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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I finally figured out how to direct traffic from to this blog.
After 2 days of waiting, reading on the Blogger help forum just now, and one daring act, I deleted the home page created on the Google Apps, which was created on the 30th Aug last year. I went back to my Blogger control panel and keyed in the custom domain field. Guess what? I succeeded.
So my conclusion was that by changing the DNS server alone does not work, as Blogger also belongs to Google. Both of the DNS server is
The Blogger control panel kept giving me the error message of 'Another blog is pointing to this domain' (??? can't remember the actual message)
Initially, I thought there was really a blog of mine (which I have forgotten) pointing to this domain. On second thought, I decided to delete the page on the domain. At most, I will just recreate it.
After deleting and keying in the domain name, it worked instantly!!!
Now, when you keyed in, it will direct you to this blog, and the domain name will be displayed on the url field.
A disadvantage (or an advantage?) is when you keyed in, it will also display . Will my vistors get confused, especially for those who have bookmarked my blog? .............

You may be curious why do I register this domain? Initial plan was not many people knew about Portrait Workshop and my website. When they (especially Singaporeans) need to engage a caricaturist for his/her service, they will first think of caricature as the keyword. Domain names like and were taken. This was not taken. (An important reason was for Search Engine Optimization - SEO too. Hahaha..... Got the keywords in the domain name helps a lot!!! Remember this when you apply for a domain if you need targeted traffic!) So I registered this domain name. Of course to get this domain, I need to register a company under the name of "Caricature' with the Registrar of Businesses and Companies. I have to pay for both domains and this Singapore domain is not cheap, as compare dto my Luckily, there's still traffic coming to the new domain. At least worth the money.
My initial plan is to create a website for this new domain, solely for caricatures.
And then what? No time lah. Another reason is a lot of repetition. Hence, after months of blogging at this blog, it was quite built up, and currently getting 3 times more visitors than my Portrait Workshop website daily, due to fresh contents daily. Hence, my final decision is to direct the visitors going to the new domain here. Definitely saved me a lot of time and effort, and some costs on the hosting part.
Looks like I have to renew my license this coming April. Still thought of delisting it, since I have no time to do up this new website.

Please do me a favour by leaving a comment at this blog, if you key in to reach this blog. At least, I know my efforts doesn't go to waste and also knowing the amount of traffic from the new domain.
.........Wishful thought on my side only. Most visitors are just too lazy to leave a comment........

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