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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year - old rubbish

It is the thrid day of 2007. First working day for most of us.
Slept at 2am+ last night. Can't sleep soundly. Maybe too much activities in the day, or the afternoon nap, or too much blogging yeaterday. Thought of my new blog template..... thought of starting from zero this year.............thought of things to do this year and today.
Expected, dragged myself out of my bed after the alarm clock rang for 5mins.. Changed my son's school uniform, who is still lying unconsciously in the bed, brushed up, and dragged my son out of the bed.
Thought of coming back to sleep again initially, but lots of 'rubbish' to clear.
After brushed up, I have decided to bring all my necessary working stuff with me. Not coming back after I sent my son to school. I need to send my car for service. The engine oil needs to be changed. It is slightly over 80000km. Thus, expect to spent about hundreds of dollars. Slightly out of my expectation, I spent $222. Nice number siah.
I have to make a booking for car grooming. Time to clean my car, which is supposedly done last week. Reason? Too busy lah. Last week got to draw, collect frames, bring my daughter to see doctor.
Need to clear up some artist impression orders.
Need to finish some drawings later.
Need to email the photos sketched in events last month (long long overdue) out to the guests, which I have promised them to do so.
Need to label my blogs..... this one not that important, but keeps coming into my thoughts.
Lots of things to do................
Last night feeling a bit blue, after days of rest, though have done some drawings during this period.
Today, a bit back on track.
Hopefully I can clear out those old rubbish which is supposedly not to bring forward to this year. Let's get working!!!
New Year, NEW START!!!

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