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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Caricatures for International Enterprise (IE) Singapore

A farewell gift to this lady who will be leaving IE Singapore. The theme was the Queen. Why? Because her colleagues think that she looks grand and royal.

These 2 caricatures for IE Singapore, were done last April, as farewell gifts too, to this guy.
One showing him at work, with a telescope overseeing the markets in Dubai (Burj al Arab), China (Great Wall of China) and India (Taj Mahal).

This one showing him at play. He loves jogging.

Since there's a theme of queen in this post, I might as well post up a theme of the king done last year. It was an personal order from another client, who specially requested to have the teddy bear on his lap. According to this client, the teddy bear was supposedly his daughter, whom he loved dearly.

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