
"Thanks, Jit.
My colleagues like the caricature, especially funny is the Merlion sticking out tongue and the two durains. Good work!"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Caricature for Dell

The client's request"-
"Can you work on the following specific theme:
- Big English "Lady" with a lizard scaring a small girl (who is in tears)
- The person is actually a guy but I would like to 'dress him up' as an English lady"

Caricature Dell English lady scaring a little girl with lizard
Not sure what was the reason. Perhaps it was a joke among themselves.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Caricature order from New Zealand

Client's request:-
".....I live in Auckland, New Zealand. I was going through your website and was very impressed with your work..........I am a mad Manchester United Fan so I was hoping to get caricature done in some kind of soccer pose......."

Caricature Manchester United soccer player

Caricatures for a F&B agent

Caricature Grace F&B agent A4
This Food and Beverage (F&B) property agent wanted these caricatures for her business cards.
Her namecard was rather special. It was a pocket and another namecard inside. The above caricature will be used for the exterior whereby she will use it for her company business contact, while the caricature below will be used for her personal business card inside. Quite a good concept. Instead of giving out 2 namecards, she just presents one pocket with another business card within.
Caricature Grace F&B agent with hawkers A4
This was the original A2 size artwork, which she may use for her future mobile banner.
She may need to blow it up. Thus an A2 size should be more ideal for the enlargement.

Caricature Grace F&B agent with hawkers (superimposed) A4
This artwork was edited in Photoshop, whereby the background was lightened up.
She will stand out amongst them. The services she provides will be listed out and super-imposed on the right, just as the graphic layout for the caricature above.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Monday, July 21, 2008

Portraits in pencil (detail shading)

Portraits in pencil 200708
I like to draw hair. Some artists will think hair and clothing are boring to draw.
Thus ,you see some of them doing wishy-washy jobs.
I think, if you can do them properly, it can add values to your drawing, especially if you can get the flow, folds and lighting right.
Layman will think straight hair is the easiest to draw. Sometimes, a straight-forward job will look ordinary. But the challenge is to turn it not so ordinary, and not too overwhelming, till it snatches the attention away from the portraits. One way is to take note of the hair flow, and then add in the hair volume through the highlights and shades.
Another issue which the guests (in live sketching event) or clients always raised is that bald head is the easiest and fastest to draw. True in a way, but how to get the shape and the proportion (in portrait) right are another (different) challenge. If we can't do it right, it will just look awkward.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Illustrations for CNB (Central Narcotics Bureau, Singapore) - Essay 4

Basanth Sadasivan
Anglo-Chinese School (Primary)

Dear Mom,

I am writing this letter from my prison cell at the Drug Rehabilitation Centre. It has been two weeks since I last saw you briefly at the police station. I can still remember your swollen eyes with dark-ringed circles around them and those wrinkles etched deeply across your forehead. You were pleading with the policemen to let me go as I was being led away in handcuffs. It was so heart wrenching to see you in such a state and I am truly sorry for all the trouble I have caused. If some of the words in this letter are smudged, it is probably from the tears that stream down my cheeks as I am writing.

Anglo-Chinese School Basanth Sadasivan - illustration 1 colour

Now that I have had lots of time to reflect, I want to tell you how I ended up in the situation I am in now.

Anglo-Chinese School Basanth Sadasivan - illustration 2 colour

It all started two years ago when Dad suddenly died in that tragic car accident. I was only seventeen and I still remember arguing with him as he drove me to school that morning. When I got out of the car, I deliberately did not say goodbye because I wanted to show that I was angry with him for nagging at me about how I was underperforming in my studies. It was so early in the morning and I must admit that I was in a cranky mood myself. I got out and slammed the door in disgust—something that I gravely regret and am deeply ashamed of. I have wondered on numerous occasions whether he was so terribly upset with me at the time that his mind was preoccupied with these thoughts and whether that caused him to hit head-on against that tree. I cannot even explain to you the huge amount of guilt I have been carrying with me all this time. When you called me later that morning to let me know about the tragedy I was in a state of shock.

From that day onwards, I have been sad, full of guilt and extremely depressed, though I did not want to burden you with my problems. You had so many other things to think about at the time, with the immediate task of funeral arrangements and financial matters. Perhaps it was just plain cowardice playing up as an excuse for my act, Mom, because I could have still confided in you when everything was settled—after all, it has been two years since the accident. I really don’t know why instead I chose to confide in my so-called “best friend”, Joel, who I thought had all the answers to my problems. He was always there for me and would listen and advise me with his thoughts. You would remember having met Joel a couple of times at our house when he used to come around asking me out for a movie or just to hang around to have a chat.

Joel came from a dysfunctional home—his parents were divorced and he lived with his uncle in a two-room flat on Old Airport Road. His uncle converted the flat into a gambling den and all sorts of people used to be in his house all the time. Joel was my trusted confidant and gave me support through the darkest days of my life immediately after Dad’s death. As you know, we were in lots of financial difficulties at that time and it was Joel who helped me get a part-time job in the McDonald’s outlet at Far East Plaza where he was also working. As our shifts ended at the same time every night, Joel and I spent long hours together after work as we walked to the MRT station to board our respective trains.

Every month, on our pay day, Joel and I would go out and celebrate. We would paint the town red by patronising pubs and discotheques, having a whale of a time. As I was too young to consume alcohol, Joel would order it for me. He also taught me to smoke my first cigarette. Going out with Joel was a way for me to escape from all my worries. I was late in handing up my school assignments and flopped a couple of my tests. My grades were dropping fast and I would lock myself in my room all the time for fear that you might detect alcohol or nicotine in my breath.

Almost three months ago as we were on our way to a discotheque, Joel told me that I looked rather depressed. Before I could say anything, he took out a pill from the breast pocket of his shirt and offered it to me. On the pill was embossed the word “Adam”. Joel said that it would help to elevate my mood. He said that one of his uncle’s friends gave it to him and that from his experience it would bring instant happiness. Trusting my best friend, I consumed the tablet without realising that it was actually Ecstasy. That was the beginning of my descent into a dark and bottomless pit.

Ecstasy had an immediate effect on me. I felt self-confident and full of energy. I was dancing wildly and without any pause. There was a certain closeness with others and a desire to touch people around me. I actually felt “good”, but it was temporary and it completely betrayed what was to happen afterwards.

When I reached home that night, I was completely exhausted and started throwing up violently. My head hurt badly and I felt dizzy with nausea. For the next three days, I was in bed feeling confused and restless with hallucinations and bad dreams. Remember that letter I asked you to write to my form teacher to say that I was having a fever? That was the time I was suffering from the after-effects of Ecstasy.

I craved for more Ecstasy, for without it I felt cold and trembled continuously. There was an extreme sadness lingering in me. Joel told me that he would get me some, but it would cost about eight dollars a pill. I bit the bullet and paid him the money because I wanted to feel good—I didn’t care about the after-effects. I could not concentrate on my studies any more and I failed my midterm tests. I know you were mad at me when my class teacher called you up to complain about me, and I know that I promised to study harder. The truth is that I just could not as Ecstasy had taken over my life.

And then it all happened in a flash. One moment I was sitting in the pub with Joel, and the next moment the men in blue walked in and took us away. They were acting on a tip-off. We were brought to the police station for a urine test, which confirmed that we had both consumed Ecstasy. They forced us to strip and searched us thoroughly. Joel had three tablets of Ecstasy in his pocket at that time. I was charged with drug consumption, while Joel was charged with drug trafficking as well.

Mom, I hope you are being well taken care of at the Institute of Mental Health. I heard that you were transferred from the acute ward to the rehabilitation ward and that you were making progress with the counselling sessions. Please take all your medicines and recover quickly. I hope you will be discharged soon and can come and visit me. I heard that visitors are allowed to visit the inmates on Christmas Day. Let’s make this a special Christmas and the beginning of a new phase in our lives.

Mom, I am so sorry to have let you down. I really look forward to hugging you after my release from here.

Your loving son,

P.S. I have learnt my lesson—the price for taking drugs is too high to pay.

Illustrations for CNB (Central Narcotics Bureau, Singapore) - Essay 3

Title: Helping a Friend in Need

Callie Hoon
Tao Nan School, 6K

Jamie used to top the class and cohort in everything from math to athletics. She was an all-rounder, consistently the first to go up on stage to receive her five hundred dollar cash prize during the year-end prize presentation ceremony. Her photographs frequently appeared in the school newsletter: “Jamie Tan clinches gold for school, Primary 6 girl bags gold in athletics”. Many of my schoolmates kept crowding around her, trying to get her to befriend them. But I, in a sense, was fortunate—I was her best friend. I had always treasured that fact until recently…

Tao Nan School Callie Hoon - illustration 1 colour

Just after term break, Jamie had bloodshot eyes and dry lips. I thought that she might have had a late night. But, during class, I noticed that she was not paying attention and was fiddling with her stationery, whereas she usually took meticulous notes. Other unusual behaviour was also displayed—failing her math exam, having sloppy handwriting on her worksheets and even having occasional anxiety attacks. I could hear the students speculating among themselves: “Oh? Jamie? That’s nothing. Just a case of being over-stressed.” I did not think so. The hardworking, friendly Jamie had transformed into a girl I did not know. Shunning me when I attempted to hold a conversation with her—that was not her! Angry and suspicious, I decided to search the internet for causes of those problems. It dawned on me that she could perhaps be on drugs, but I could not be certain.

The next day before school started, I sought her out. Just when I was about to leave the toilet, Jamie stumbled over to me and murmured, “I’m going to have Mary Jane today. Wanna join me?” Just as I was about to reply in the affirmative, the phrase “Mary Jane” instantly aroused my suspicions. Something clicked in my mind. It all fit perfectly. Mary Jane was simply another name for marijuana! Determined to get to the bottom of this matter, I pushed her into the toilet and confronted her. It was then that I learned that she had recently befriended some friends from a vacation job at a pub. They had egged her on to try the drug because “it’s cool”. Before long she was hooked on it. Jamie was indeed abusing drugs.

Frightened and confused, I was initially at a loss on what to do. I mustered up the courage to approach our form teacher, Miss Sim, and confided my worst fears in her. Miss Sim told me, “I’ve been noticing the drastic changes in Jamie. I think we should inform her parents about the situation and decide how to deal with the matter.”

Tao Nan School Callie Hoon - illustration 2

Her parents, upon learning about the situation, broke down and consented to report her drug abuse to the authorities. The narcotics officers showed up while she was in a slightly clearer state of mind and arrested her. Sadly, she gazed at her parents, “Sorry Mum and Dad, I’m sorry to disappoint you. But when I am released, I’ll never touch drugs again. Drugs only make you happy for a short while, but what comes after that is horrible.” To me she whispered, “Still friends?” I nodded.

Jamie was released two weeks ago. Up till now, she is free from drugs and is leading a happy life, topping the standard again.

Caricature theme - wedding on motorbike

Couple caricatures wedding on bike
Thought I forgot to take a snapshot of this caricature.
Requested this client, May, to send me a snapshot, and she was very kind, and agreed to send me the scan copy over the weekend.
Then I found it in one of my memory card.

Asked her whether is this for her wedding caricature?
She said she wanted it to be done, simply because she felt that it will be very cute to have them in caricature form.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Caricature theme - pianist

Caricature grand pianist
Coincidental. Previous post was a singer. This one was a pianist. Both with musical notes, but different client.

Caricature theme - singer

Caricature singer
Added in the glow around her and the musical notes, so that it won't look too plain.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Caricature for 5 SIR

Caricature 5 SIR cycling golf soccer
The client wanted him cycling, with golf clubs and soccer ball.
Hence, he has to sling all these over his shoulders.
Tough..... wonder how he cycles like that in reality?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Caricature theme - chef

The client wanted the same/similar theme that I did for Martin Yan's caricature, last decade.
If I was right, this was done in 1997~1998. The caricature was used in an advertisement on The Straits Times, when Martin Yan was here in Singapore for a cooking event, at Raffles City.

Caricature of a chef
This one, I put in more actions in the preparation of food, took out the Raffles City building in the background. Besides the rendering method, I think the major difference in these 2 caricatures, was the way that I use my brush - the lines and strokes are less restrictive. I can express them better, which should be the case, after 10 over years of drawing. Hahaha........
Looking at it again, I should have improved more than this..... more hardwork needed from me.......

Portrait for SeaCAD Technologies

Portrait for SeaCAD Technologies
No highlights in his eyes, as seen in the photo provided.
Layman will usually associate highlights in the eyes with cheerful, bright and nice eyes.
The challenge here was to achieve this mood, through his smile and expression etc.
It used to be a challenge to me when I started drawing portraits in my early days.
However, over the years of drawing, I focus on the overall feel, instead of the eyes alone.
My clients always said that once we get the eyes correct, it will look like that person.

I don't think so, at all. You can get the eyes right. But if the nose, smiles, teeth etc don't look alike, and worse - if the proportion was out, everything will be wrong. No matter how much effort you put in the shading etc, you are just wasting your time. The starting point must be right. The framework must be correct. How to get the proportion right? This concerns with the vertical and horizontal proportions, and the relationships between all the features. It may sound difficult, but I can tell you all these in a few minutes. How you can do right, require lots of practice. If you don't realise this, it will take you years of struggling with the proportions, and may not get it right.

I realised this when I was doing those A1 size airbrush portraits. How to sketch out the portraits from the small photos onto the huge drawing paper? I was quite excited when I found out the relationship between them, and these were not found from those art books. At least, I have not come across them yet. Everything looks so easy since then. Then, I found out that the next (higher) level of challenge was to get the expression, and (then) mood of the subject right. If you can't achieve that, your drawing will never be able to convey the message the subject was trying to project. This requires lots of drawing experience (practice). The more you draw, the better you are, as I always believe this - Skill comes from Repetition! I am still working hard on that in every of my drawings. There isn't an end. Just keep drawing - that's what I always tell those people interested in drawings. No shortcut.

Caricature theme - Honda Integra

Client's brief:-
"I would like to request for a " Caricature in colour marker with theme - with background & body" done as a friend's 21st birthday present.

He wish to own a honda integra (see attached). Because it is his birthday (and we can't afford the real one), a caricature of him beaming with joy in the car would be lovely! I had the idea of having an "after-effect" of unwrapping a gift. Its like how a nicely wrapped gift is being unwrapped/ripped opened by a little kid and thats where the wrapping paper and ribbons/strings will be crumpled/torn and lying around. This is where you can let your creativity run wild and i'm totally open to other suggestions you might have with it. Do share!

For the car, the color could be in blue or in a combination of blue and white (which ever you deem that suits a sports car). And i hope that the license plate could have his name "SHAWN". Is it possible to have wordings like "Blessed 21st Birthday!", and a gift tag lying around somewhere stating the givers; "From ~ Adrian,Jerryl,Vicki,Ming kai,Gan Suan,Jonathan" ? "

Caricature Honda Integra gift
I put in some patterns on the car body, based on imagination.
We always see such cars on the road, which people usually associate them as "Ah Beng's car".
Some looked good, some really.....
Not my cup of tea.
Just like I won't put (permanent) tattoo on my body. No matter how much it appeals to you, you will get sick of it one day, but the damage was already done.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Caricatures for Mastercard

This client always opted for the VIP package, as she wanted to see every progress, and made sure that I drew according to what she required. Of course, there was a price for this.
She was willing to pay. I will have to do it, though it was a lot more tedious than my usual procedure.

Caricatures of TST and Heuer Mastercard drafts 1
The brief:-
"Tan Sri Tan's portrait (top, left)

business suit
scuba diving mask on top of head
one hand holding handphone with ear piece in one ear
banner on top "MasterCard Asia/Pacific Regional Board of Directors Meeting"
one signpost showing Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo
icons of Aya Sofia (Istanbul), World Cup Soccer 2002, World Cup Soccer 2006, St. Petersburg (Russia)

Mr Heuer's portrait (top, right)

small banner on top "MasterCard Asia/Pacific Regional Board of Directors Meeting"
golfing gear (kaki trousers, polo shirt)
one hand holding glass of whisky with a leash attached to a cheetah sitting next to him
the cheetah is wearing a collar that says "Cape Town 2005"
another hand holding a stack of documents (heading "Business Case")
picture of Ayers Rock (Australia) in one corner
signpost showing distance between Purchase and Uluru (Ayers Rock) - 1,000,000 miles
a big wooden crate next to him with labels "Fragile - made in India"
a thought bubble "If Jeanie would only stop spending !!!""

Caricatures of TST and Heuer Mastercard drafts 2
For these sketches, I am more concerned on the overall layout, and not focus on the face features, as everything got to redraw on the final artwork. As usual, there will be minor amendments/adjustments here and there. Can't be avoided.

Caricatures of TST and Heuer Mastercard pencil sketch with colour scheme
More or less confirmed here, and thought I was lucky this time.
I moved on to the detail pencil sketches, with colour schemes.

Caricature of TST Mastercard pencil sketch 2
Not that lucky, and back to the pencil sketch, though the colour scheme was approved, with some minor changes.

Caricature of TST Mastercard ink outline
Inked in, upon the approval of the pencil sketch.

Caricature of TST Mastercard ink and brush final
Guess what?! Redo the inking here again, as the client's boss now decided to take out the banner at this stage.
I have to charged them additional for this, as this amendment was quite drastic, and I can't simply erase away the ink outlines. Moreover, they have approved the pencil sketch earlier on, before I proceeded to the inking. They agreed.

Caricature of TST Mastercard colour A4
Finally done, after weeks of work (to and fro), as seen above.

Caricature of TST Mastercard colour with frame and inscription
Framing done , with inscription on metal plate. Can you tell how thick was this frame, based on the A3 size caricature? It was 8cm in thickness!!

Caricature of Heuer Mastercard pencil sketch
I used this photo, but the client doesn't like it. Cheetah's eyes looked too fierce to her too.

Caricature of Heuer Mastercard pencil sketch 2
Used another photo to draw, but his feature was a lot flatter in this photo.
She said the cheetah's eyes were too big and dark.

Caricature of Heuer Mastercard pencil sketch 3
Another sketch. Most of the stuff passed, but she's worried about his resemblance.

Caricature of Heuer Mastercard ink outline
Told her that I will leave the shading to do the remaining work, as too many lines on the face won't look good with the colours, when they were added onto the drawing.

Caricature of Heuer Mastercard colour A4
Banner on top of his head was gone. Same reason as mentioned above.
These 2 artworks were scanned in at high resolution, and emailed over to her.
She has them printed out on her side, and brought them along with her on her trip to Scotland, to present to them. She told me that it could be hard for her to print them out in A3 size in Scotland, as she was afraid that the hotel which she will be staying, may not have such services.

Caricature of Heuer Mastercard colour with frame and inscription
Framed up, and job was finally done.
My conclusion - not easy money, and that's why the price was quoted high.

Caricature theme - wedding on balloon

Couple wedding caricatures on balloon A4
This couple will be using this caricature of them sitting on a flying balloon, on their wedding invitation card.
Theoretically and practically, it won't work.
But it is possible in caricatures.

Caricature theme - Caucasians in Chinese wedding 'Kua'

Couple caricatures in Chinese traditional wedding kua
Another Chinese traditional wedding in the 'Kua', but Caucasians this time.
Add in a big "double happiness"-"喜喜" to tie everything up, graphically.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Caricature theme - birthday

Caricature Happy Birthday Cake
56th birthday gift.
Pretty straightforward and could be boring too, when the client didn't specify anything.
I put in some cutting /chopping effect on the birthday cake. At least, not so mundane.
Exaggerated on his smile too. His mouth did slant a bit in the photo when he smiles.

Caricature theme - free falling + diving

Back to this couple.
Last order.
The client initially wanted this 2 themes in one drawing.
I told her that it won't work, given the height difference.
Thus, she have them done in 2 different pieces.
Looked at these 2 caricatures, I don't know how she's going to stitch them together, unless she shrinks down her caricature and put her in the water in her husbands caricature. Digitally, it works, but not when I actually hand-draw them. It will be far too small to put in the details at that scale.
Caricature free falling
Caricature diver

Caricature theme - Flintstones

Got to finish this first, as I need time for the framing to be done.
Coincidental too - Flintstones theme, but this one done in colour.

Client's request:-
"...... I have thought through the theme and as i always joke to my boyfriend about his resemblance to flinstone, i have decided to cast my boyfriend as Fred Flintstone and perhaps me as the accompanying Wilma.. hahaha.. in addition, i would like to have him in the fred flintstone outfit holding a lighted cigarette as in the style of holding a flintstone-style hammer (please refer to the attached file, 'flintstone style hammer'), with him grabbing the bottom (filter part) of the cigarette as if holding on to a hammer.. it would be good if it is possible to draw the cigarette with its lighted top bigger than the bottom filter part so that we can see the resemblance of the lighted cigarette to a flintstone-style hammer! Reason why i wanted to substitute the hammer to a cigarette (but yet in the shape of the hammer) is simply coz he just cant seem to let go of his cigarettes! haha..

As for me, as Wilma is quite thin but i am plump, i wouldnt mind a fatter version of wilma's body for me, as long as it adds to the overall candidness of the caricature! Haha.. As for the background, it will be good if we can have a flintstone style cave or flintstone car at the back...... "

Couple caricatures Flintstones
Smiling faces always help to make the caricatures looked more fun and happier.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Q-Digital Caricature theme - wedding

Q-Digital Caricatures couple wedding
Just received this artwork from Mr Q.
This client initially wanted the caricatures in colour with theme drawn by me, but I can't meet his deadline when he placed his order. My work schedule was really tight at that time. Now too.
Thus, he ordered this caricature done by Artist Q. (Think he should name himself like that. Sounds better to me. Haha...)

Couple portraits in pencil

Couple portraits in pencil (simple strokes) 130708
Simple portrait sketching of them in pencil .

Couple portraits in pencil detail shading 130708
Detail pencil shading of their portraits.
Change of style here - I cut down on the shading. I don't want their faces looked real grey. A more light-hearted approach this time.
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