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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Caricatures for DHL - commando theme

These caricatures took me about 3 working days to finish.
Too much disturbances? Not familiar with drawing guns? Wanted to give more details to it, even though it was of the cheapest kind? Till now, I still don't know.
Anyway, this was done.

The client who engaged my service used to have their group caricatures done in colour by me few years back, when she was still working in the Ministry of Finance then.
This time round, her boss left the company. Yes, he has left the company. Hence, they wanted to have a farewell for him.
Their request:-
"Our boss like golf and war games and he always put himself in a battle war when it comes to operation. That’s the reason why we want the background to be like a battlefield...."

Searching through the internet, the most popular images on Google Images was the Commando by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thus, I used that as a reference for these caricatures.

Names were added on the softcopy upon the client's request. (16:34hr, 17th Jan 2007)

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