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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Caricatures for Aberdeen Asset

This was not used as a farewell gift. The client wanted to exchange gift among themselves. Due to limited budget, they opted for caricature in colour, without theme. They intended to print this group caricatures onto 13 mugs, so that each of them will have one in the office. However, due to some technical problems of the mug printing machine of my mug supplier recently, they switched to have it printed on mousepads instead. They wanted to use the photos taken in one of their company dinner and dance, in which they were all dressed up, for drawing into caricatures. The end result was quite good, at least more substance in it.

The pencil sketch.

Inking done.

This was the original artwork scanned into softcopy.

I added in the Aberdeen corporate colour as the background.
When printed into mousepad, it should look a lot better.
I can't reach the client when doing this digital artwork. Hence, I didn't add in their corporate logo, in case they didn't want to have it in. It was an immediate inspiration.

This was the artwork for the mousepads, leaving some space for the supplier to crop when necessary.
I prepared 13 artworks for the printing, each with one name highlighted specially for that person, so that the mousepads won't be mixed up when used in their office. More personal too.
I will post up the photos of the mousepads when they are done next week.

Mousepads done on 12th Jan 2007. See post here.

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Lyn said...

I love your caricatures and seeing the process and how you can transfer the image to anything.

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